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Ondrej Holba (Czech Republic)

Report - Digital tools in a creative process:
And Who Is Useless Now?
Our company is based in Czech republic, but our dramaturg is living in Helsinki and the rest of the team travel
a lot.
We uses digital tools mainly in communication between our team during the period, when we don’t rehears
and we need to keep each other in the picture. For regular meetings, we use mostly appear.in since it is faster and easy to use. We also learned to use Slack for written communication and Trello so we can easily split
different tasks.
For creative process, we are still searching for tool, which will help us to share and annotate videos from
rehearsals. We tried MemoRekall, which we were experimenting during CIRCollaborative Tools Labs. But
sadly it is not very reliable.
For our project, we were also looking for tool, which can synthesize voice from written text. We tested many
of these tools. The best we found is NaturalReaders.com, their voice synthesizer uses artificial intelligence
and works perfectly. Only the price is really high.
Not only for our project, all of us use on regular basis Google apps, like Gmail, Google photos and Google
Drive to share bigger files and photos.
As a director of this project, I use Evernote to keep all my personal notes on one place. And it is also possible
to share my notes the notes between the team. I also use Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere
and Audition) products when I create posters and other promotional materials, video presentations or sound
design for shows.

We have successfully involved many new digital tools in our creation during last two years.
We’ve found it very difficult to find a tool that meets our requirements in the creative process. Such tools,
once we find them, are very expensive. In our case it is for example a voice synthesizer, which is paid monthly
and can only be used for this project.
On the other hand, for example Adobe software (also payed monthly) is really useful for all projects and
personal life.
Although the possibilities of using digital tools are very great, we still always think very carefully whether
buying a new tool is worth it. And also, but only in creative process, we are also considering whether the use
of the digital instrument could have a negative effect on the artistic result. For example, we have found out,
that long-lasting remote communication using only digital tools can cause misunderstandings and different
understanding of the basic concepts of performance.

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