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1. Global Warming
1. Greenhouse effect
The greenhouse phenomenon has become fashionable in recent years, its origin
comes from what is seen in a greenhouse when its temperature significantly
increases much more than the external temperature, but these followers do not
explain the reason for this increase.
In fact solar radiation carries energy, and consequently any body that absorbs
this radiation will see its temperature increase until an equilibrium is established
between the energy emitted and the energy received, in the case of 'a greenhouse
is the objects that heat up and not the air in the greenhouse, the same thing
happens in a closed car, the light through the windows warms the table and the
seats which in turn warm the air surrounding, and as the car or greenhouse is a
closed space and somehow isolated from the outside it is normal that its internal
temperature will increase in a very clear way.
The greenhouse effect is used effectively in solar water heaters that can reach
temperatures near the boiling point of the water and even more using another
fluid, this feat is possible by the insulation and the volume restricted heated by
solar radiation.
The same thing happens in the atmosphere, the morning is usually the time when
the temperature is the lowest, after the sunrise the temperature starts to increase.

The atmosphere is transparent to the sun's rays, it is the surface of the ground
which absorbs most of the solar radiation and is heated and at the same time
transmitted from the heat to the air which is in direct contact with the ground, this
phenomenon is highlighted by the presence of mirages which clearly show that the
hot soil strongly heats the layer of air which is just above, on the other hand the
atmosphere has a great thermal inertia that is why the temperature increases
slowly .