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Adapt to major funding frameworks


Identify the means available locally before turning to international donors

The debates enabled to note that the mobilization of funds at the local level requires a broader
observation of the actions to be carried out. But also that the role of non-state actors is to get
governments to ratify certain international protocols that can promote economic positioning
through various channels (bloggers, journalists, etc.).
Following theses reflections, a restitution of ideas took place on the different sections. Ideas
have identified the range of resources available within our immediate environment, but are often
considered in fundraising strategies.

7. Strategy (follow up)
Following the take away of day 2, working groups were formed to answer a series of questions
that were indeed a continuation of the work carried out the first day on the new strategy of
GNDR. (cf report of consultation on Strategy). Below are the questions:
1. As member of GNDR what have/are you contributing to your global network?
2. Share specific examples where being member of GNDR has help you with your work.
3. What obstacles hinder more impacts by GNDR network in your region?

8. Coherence
The facilitator ADESSOU continued with the agenda of the day mainly focused on

8.1 Definition of concept and scope
In the context of GNDR, coherence has been defined as an approach integrating international
frameworks for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to increase the effectiveness and success of
common and respective goals.
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