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Music as knowledge - Satch Hoyt
Thursday 28 November 20.30 Galerie 3, Centre Pompidou
Satch Hoyt is a musician, virtual artist and researcher in
musicology. He explores the various networks related to
sound and borrowed by the large African diaspora. It is
through research, narrative, imagination and narrative
that Hoyt deepens the missing links to map immaterial
aesthetic and black identities. His musical work has an
aesthetic of resistance to the classical and historical
format of so-called black music. His works are often
accompanied by sound texts. Like Joseph Beuys, Hoyt
finds, through the different materials used to produce
his works, an aesthetic circularity. Hoyt has worked with
master percussionist Stomu Yamashta and played the
flute on OTTE by Louise Bourgeois. He is a flutist and
percussionist in the Burt Sugar formation The Arkestra
Chamber. He lives and works in Berlin.
Cosmopolis #2: rethinking the human
23 October — 23 December 2019
Artists and critical thinkers address questions of technological diversity, scale and of social value, reaffirming other modes of existence,
geographic articulations and cosmologies.
On 24 October, 14 and 28 November and 12 December, four concerts will be presented as part of the project ‘Music as knowledge’ in
collaboration with the Senegalese artist and musicologist Kemi Bassene, offering sonic and performative experiences.
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