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Magna Numeris SAS, named after "Magna Numeris", whose registered office is
located at 10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris, France and registered with the
Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 851 151 209, is organising
an online game ( the "Game" or "Competition Game").
Games organized on the Facebook® Cartam page are free and without
obligation to purchase.
By taking part in the various games via the Magna Numeris_Cartam
Facebook® page, participants will be able to access the draw allowing one of
them to win a prize, the nature of which is indicated in each competition game
publication concerned. The games are accessible on Magna Numeris'
Facebook® gaming platform at the following address: (the "Platform").
The Contest Game developed and managed by Magna Numeris to the
exclusion of any sponsorship or intervention by Facebook®, ensuring only the
hosting of the Contest Game within its platform.
This document is the Contest Rules, hereinafter referred to as the "Rules". It
may be modified at any time during the duration of the Game by any
additional clauses that will come into force solely because of its publication
online by Magna Numeris.
Any person is deemed to have read, understood and accepted, without
reservation, the Rules in their entirety, and in particular the article relating to
personal data, as soon as they access and register for the Game.
All the above-mentioned documents are available and accessible to any user
and participant during the duration of the Game. The latter are requested to
make a backup copy and/or print all the above-mentioned texts in order to be
able to refer to them, if necessary.

Article 1: Conditions of access
Participation in the Contest is open to anyone who meets the cumulative
conditions below:
(i) a natural person of full age,
(ii) with Internet access and a valid personal email address,
(iii) with a Facebook® account and accessing the Contest via the Facebook®
Magna Numeris / Cartam Game Platform for the period indicated in the
relevant game publication, at the following address:
Magna Numeris within the limits of the resources at its disposal will verify
compliance with these criteria. In the event that one of these criteria is not
respected, the registration for the Contest cannot be valid.
Participation in the Contest Game is limited to one entry in the random draw
as detailed in Article 2 below.
Access to the Contest is prohibited to any natural or legal person who has
collaborated or is collaborating in the organisation of the Contest, including
members of their close families (e.g. spouse, partner, child, child, sister and
brother, parent, PACS partner).
The contest will start from Wednesday December 4th at noon until Saturday
December 14th at 12:00 (noon) UTC+01:00 for a total period of participation
of 10 days; Participation in the contest before or after these dates will not be
The draw will be on Wednesday, December 18th and the winner of the draw
will be announced on the Facebook page Cartam the same day at 12:00
UTC+01:00 (noon)

Article 2: Participation

The Contest is open to any person who meets all the conditions mentioned in
article 1.1 above, with the exception of any person mentioned in article 1.3.
To enter the draw and attempt to win the prize set out in Article 3.1, each
participant must have completed the actions mentioned below:
- Go to
- Click on the link of the questionnaire
- Fill in the questionnaire (name/first name/country/person who referred the
- Read, understand and accept without reservation the Game Rules available
from the Facebook® page mentioned above.
Registration for the draw is only effective at the end of these steps.
It is understanding that each participant undertakes to reveal correct
information concerning him/her. Magna Numeris is released from any
responsibility in the event that a participant uses false names and/or first
names associated with a valid e-mail address, or even impersonates a third
Participation in the Contest Game can be done exclusively by electronic means
on Magna Numeris / Cartam's Facebook® Game Platform exclusively, the
draw being made among the participants registered in the latter.
Any participation in the Contest on free paper or in any other form is excluded.
Participation in the Contest Game will only be valid if the information required
by Magna Numeris is complete and correct.
All entries made through the use of incorrect, falsified information or via
counterfeit or falsified forms will automatically forfeit any right to obtain any
winning prize.
Each participant undertakes to comply with the Regulations. Any failure by the
Participant to comply with the Rules, and in particular any fraud, abuse or
cheating on his part, may result in his exclusion from the Game by Magna
Numeris' decision.
In addition, in the event of abuse or cheating by one or more participants,
Magna Numeris reserves the right to modify or terminate the Contest without
notice, in particular when the integrity of the Contest is compromised in its

Article 3: Determination of winners awarding of prizes
3.1. Batches
The winner will be determined by random draw between participants via
Facebook. This winner will win the prize indicated in the dedicated publication
available on the Platform. Participants will not be entitled to any compensation
or consideration whatsoever in the event of cancellation or loss other than any
consideration offered by the organiser. The prizes offered may not give rise to
any dispute of any kind, nor to the delivery of the cash equivalent, nor to the
exchange or replacement for any reason whatsoever by Magna Numeris. If
circumstances so require, Magna Numeris reserves the right to replace the
prize with other prizes of equivalent value.
3.2. Determination of the winner
The winner will be determined by a random draw in the form of a pyramid
(draw with weighting) which will be carried out on the date mentioned in the
dedicated publication, in the database of persons registered in the draws.
3.3 Information to the winners / award ceremony
Magna Numeris will inform the winner by email on the day of the draw. On
this occasion, the winner will be informed of the terms and conditions of
possession of his prize.
The winner must use his prize from the date indicated. If the winner does not
return in time, he/she will lose his/her prize without Magna Numeris' liability
or any compensation due. In the case of a non-electronic prize, the prize will be
delivered within 90 days of the date of the winner's designation to the winner's
home address by the company concerned.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the organising company also reserves the right
to keep the prizes that should have been awarded to the defaulting winner and
to dispose of them as it wishes.

Article 4: Modification / termination
of the Contest
Magna Numeris reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the
Contest in the event of force majeure that would make it impossible to
continue the Contest in accordance with the provisions of the Rules and in
particular in the event of a malfunction of the Internet network (due to a virus
or not), the Platform or any other problem related to networks, means, and
(tele)communication services, computers (online or offline), servers, Internet
access and/or hosting providers, computer equipment or software, data or
In the event that such cancellation, modification, extension or reduction of the
duration of the Contest should occur, Magna Numeris undertakes to notify the
participants by e-mail and/or by publication within the Platform via the
dedicated application and, if necessary, to inform them of the new applicable
rules or the new closing date of the Contest.
In the event that these Rules are amended with respect to the foregoing, the
continuation of the Contest by the registered participants shall constitute
acceptance of the amendments made, each participant having the opportunity
to unsubscribe from the Contest by contacting Magna Numeris.
In the event of a modification of the conditions of the Contest Game,
cancellation, interruption or reduction of the duration of the Contest Game,
Magna Numeris shall not be held liable and the participants shall not be
entitled to any compensation, which they accept.
Each of the Participants finally accepts that Magna Numeris may terminate the
Contest Game, or make changes to it at any time in the event that it notices a
significant number of abuses and cheating, whether when registering for the
Contest Game or when it is held.
Cancellation or modification of the Contest Game will be communicated to
participants by publication on the Platform or by any means Magna Numeris
deems appropriate.

Article 5: Exemption and limitation of
Magna Numeris shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, regardless
of its cause, origin, nature or consequences, even if it has been informed of the
possibility of such damage, caused by reason:
(i) a malfunction of the Internet network or computer equipment, including
the Platform and application (hardware and/or software and/or databases
and/or data) of a Participant or any person or company involved in the
organisation of the Contest or, more generally, any other problem related to
the networks, means and services of (tele)communications, computers (online
or otherwise), servers, Internet access and/or hosting providers, computer
equipment or software, databases and data of anyone;
(ii) the veracity of the information provided by the Participant, which it could
not validly consider as not complying with the provisions of these regulations
and the Conditions of Use with regard to the information and means in its
(iii) any manufacturing defect, failure or other malfunction, the conformity of
the batches to any standards to which they are subject or the safe use of the
batches offered (under normal conditions of use) which would not be its own
Magna Numeris declines all responsibility for damage caused by events beyond
its control, resulting from the use of the batch, or the performance of a

Article 6: Participation Fees
The Contest Game is free and without obligation to purchase.
The Rules are made available free of charge to participants on the Platform
dedicated to the Game.
For participants accessing the Contest via a modem and a telephone line billed
on a time-based basis - i.e. excluding cable, ADSL or dedicated link
subscriptions and packages including or offering communication costs - the
costs of connecting to the site incurred for participation in the Contest will not
be reimbursed to participants.

Article 7: Dispute
In the event of a dispute or complaint concerning the Contest for any reason
whatsoever, requests must be sent in writing to the attention of Magna
Numeris by post to the address mentioned in the preamble, during the
duration of the Contest and at most within sixty (60) days after the winners
have been selected.
In the event of a dispute or complaint concerning the prizes awarded, requests
must be addressed in writing to Magna Numeris, by e-mail to or by post to the address mentioned in the
preamble within seven (7) days of receipt of the prize confirmation.
Each participant undertakes, in the event of any difficulty that may arise
concerning the application or interpretation of the Rules, to make an amicable
appeal to Magna Numeris before any legal action is taken against it.

Article 8: Personal data
In accordance with the provisions of the law of 2 August 2002 on the
protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, files
and freedoms, as well as all the texts relating to the implementation of the
provisions set out therein, the participant is informed that all the information
requested in the registration form of the Contest is mandatory, and mentioned
as such, and that failure by the participant to answer these questions will
prevent him from participating in the Game.
The data collected is strictly necessary for the successful completion of the
Game. Any use for purposes other than those expressed in these Rules must be
expressly authorised by the participant. By participating in the Contest, the
participant accepts the Rules and the collection of such data. The data will be
deleted within 3 months after the end of the Contest, unless the participant
expressly agrees otherwise.
Magna Numeris may publish and reproduce on the Platform the image, voice
recording and name of the winner, provided that the winner consents to this at
Magna Numeris' request.
Consequently, the data collected are only transmitted to Magna Numeris.
Any Participant also has the right to access, rectify, block and delete data
concerning him/her by contacting Magna Numeris directly by email at or by mail to the address mentioned in the

It is specified in this respect that any request to delete these data by any means
whatsoever during the duration of the Contest may result in the cancellation of
the registration for the Contest.
In the event that the participant expressly indicates his or her intention to
receive the Magna Numeris Newsletter, the data transmitted will then be
collected by Magna Numeris for the purpose of surveys, analyses or
commercial operations by Magna Numeris.

Article 9: General Regulations on the
Protection of Personal Data
The contact details of the participants will be collected and processed
electronically. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations,
each participant has the right to access, rectify or even delete personal
information concerning him/her by writing to the game address specified in
the preamble. All information collected through this contest is intended to
manage the contest, to comply with legal or regulatory obligations and to
enable us to send you our commercial offers and information about our
products by e-mail or regular mail. This information is used by the Marketing
Department, the Sales Department and the Magna Numeris SAS Customer
Service via the Marketing Department Manager. Your personal data are not
intended to be transmitted outside the European Union. Personal data are kept
for a period of 10 years.
In accordance with the General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data
(RGPD) you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data
concerning you. You may at any time request to no longer receive proposals by
e-mail by unsubscribing each time an e-mail is sent to you by activating the
link at the end of the message. For any request relating to access, modification
or deletion of your data - France or by email to
The Magna Numeris SAS Marketing Department is responsible for processing
your personal data.

Article 10: Electronic Evidence
Magna Numeris may rely, in particular for the purpose of proving any act, fact
or omission, on programs, data, files, recordings, transactions and other
elements of a nature or in computer or electronic format or medium, prepared,

received or stored directly or indirectly by it or the participants, except in the
case of manifest abuse or error. Participants undertake not to contest the
admissibility, validity or probative value of the above-mentioned elements in
computer or electronic format or medium. Thus, the elements in question
constitute evidence and, if they are produced as evidence by Magna Numeris
S.A.S. in any contentious or other proceedings, they will be admissible and
enforceable between the parties in the same manner, under the same
conditions and with the same probative force as any document drawn up,
received or kept in writing.

Article 11: Filing of the settlement
These rules are filed in French and English versions on the CartamOfficial
Facebook page ( by Magna
Numeris S.A.S., free of charge within the dedicated application.

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