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Auteur: Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex

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The Magic Armenians! Newsletters

Official reporting to our donators!

any donation, big or small, any
action towards compassion are
steps towards a better world!
Keeping the faith and the
guarantee that nothing was in vain
are probably the most challenging
of all our tasks.

Dear all
On March 3rd, I reported in
Grevenmacher to our wonderful
sponsors at the Regionale Maacher
Musekschoul. I informed about the
progress at the Day Care Center
launched in Mets Masrik, Armenia,
following their generous donations.
The funds will be used to pay the
salary of a doctor, psychologist and
a physiotherapist who care the 40+
children with special needs.
Charity work is all about passion,
understanding, tolerance, hope,
generosity … just to name a few of
the extraordinary human capacities
one must possess to fulfill such
But charity work is also solidly
linked to transparency, trust and
management skills, motivational
skills, vision, guidance, knowledge,
counseling and above all, one must
have the capacity to honor and
constantly pay tribute to those who
have decided to donate their money
to us.
We have the obligation and full
responsibility to keep all donators
updated. We also must build a
bridge between the donators and
those who receive the funds. We
must prove all steps, big or small,

Charity work is a life-long
engagement, a commitment. It’s
like having a baby. You must
follow the project at every step.
Make sure it grows in a healthy
way. Protecting it from failure.
Feeding it with love, respect and
active guidance.
As a philanthrop myself, I
sometimes live with huge
disappointments towards the
institutions I have trusted my
donations to. They turn their back
when there is no more to receive.
I have been lied at. My kind heart
has been misused. Despite so
many poor people I helped in
Armenia, so many families with
disabled children.
But this painful experience has
helped me to understand the
essence of charity. Now that I am
on the other side, on the side of the
charity worker, I know exactly
how to respond to the expectations
that such a vocational profession
requires. I know how it feels when
you give with confidence. I know
the risk one takes when you trust a
person with your donation.

34rd Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

The Magic Armenians!
AM Music Productions
Artur Galstyan +374 91 476 632
Marie Van Marcke +352 621 16 38 11

Voilà, beautiful mission for
Armenia is now fulfilled...
Time for the next step...

Click here to read our

My precious son, Ulysse was
my Chevalier during this
important presentation and
took all the pictures! Thank
you HOKIS! Im Herashq

So today I rejoice to say that this
grave deception in Armenia gave
me my most powerful tool:
Armenia bleeds, I know how to
help heal her. My devotion for my
country and people is complete
and eternal.
Armenia needs us, please join us!

Newsletter Edition n° 34 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2019
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