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‘LITTLE BLONDE RIDING WOOLF’ is a free inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood, approaching the
theme of relationships between women through generations.
We tend to reproduce the same mistakes as our ancestors did and it seems like these mechanisms
are rooted in our blood.
Here, the little girl from the story becomes everything she use to hate about her mother, grand
I have always been interested in to mother / daughter relationships.
In my performance the transposition of that connection is represented with an ‘umbilical cord’.
The sensation of a warm ‘security’, ‘love’ or too many ‘good’ intentions may also become a perverse
prison, a golden cage. On the other side loosing the solid soil of ‘stability’ can be quite scary too.
The actrice and dancer (ex-Yugoslavian prima ballerina) is in reality my own mother and that gives a
taste of a performing art form of a show. This unique link made us dare to go even further in
perversity and it came to filrt with the idea of an insestious relationship.
Fairy tales have been the most important source of inspiration as you could guess from the title
But we can also read my own vision of four other fairy tales :
Snow White (a women driven from home and chassed by many men – the nymphomaniac)
Sleeping Beauty (falls into a deep sleep to avoid confrontation with life – the drug addict)
Little Mermaid (mutilates herself out of love for a man to end up as his fragile doll – the submissive
And Beauty and the Beast (the question of beauty, what is beauty ? I have no clue)
Obviously, at least for me, there comes the question of religious institutions and how they are
hurting women.
The symbolique of hair can never be neutral. If it is the muslim veil or the wig for married juish
women, the authorities have always punished girls, women by the essence of what is supposed to be
feminine – hair. Even when we feel free to go peroxyde blonde we are called a ‘slut’.
I am aware these are all clichés. But they interest me. I believe there is somekind of truth in them. Or
In ‘LITTLE BLONDE RIDING WOLF’ I constantly play with clichés, they are my vocabulary , I use them
to show the injustice, during time, through cultures, therefore religions how all that shit has been
unfair to women. And men! Yes and men ! I am not having an agressive feminist speech here !
Feminine must work with massculine. We do live in a binary dictature, but that’s another subject.
I can promise you a morbid, funny and sexy fairytale with a touch of David Lynch’s mysteriousness
with a cartoonesque images that are strong enough to tell you a story so that the sound and text
shall appear to you like an extra spice in to the main course !
The original show was long for about an hour and we were four performers.
Now, for the occasion of Danse Elargie Festival, it’s a chalenge to go with three performers and only
in maximum 10 minutes.
I say let’s do it.
I verry strongly wish you do too !

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