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Image 1 on the left according to
Small drops of rainwater during their fall mingle with others to
form medium drops that mix in turn to form large. Wow !
If you pour a water seal of a skyscraper, it will form large drops, if
the pour to 3 km altitude, it will arrive in the form of small drops,
it is the opposite that occurs.


Image 2 on the right, in my opinion it's quite the opposite
that happens.
The rain forms in abundance, a real torrent of water which
during its fall is divided into large drops (size of large
hailstones) which is then divided into medium drops which
give in turn small droplets.
The size of the drops depends on the altitude at which the
water is formed, the higher the altitude, the finer the drops,
and the lower the altitude the more the drops are big, they
do not the time to divide again. Yeah

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