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EU Aid Volunteers
An initiative of the European Union


Yann Noret
Participated as an online volunteer and completed successfully the following assignment

Online volunteering: Visual map of innovative projects in Disaster
Risk Reduction and Community Resilience in Ethiopia
With an average number of working hours per week: 1 to 5

for the organisation

ICCO - Ethiopia

About EU Aid Volunteers
The EU Aid Volunteers initiative enables European citizens to volunteer where their help is needed most, supporting
communities in disaster-affected countries outside the EU to better prepare and build resilience for when disaster
strikes. The initiative also supports the humanitarian sector by helping organisations to build their ability to respond
to crisis through capacity building activities. Volunteer deployments for European citizens and long-term residents
aged 18 and over in countries affected by disaster. The initiative also creates opportunities for online volunteering,
open to volunteers of any nationality.

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