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ABC Commercial
ABC Commercial is responsible for the management
of a range of media businesses delivering products
and services to the global marketplace. We make and
distribute content under the renowned and highly
successful ABC DVD and ABC KIDS labels. Our
diverse catalogue is available for distribution across
all rights and delivery platforms.
Animation, Arts/Music, Children’s, Comedy, Drama,
Factual, Feature, Formats, Lifestyle, Natural History,
News/Current Affairs, Variety

Children’s, 30 x 4 min
The New Adventures of Figaro Pho
Children’s, 13 x 22 min or 39 x 8 min
Prisoner Zero
Children’s, 26 x 30 min
Bobbie The Bear
Children’s, 10 x 3 min
The Wiggles Meet the Orchestra
Children’s, 60 min
Between a Frock and a Hard Place
Factual, 58 min
The Graceland Happiness Project
Factual, 60 min
Life in Ruins
Factual, 7 x 57 min


Arts/Music, 3 x 27 min
Beneath New Zealand
Factual, 3 x 43 min
The Ex PM
Comedy, 6 x 27 min
Changing Minds
Factual, 6 x 57 min
In production
Hoot Hoot Go!
Children’s, 26 x 5 min
72 Cutest Animals
Factual, 12 x 30 min