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Registration & Rules
B AT H U R S T | A U S T R A L I A | F E B R U A R Y 8 & 9 | 2 0 2 0

How to Register:

Entry Fee & Payment:

All riders must register through their National Federation
or UCI BMX Team. No individual entries will be accepted.

The rider entry fee for the UCI Bathurst BMX Supercross
World Cup is AUD $400. Upon registration closing, each
federation will be issued an invoice. Invoices can be prepaid (preferred) by bank transfer or can be paid in cash
(in AUD) or by credit card during rider confirmation onsite.

Registration opens at midday (CET) on 16th January, 2020
and closes at midday on 30th January, 2020.
Rider registration is to be done online via
the UCI website:
- Click Web services in the footer at the
bottom of the page
- Under the heading UCI World Cups,
click “Riders registration”
- Use your
personal login
and password for
your National
Federation or UCI
BMX team.

Only Junior and Elite
riders can participate
at the UCI Bathurst
BMX Supercross
World Cup.

If pre-paid, please ensure your nominated
Federation representative brings a
payment receipt to the competition. For
more questions regarding pre-payment,
please email with
your enquiry. Please note if using a prepayment method, entry
fees must be received into
the organisers’ bank
account before the rider
can register on-site. All prepayments must reference
the invoice number found
on the invoice.