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This article is in fact a summary of the author's last three books ongoing
publishing. These have a huge difference through the methods rich in
mystical science and scientific discoveries of Islam, compared to the other
books of exorcism that we are used to leafing through. These work contain
extraordinary discoveries of Islam in the creation of man and the earth on
the energy plan, and expose the dark aspects of the sorcerers in the energy
dimension of the men and the earth.

You Wills discover in this article, that our material world and the energetic
world, have a certain evolutionary complicity which influences the destiny
of men and the earth and which sorcerers use to harm men through bad
energies. The metaphysical world or the energetic world has a certain value
and reality more important than the physical or material world because,
this one influences it through the phenomenon of energie.
One of the biggest secrets of Shaytane, the wizards and the devil’s allies, the
"SS", is what you will read next. These secrets have been well hidden from
the world for centuries because the crucial problem and the well-being of
men revolves around the phenomenon of energies. These truths are well
exposed in the hadiths and the Koran but misunderstood by the circle of
Muslims. Anyone working on the subject of energies is discreetly eliminated
like the case of Nicolas TESLA and many others, see the following video to

The subject of energies sometimes makes some Muslims unwilling and
distrustful of the aspect of bewilderment which certain sects present when
they approach this subject. We say: this is completely normal because Islam
is complete and Allah and His prophet Muhammad sws, have not omitted
anything that would need addition.
Nevertheless, the search for science is an obligation for any free spirit,
believing and advocating the tawhid, the lantern of Islam. Certain verses
and hadiths for example, need an adequate explanation according to the
time and the medium, and especially in this modern time of science. What
we are going to expose, is far from being an innovation but rather
explanations according to scientific discoveries on which Islamic rites are
based. There is much evidence and traces that can arouse curiosity to ask
certain questions, namely:
1.Why do we perform ablutions in certain specific places?
2. Why are mosques built with domes?
3. Why should we pray five times a day at specific times?
4. Why is it compulsory to pray at the mosque?
5. Why should we fast during the month of Ramadan?
6. Why go around the Kaaba seven times and why face it during the five
daily prayers?
These are so mamy questions that have remained inexplicable for about 15
These are so many questions that have remained inexplicable for about 15
centuries. This is so, certain behaviors of the prophet sws, also remain
inexplicable when it was reported that he ate with three fingers, licked the
three fingers in a specific order, and when he drank, he did it only by three
time. It is good to copy all of its tradition and it is also very good to
understand in order to better put them into practice and increase faith.
Here, for example, are some of the many verses which have also been
misunderstood for over 14 centuries and which have served a good cause in
our research and discovery on the phenomenon of energies. Allah says for

“O Adam, dwell in Paradise, you and your wife; and eat in the two of
you, as you please; and do not approach the tree here; otherwise, you
would be among the unjust. Then the Devil, in order to make visible to
them what was hidden from them - their nudity - whispered to them,
saying: "Your Lord has forbidden you this tree only to prevent you
from becoming Angels or from being immortal. So he knocked them
down. Then, when they had tasted the tree, their nakedness became
visible to them; and they both began to attach leaves from Paradise.
And their Lord called them, "Did I not forbid you this tree? And didn't I
tell you that the Devil was a declared enemy to you? » (Sura 7 verse 1922)
"O children of Adam! We have brought down on you a garment to hide
your nudity, as well as adornments. - But the garment of piety is
better. - This is onof the signs (of power) of God. So that they will
remember. " Koran [7:26]
"O you who believe, the alcohol, the game of chance, the standing
stones and the divinatory arrows are only impurity, pertaining to the
fact of the devil. Preserve yourself in order to succeed. The devil only
wants, through alcohol and gambling, to throw enmity and hatred
between you, and to turn you away from the memory of God and from
prayer… ”(Koran 5 / 90-91).
"We will show them Our signs in the universe and in themselves, until
it becomes clear to them that this is (the Koran), the truth." Koran

These final verses have allowed us to discover certain truths on the
energetic level in the creation of the earth and of man, the concordance and
the correctness which connect them. We have discovered extraordinary
things Masha Allah, who at times made us cry for the way Allah preaches
Islam to us with evidence inside of us, around us and in the universe in
terms of energy. By Allah, we are going to open to you one of the tiny

esoteric dimensions of the energies in Islam and in witchcraft, so that you
understand, that all Islamic rites are based on the phenomenon of energies
and that, wizards and devils manipulate the under the influence of bad
energies. For this fact, the man will from now on have the capacity to
exorcise himself and fight those which harm his destiny in order to evolve
normally on the various phases of twis destiny.
Energy control of the mind
According to Islam and science, according to logic and reason, the human
being was created on three dimensions (body, mind, soul) and he evolves
on five dimensions of his destiny (health, emotion, food, psychology and
spirituality) which are attached to the seven major vibratory parts of the
body also called vital points or energy centers. They are on both sides
connecte to our seven endocrine glands which are:
1. the adrenal gland connected to the energy center of the coccyx
2. the gonad gland (ovary / testicle) is connected to the energy center of the
3. the pancreas or adrenaline gland is connected to the energy center of the
solar plexus
4. the thymus gland connected to the energy center of the heart
5. the thyroid gland connected to the energy center of the throat
6. the pineal gland connected to the energy center of the forehead
7. the pituitary gland connected to the energetic center of the fontanel

These seven glands secrete and support our immune system. On the other
hand, they are governed by the seven energy centers or vibratory points of
the physical body. On a subtle level, these seven energy centers depend on
positive food and environmental energy to keep our mind inside our
physical body. Our mind then evolves in the energy or metaphysical world
and depends on energy. The mind is therefore the engine of the physical
body because it also represents our intellect.
Nevertheless, in the energetic world, also live the jinn (spirits / geniuses),
the shayatunes (devils among the jinn) and in the luminous world, live the
angels and our soul. That is to say, the jinn see our mind but do not see the
soul, while the angels see the soul and the spirit. In other words, the jinn are
created from fire and depend on energy, the angels are created from light
and depend on light and man was created from matter, energy and light.
The jinns and shayatunes depend on the same energy as our spirit, and the
angels depend on the same light as our soul. However, without pure and
powerful energy there will be no light. However, there are two types of
energy, subdivided: positive energy ("natural" and "spiritual") and negative
énergies ("natural", "artificial" or "hellish").
The internal and external aura in the Qur'an
"O children of Adam! We have brought down on you a garment to hide
your nudity, as well as adornments. - But the garment of piety is

better. - This is one of the signs (of power) of God. So that they will
remember. " Koran [7:26]
In the same way that we dress the physical body with matter-based
clothing, so does our mind; it develops an energetic garment (the internal
aura), and our soul a luminous garment (the external aura). On the other
hand, the clothing of the soul depends on the clothing of the spirit, and the
clothing of the spirit depends:
Of a first natural level of the physical body: a positive energy supply (halal)
and a positive energy environment (halal). This is why Allah naturally calls
on all men to eat only pure.
"O men! Eat what is lawful and healthy on earth, and do not follow in
the footsteps of Satan: he is your declared enemy. He only enjoins you
on evil and turpitude, and to say about God what you do not know.
(Quran 2: 168)
From a second spiritual level of the physical body: pure monotheistic
spirituality and divine fear.
"O people of the Book (Christians), do not exaggerate in your religion,
and speak of Allah only the truth. The Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, is
only a Messenger of Allah, His word which He sent to Mary, and a
breath (of life) coming from Him. So believe in Allah and His
messengers. And don't say "Three". Stop! This will be better for you.
Allah is only one God. He is too glorious to have a child. It is to Him that
all that is in the heavens and on earth belongs, and Allah suffices as
protector. Koran 4/171"Certainly they are disbelievers, those who
say:" Verily, Allah is the third of three. "While there is only one
Godhead! And if they keep saying it, of course, a painful punishment
will touch the disbelievers among them. " Koran 5/73
"They said, 'Be Jews or Christians, so you will be on the right track.' Say: "No, but let us follow the religion of Abraham, the very model of
righteousness and who was not among the Associators". Koran 2/135
"O believers! Fear Allah as He should be feared. And only die in full
submission. »Quran 3/102

"O men! Fear your Lord who created you from a single being, and
created his wife from him, and who of these two made many men and
women spread (on the earth). Fear Allah in whose name you implore
one another, and fear to break the ties of blood. Surely Allah is
watching you perfectly. "Koran 4/1
If one of these two levels is negative, the man
loses his two clothes. That is, the sins and
polytheism; which then neutralizes garment of the
spirit wears out because of a haram diet, a haram
environment, the garment of the soul because
without positive energy there is no light. Our
mind is than covered with a magnetic garment 5
to 10cm from the physical body "the internal
aura" to be able to develop the luminous garment
(the external aura).
You can feel it when your mind is present in the
body, when you have a halal diet, and when you
live in a healthy environment, when when you practice piety. How is it
possible to feel your magnetic clothing?
Far from being an automated machine, man functions properly under the
effect of matter at the level of the physical body, positive energy at the level
of the energetic body (the mind) and light at the level of the luminous body.
(blade). In electricity, we have the terminal (+) and the terminal (-) this is
how our left and right lower and upper limbs, constitute two magnetic
fields (+) and (-). At the extremity of the limbs, we can identify them
through a small exercise.
Do you often get a sudden electric shock from a shock or a bad gesture? If
so, this confirms that our entire body is energetic hence electrical. So, to
diagnose the presence of your mind and internal aura of low or high
density, open your two hands, and bring them 2cm apart. Keep the posture
for 30 seconds. Then pretend you want to rub them against each other. You
will notice or feel that they are trying to repel themselves as a magnetic

The internal aura is like a receiver and emitter of energy. The energy it
emits forms around the mind this magnetic envelope also called "magnetic
aura", which develops by becoming very dense or weakens by becoming
very weak or sometimes neutral. It is very dense when the energy is
positive and divine and very weak when the energy is negative or
sometimes evil. If you have a strong magnetic energy, by spreading your
two hands beyond 2cm, you will always feel this magnetic power expand as
you go; which proves that your spirit is present inside your physical body
and maintained by this envelope.
Otherwise, either you have breaches that cause your energies to leak,
breaches allowing the shayatunes to have direct access into your subtle
body to control and congest your energy, and to the sorcerers to easily
influence you by the waves negative of buried or hung sihrs. Or your mind
may be sealed or lost somewhere in the universe. Whoever controls the
mind controls the physical body and the soul. Consequently, you no longer
have free choice or will over your social, health, emotional and spiritual life.
I cite some examples: If the sorcerer or the shaytane withdraws your spirit
and deposits it in the desert, you will have symptoms on the physical level
such as: wandering in life, failing to achieve its objectives; have lots of
things to do but you always turn without realizing them, without any
commitment and not knowing which border to start with. If, for example,
your mind is thrown into the water, either you reach madness, or you feel
abandoned by the world; either you are shy every day; you say "I'm going"
but you never get away with it. If the sorcerer withdraws your spirit and

keeps it at home, when he makes you consume witchcraft, you dream that
you are tasting a very delicious delicious dish, either at a ceremony or
others. If you see yourself chased in the dream, you wake up with a startle
of fear. Your fear is just what shaytane needs in order to possess you
through the emotional gaps. If your spirit is sealed underground, you will
always be the last in society, you will always be under the orders of an
individual or of the power in place; for that, there is not a single place
where you set foot today without the spirit of an individual not being
sealed. If the wizard or the djinn puts your mind in a bar, or hangs the jug
on you, you will be an alcoholic and a fanatic of nightclubs. You are trying so
hard to abstain but in vain. Sometimes you arrive but you relapse again. If
the sorcerer or the djinn seals your spirit in an oven, you will have
persistent fever. In the blacksmith, you will have a strong migraine. At the
market, you will hear pathways in your head and ringing in the ears, you
will tend to be schizophrenic… .etc. Remember that wizards and demons
use symbols a lot because the metaphysical world symbolically influences
the material world. Men, on the other hand, also have the ability to
influence the metaphysical world in relation to their behavior of divine fear.
Perhaps that is why Allah says: {[…] Verily, Allah does not change the state
of a people until they change what is in themselves.} [Sura 13 - Verse 11]
To come back to the breaches, and more particularly the emotional
breaches, they constitute the crucial point of Muslims in the era of the Dejjel
to Mecca. The neglect of the salates observed after each month of Ramadan,
is caused by the emotional breaches since there is no tafsir on verse 5/91
which deeply explains the reality of the games of chance of which Allah swt
speaks. We will come back later to expose the phenomenon of emotional
breaches through the Holy Quran where Allah has omitted nothing. If our
highly respected scholars study this energy, we will find solutions to all the
problems that Muslims around the world are experiencing. After Egypt,
Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria champions in African Cup of Football, the
worst is preparing for Qatar which is baited in the preparations for the
world cup, events which arouse the emotions negative such as: hatred,
anger, sadness, fear, demotivation ... etc causing a great upheaval on
spirituality, health and emotions according to the phenomenon of energies.
A trap as tender but causing damage as you can not imagine. Your research
on the phenomenon of energies will make you discover appropriate

In addition, when your magnetic aura is very dense, no shaytane lower than
you due to your piety will not be able to approach you until you reach
pleasure. Thus, the shayatunes will no longer be able to watch you or take
your path because, this magnetic field is in the form of a fireball which
explodes everything that is negative around.
Before, when the djinn saw the man coming, he fled very far but today, it is
the opposite because the man lost on earth this garment of piety through
the secret of emotional breaches, the negative energy of the environment:
(ozone hole, erect stone [Stonehenge, obelisk, pyramid… Quran 5/90]) and
food (GMO, aspartame or coded E951…) Quran 5/91.
This magnetic aura develops from inside the seven energy centers, mainly
the pineal gland and the solar plexus. The pineal gland is the most magnetic
and luminous part of our head or rests the mind, while the solar plexus is
our weak point, the center of all nerves, of all our positive and negative
emotions, hence the center with all our energy and our metabolic system

Whoever controls these two levels (pineal gland and solar plexus) controls
your entire energy, metabolic and endocrine system. When the solar plexus
is low in energy, the magnetic effect of the pineal gland also becomes weak;
which consumes afterwards, the entire magnetic field of the aura. This

phenomenon therefore exposes man to the influence of bad environmental
energies and shayatunes. This phenomenon is caused by toothpaste
containing fluoride and others, aspartame, GMOs and eating in dreams
All that a man eats in his dream is often witchcraft that clings to the
stomach and that congestion all the energy of the solar plexus. The man is
then exposed to cases of witchcraft and frequent possession.
Man being an emitter and a receiver of energy, when he emits negative
energy, he is influenced by the bad waves of buried or hung sihrs (spells)
and the shayatunes which possess this man, because these depend negative
energy, and the energy that man emits is better than the energy of the jinn,
whether positive or negative.
It sometimes happens that a pious jinn prostrates himself before the pious
man worshiping Allah because he sees His manifestation through this man
without the latter being aware of it. This may be one of the reasons why this
world has been veiled from us for not falling into pride and pretending to be
a little god. And this is perhaps the lesson that Allah wanted to teach Iblis
(Satan) and he took pride in not bowing down to Adam and swore to put
him out, to make him dark, ungrateful and ungodly. This is big information
that we are selling to you for free and the devil will not be happy.
When your energy is pure and powerful, you generate a very strong light
which brings you back above the devil, jinn and angels (Koran 17/70)
because the pious jinn can depend on the power of the energy d 'Allah
through the pious man and the angels can depend on the light of Allah
through the pious man. The devil becomes angry as soon as he sees you
radiate because he claims to be better than man because he was created
from fire (Koran 7/12; Koran 38/76). He seeks through his allies between
the jinn and men, to extinguish you through negative food and
environmental energy in order to have you under his authority; and the
worst that he prepares in eschatology for this world, is that he placed his
throne opposite the Kaaba between the Bermuda triangle, negatively
influencing the energy radiation of the Kaaba (see the video more low on
the radiation of the Kaaba).

In an authentic hadith, the prophet Muhammad sws says: the devil
circulates in our body like the blood which flows in our veins. That is to say,
what our physical body presents, our spirit also presents, except that the
spirit is fluid. For example, the physical veins inside which the blood flows,
are interpenetrated from the veins of the mind where energy flows to reach
the seven energy centers. Inside these energetic veins then circulates the
shayatunes to also reach the seven energetic centers. Their role is either to
consume our energy, to make it negative in order to make the blood bad
and prevent the glands from secreting or becoming weak.
They also have the capacity to weaken their vibratory rate, to block the
centers so that they cannot supply any more energy which feeds the
endocrine glands, to create breaches to cause the leakage of energy which
causes later anemia, to change their direction of rotation, because the
centers are in perpetually positive rotation, same speed and same direction
as turns the earth and our galaxy. Same direction of rotation as the pilgrims
who turn seven times around the Kaaba, the center of the energies of the

"The first House that was built for people is that of blessed Bacca
(Mecca) and a good direction for the universe. There are obvious

signs, including the place where Abraham stood; and whoever enters
it is safe. And it is a duty to Allah for people who can afford to go on a
pilgrimage to the House. And whoever does not believe… Allah largely
goes without worlds ” (Koran 3 / 96-97).
The seven energy centers rotate positively (from right to left) when affected
by positive energy from food and the environment; and negatively (from
left to right) when affected by negative energy from food and the
environment. Sometimes they close and lock in the event of emotional
shocks such as fear, hatred, anger and sadness. When they turn positively,
they produce positive energy which develops the density of the internal
aura once man progresses in pure monotheistic spirituality (Islam). The
man then enjoys good health, positive emotions, evolves quickly in
spirituality and is physically balanced despite these 60, 70, 80, 90, ... years.
When they turn in the negative direction, they produce negative energy
which weakens our immune system, weakens our magnetic field. The man
later presents a weak health, negative emotions, problems on the
intellectual, social, spiritual planes and weakens quickly physically when he
reaches these 60, 70, 80, 90, ... years.
In addition, each endocrine gland regulates the function of certain organs
which are respectively associated with them. For example, the secret gonad
gland of hormones which supply the bladder, lumbar vertebrae, vaginal
mucus, etc. This is so, because each energy center assumes health, assumes
or involves certain emotions and their spirituality which we will list below.
It is to say, that everything that happens to the physical body is inevitably
remarkable on the mind before the physical body manifests it because the
mind is the balance of the physical body and the soul. For example, if we
have kidney problems, it is the kidneys of our mind that are sick for a while,
Before our physique manifests it later. So we must necessarily heal our
mind metaphysically and now accompany it with pure bioenergetic
products to accelerate healing by the will of Allah swt.
All the symptoms manifested by the physical body on the three planes,
therefore pass through the energetic body "the spirit". If our mind is
manipulated, then our physics will be too, except that sometimes the effect
is not automatic, it can take hours, days, weeks, months or even years

where the maximum is "Seven". This is so because energy gradually
influences matter, the one who controls the energy then controls the
matter. It is therefore important to control positive food and environmental
energy (Koran 5 / 90-91) (Koran2 / 168), (Koran 6/145), (Koran8 / 11),
(Koran 22/30), in order to keep positive our energy centers and so that our
spirit is maintained in our physical body. The jinn and the sorcerer have
capacity to separate the spirit from the body once one of the seven centers
is blocked, where when the magnetic field becomes weak or negative, or
more simply, when the luminous part of the pineal gland is blackened
because of the distraction, (the persistent look on the chest and the nudity
of the woman in the street like on TV and cell phones even if you have all
the lights of the universe). This is why the man must be permanent in the
dhikr (the reminder of Allah) Koran 29/45, and the lowering of looks
(Koran 24/30).
In truth, all our Islamic rites (the 5 pillars) are based on energy as well as
the seven energy centers that we have discovered scientifically and
Koranically listed in our two books for sale.

We have discovered, for example, the principle of ablutions listed in Quran
5/6, which actually purify our seven energy centers because, each part cited
in this verse represents the points of intersection of the seven energy

"O believers! When you get up for prayer, wash your faces and hands up to
your elbows; run your hands wet over your heads; and wash your feet up to
your ankles. And if you are polluted "junub", then purify yourself (by a
bath); but if you are sick, or on a trip, or if one of you comes back from the
place where he made his needs or if you touched the women and you did
not find water, then resort to pure land, put it on your faces and your hands.
Allah does not want to impose any discomfort on you, but He wants to
purify you and perfect His blessing on you. Perhaps you will be grateful”.
Koran 5 verse 6. Let's follow the pictures:
O believers! When you get up for prayer, wash your faces

and your hands

up to the elbows

run your hands wet over your heads

and wash your feet up to your ankles

If we take for example the hand, the five fingers are all connected by veins
or by nerves, which penetrate inside the veins of the spirit. These organic
and energetic veins are all connected to the energy center of the solar
plexus before connecting to the other six endocrine centers or glands. All
vital energy is concentrated at the level of the solar plexus before being
redirected towards all the other centers. We can notice the ability to cure
several diseases through the massage of the hands and toes

The wrist for example is connected to the energy center of the coccyx, the
thumb connected to the energy center of the pubis, the index finger
normally connected to the energy center of the solar plexus, the middle
finger connected to the energy center of the throat, the ring finger
connected to the energy center of the heart (between the two breasts), the
little finger connected to the energy center of the forehead and the palm
connected to the energy center of the fontanel.

Therefore, since water is a source of energy, when we perform ablutions,
this positive energy of water made spiritual after saying "Bismillah",
cleanses all the veins of bad energies to their agreed center. That’s why we
feel good after the ablutions.
The prophet Muhammad sws is also said to eat with three fingers which
are: thumb, index and middle finger. That is, the middle finger connects the
throat (the entry of food energy), the index finger connects the solar plexus
(the storage and transformation of food energy), the thumb connects the
pubis (the evacuation or elimination of food waste: urine and defecation).
Once we have assimilated all these basic concepts, it would be very easy to
roqya by energy, to diagnose emotional, health and spiritual ailments, to
diagnose the position of the sihrs and shayatunes inside as outside the body
with respect to the points of intersection of the 7 centers at the level of the
Sometimes in exorcism or roqya, we find that the fingers, palm and wrist of
the victim tremble, or the victim tends to feel the effects of burning, tingling,
tingling, scratching, heaviness ... etc at the level of the fingers. If you are
very careful, before your patient goes into crisis during treatment, you will
notice that the first thing we observe are these fingers and then the arms
before his whole body begins to tremble. If you want to knock out the
demon faster, you need to master the connection between each finger and

the agreed center. Sometimes it also happens to naturally feel these same
effects yourself without understanding why. These effects are actually
irregularities in the energy centers like signals at the tips of the fingers,
palm and wrist, when they are affected by negative food, environmental
energy, sihrs, presence of shayatune, change direction of rotation, blocking,
closing and damage. We had felt them several times when each of us gave
sometimes incoherent interpretations like for example, pretending that
money arrives when the palm itches us, in truth, these are irregularities at
the level of the energy center of the fontanelle. When this center is blocked
or damaged, you are completely disconnected from success, spirituality and
subject to psychological problems.
It also happens when an organ wants to get sick, the center that governs it
signals it to the tips of your fingers, palms and wrists. In this we say that the
man is himself his own doctor because if he is attentive, before the material
organ becomes sick, he can quickly intervene. In addition, according to all of
the above, our five daily prayers at the mosque are a real remedy for our
health, our emotions and our spirituality. Those who pray regularly are far
from having all these problems except that they cannot escape their destiny
If the effect is felt for example at the level of:
Wrist: this supposes the presence of jinn, witchcraft, having committed a
sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the energetic center of
the coccyx and its organs. These people can have the different symptoms
which are: fatigue, back pain, fibroma, circulatory problems, blood diseases,
sciatica, disorders of sexual organs, cholesterol, triglyceride, overweight
problems , heart alerts, anemia, tumor, menstrual period, testes, prostate,
rheumatism, bone, bone marrow, joint and muscle problems, spine,
tailbone, legs, knee pain, stiffness, decalcification, arthritis, uterine
malformation, impotence, frigidity, high blood pressure tendencies, alcohol
abuse, tobacco, sex, drugs, race for wealth, materialist, material problems,
violent behavior due to fear of insecurity; thoughtless actions, tendency to
flee reality, reverie, carelessness, cowardice, laziness, nervousness, distrust,
doubt, fears, trouble, distraction, disoriented, unstable, disliked, unwanted,
anxiety, worry, fear, drop in interest in sexuality, immorality, lack or
overload of energy, vulgarity, physical and mental weakness, hyperactivity,

negative attitudes, mental imbalance and emotional difficulties: phobias,
schizophrenia, bulimia, depression, suicidal ideas, etc.
• Thumb: this supposes the presence of a jinn, of witchcraft, having
committed a sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the energy
center of the pubis. The pubis is the center of luck: good relationships with
partners, loved ones and the smooth running of business and the couple.
These people attacked in the pubis, will see relationships spoil for nothing
at all, bad luck in all areas, infertility, wife or husband at night, kidney,
urinary and vesicular affections, frequent urge to urinate, incontinence,
retention of (repressed emotions), swollen lower abdomen, swollen ankles,
bad smell, pain in the lower back, eczema, digestion problems, intestinal
disorders, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, anorexia, blood and
circulatory problems , anemia, leukemia, arteriosclerosis, shallow and
irregular breathing, poor lymphatic circulation. Disturbances of the central
nervous system: melancholy, passivity, withdrawal, loneliness, shyness,
apathy, low energy, lack or loss of imagination, creativity, initiative and
enthusiasm, excessive ambition, manipulative nature, envy, jealousy , lack
of sensitivity, courtesy, relationship difficulties, personal conflicts and wars,
search for power over the other, submission, lack or excess of sexual
interest, emotional and sexual dependence, mental illnesses, anxiety,
anxiety, confusion, depressions, schizophrenia, problems with menopause,
menstruation, ovaries, uterus, secretion from the vagina, premature
ejaculation, drug and alcohol problems, poor functioning of the
reproductive organs, impotence, infertility, lack of insurance, naturalness,
confidence, patience, hyperemotivity, mistrust, aggressiveness, resentment,
frustration, instability, anger, coldness,… etc.
• The index: this supposes the presence of jinn, witchcraft, having
committed a sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the energy
center of the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the center of solidarity,
generosity, conditional love, wisdom, it assumes organ metabolism and
motivation on all things. People with plexus may have symptoms such as:
selfishness, bitterness, demotivation, nightmares, insomnia, poor appetite,
glandular diseases, diseases of the lymphatic system, diabetes,
hypoglycemia, liver problems, liver and gallbladder disorders , cirrhosis,
cancer of the stomaco-biliary sphere, disorders of the stomach, intestines,

digestion, gastritis, diarrhea, pancreatitis, ulcers, cancer of the digestive
organs, poor digestion, difficulties in the central part of the back,
aggressiveness, domination, manipulation of others, irritability, rage,
hatred, tendency to malice, to wickedness, greed, pride, egotism,
exaggerated self-awareness, vanity, loss of scruples, dependence on work,
addicted to work, perfectionist, difficulty in accept authority, obsession
with power, excess of rationality: always feels the need to explain, to
demonstrate, to prove, lack of p assertive personality, lack of insurance,
self-respect, lack of entrepreneurship, ambition, fighting spirit, low vitality,
shyness, nervousness, fatigue, passivity, sadness, worries, anxiety, sexual
and emotional disorders, panic, fears, phobias, depressions, etc.
• The ring finger: this supposes the presence of a jinn, of witchcraft,
having committed a sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the
energy center of the heart. The heart is the center of prosperity on various
levels, of confidence, of unconditional love, of tranquility. People with
heart problems, waste money, or lose money, do not find money after
efforts, they show progressive poverty, doubt, hypocrisy, fear, heartbeat,
laziness, spitefulness, tightening chest, hypertension and hypotension,
problems with blood circulation and heart, tachycardia, pain in the chest,
altered heartbeat, heart attack, joint inflammation, cysts, lung and upper
part problems back, breathing difficulties, bronchitis, cough, allergies,
asthma, greed, arrogance, contempt, greed, jealousy, sarcasm, cruelty, lack
of affectivity, selfishness, cannot forgive, fear of the unknown (of the
opposite sex ), difficulty in establishing contact, need to isolate oneself,
withdrawal, loneliness, sadness, disliking, anxiety, paranoia, nights filled
with nightmares, flight from sexuality, lack of affectivity, human warmth,
feeling of superiority due to an exclusive self-love, narcissistic and selfcentered tormented sentimental life, friendships and problematic
relationships, changing mood, never happy, bad mood, ungrateful, lives
more sentimentality than sensitivity, lack of generosity or generosity
excessive in order to get something back ... etc.
• The middle finger: this supposes the presence of jinn, witchcraft, having
committed a sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the energy

center of the throat. The throat is the center of communication with others,
of the community, of respect, of creativity, of freedom.
Affected people suddenly become shy, lie without fear, manifest
depression, unbelief in speech, professional blockage, dental pain and
sometimes victim of husband or wife at night, communication problems or
difficulties in expressing themselves fully, lack of creativity, not sufficiently
individualized, is influenced by people or is afraid of change, pain in the
neck and neck, shoulders, ears, throat, teeth, esophagus, thyroid, affections
of the bronchi, weight and digestive problems, weight loss or weight gain,
apathy, lack of energy, nervousness, does not freely express emotions,
thoughts, needs or sensations, which leads to speech disorders:
stammering, stuttering, difficulties language, mutism, often disjointed or
even incoherent speech, introversion, lack of self-confidence, insurance,
insecure, manifestations of fear, in the throat, fear of others, of oneself, fear
of doing wrong, doing well, etc.
• Little finger: this presupposes the presence of a jinn, of witchcraft, having
committed a sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the energy
center of the forehead. It is the center of discernment, clairvoyance, vision,
self-reflection. Affected people suffer from anxiety, cerebral buzzing,
forgetfulness, mental weakness, migraine, lack of discernment, weak
intention, too negative outlook on life, unable to visualize or use their
imagination creative.
Disruption of blood supply to the brain, problems with the pituitary gland,
aging, certain neck and spine pain, hormonal imbalances, problems with
the eyes, ears, nose, deafness, sinusitis, memory impairment and
concentration, madness, brain tumor, epilepsy, headache, chronic
headache, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, confusion, catarrh, hay
fever, egocentric, self-seeking, life entirely dominated by material and
physical needs, emotions thoughtless, dominant opinions, negative,
obsessions, adherence to ready-made ideas, prejudices, excessive rational
mind, tendencies to excessive intellectualization of the slightest thing,
rejection of spirituality, refusal of spiritual truths because they appear
based on the imagination or that they are absurd reveries, without any
interest, hypersensitive to the feelings others, addictions, inability to have
normal social relationships, lack of vision, imagination, arrogance,
passivity, inferiority complex, inability to intellectualize, disinterest in

cultures, knowledge, science, lack of curiosity, focus, the desire to
succeed… etc.

• The palm: this supposes the presence of a jinn, of witchcraft, having
committed a sin, signaling of an organic problem at the level of the
energetic center of the fontanel. It is the center of purity of intention,
harmony, enlightenment ... people attacked at this center are often blocked
at all levels because it cuts its connection with the universe and the divine.
These people may have symptôme such as: Feels separated from the
universe and from God or has a dusty vision of spirituality, immune
deficiency, chronic diseases, frequent migraines, paralysis, brain diseases,
brain tumor, disconnected, existential vacuum, embarks on additional
activities, lack of spiritual growth, difficulty defining oneself, finding an
identity, making a decision, lack of inspiration, concentration, lack of
energy, joy, happiness, enthusiasm, ignorance, frustration, psychological,
mental problems, melancholic state without defined cause, obsessive
thoughts, major depressions, delirium, madness, never asks questions
about life, death, God, systematic skepticism, atheist, tendency to fanaticism
, domination, cynicism and lack of scruples ... etc.
All these symptoms are well known by sorcerers and shayatunes, which is
why they know how and where to attack man so that he presents these
different symptoms in terms of health, emotions, spirituality and socially.
When you have these different symptoms, be convinced that the problem is
defined in your energy centers and that your mind is really not present in
the body. Therefore, you can do roqya chari'a directly on these seven parts
of the body without the intervention of a raqy with intention and
concentration, so that the spirit returns to your body even if it has been
Sealed. in concrete by the devils because, the FATIHA means the opening
and consists of 7 verses. When you read the Fatiha with faith and
concentration during the five daily prayers, a magnetic light rises from your
first center "the coccyx", opens and cleans them and the spirit automatically
returns to the body if it had been removed. Sometimes you can feel that
your whole body is vibrating or shaking, it is because there is a
confrontation between your spirit and the demonic spirit inside you and
Allah knows best.

On the other hand, you must henceforth respect the sunnah of the prophet
Muhammad sws so that without doing the roqya anymore, you will no
longer suffer these different words because the sunnah of the prophet sws
is a protection against this world which is veiled to us by mercy from Allah.
Indeed, we have listed several Quranic verses to make the roqya because,
each verse of the Holy Quran, produces a light and automatic effect in the
energy world and on the seven energy centers.
We have already spoken of the Fatiha which is made up of 7 verses. When
the seven energy centers are affected by negative energy from the
environment, food, sihrs, shayatunes, they lock up, close and change
They are no longer able to channel energy or reproduce energy in order to
govern the endocrine glands and develop the internal aura. We have
discovered that, the Fatiha which means opening, opens the seven centers,
gives them a normal rate of vibration, a positive rotation and drives out all
the shayatunes present inside each center.
* The ayath al kursiyy verse (Koran 2/255) produces a vibratory effect on
all the veins and short-circuits the negative waves of the internal and
external sihrs and shayatunes.
* The last three verses of chapter two of the Holy Quran (Quran 2 / 284286), produce fireworks from the energy centers which innervate the
organs, blind and upset the sihrs and shayatunes found in the veins and
organs connected.
* The ayath sihrs (Koran 7 / 117-122), (Koran 10 / 81-82), (Koran 20 / 6870) produce magnetic effects which violently attack the internal and
external sihrs.
* Verse 35 of Quran 24, produces light from the inside to the outside and
develops the internal and external aura. He sometimes blinds shayatunes
and wizards.
* The last three chapters of the Holy Quran (112; 113; 114) produce
meteorite effects from inside the centers against all internal and external
sihrs and shayatunes.

These various verses are to be read with the intention on these seven
vibratory parts of the body to be exorcised such as: the coccyx (the end of
the spine or beginning of the line of the buttocks), the pubis (lower
abdomen), the solar plexus (at the meeting point of the ribs, below the tip of
the sternum), the heart (between the two breasts), the throat (the
trapezium), the forehead (the part of the prostration), the fontanel (the part
membranous that vibrates in newborns).
The best position is the seat on the ground so that the tailbone is directly
connected to the earth as during the five prayers, to draw the telluric
energy made spiritual in the mosques or when these verses are read. This
root energy, produces from the inside of the coccyx a form of radiation
which also emits the earth through the Kaaba the center of the energies of
the earth. Watch the following video
This is why Allah says in Quran 41/53 "We will show them our signs in the
universe and in themselves, until it becomes clear to them that this is the
truth. »

This radiation, similar to that which crosses the Kaaba, is magnetic and
luminous. It goes up and through each energy center and increases their
energy when we are well concentrated in prayer at the mosque. It goes out
through the fontanel and launches into the universe. You can feel it after
each prayer when you place the palm of your hand 2cm above your
fontanel. After 30s or more, you will feel heat and vibration. Heat comes
from light and vibration comes from energy. Studies of newborns show that
babies feel embarrassed and start moving. Others tend to push even our
hand away.
If you are an energeticist, can see the energy centers, or have the ability to
explore metaphysics, then call upon a Muslim who truly practices piety. Ask
him to perform two prayer units in front of you and watch what happens
next. You will see that when he recites the first chapter of the Qur'an says
FATIHA, the radiation rises and crosses the seven centers along his spine.
When it bows facing the Kaaba the source of divine energy, there is an
attraction effect between its radiation and the radiation of the Kaaba as

what happens with the compass. When it goes into prostration, the
magnetic part of the pineal gland connects to the earth's magnetic field
from its molten core; which makes his pineal gland more magnetic. Many
people with migraine have confirmed to us that when they go into
prostration while repeating the recommended formula several times, the
migraine begins to subside after…. Finally, when he recites the formula
known as "ATAHYATHOU LILLAH", arrived on the certificate of faith "that
there is no divinity except Allah and Muhammad is His prophet and His
messenger", the Muslim raises his index to Kaaba.
Indeed, the index symbolizes the solar plexus, the center of all the energy of
man, and the Kaaba the center of all the energy of the earth. May the mercy
of Allah be very great on man.
The same effect of the rise of this radiation is also observable through this
method of roqya which repels and attacks the jinns and sihrs present inside
each center and throughout the body. People with the disclosure can check
it out. Is this not why Allah says prayer keeps away from immoral acts
(Quran 29/45)? because, the centers govern our negative emotions when
they turn in the negative or blocked direction. On the other hand, this
magnetic radiation gives new life to the centers five times a day when we
are regular and punctual at the mosque. This is why when a thief was
brought to the prophet sws to amputate his hand, he ordered if the latter
prayed, he would end up changing his thief nature.
Why is the sitting position important? Indeed, it allows the fingers to be
suspended on the knees, in order to diagnose the six aforementioned
effects, and intervene directly on the agreed center, when these effects
continue to appear at the fingertips. For example, if you experience tingling
or trembling in your middle finger, you are expressing intention on the
throat to destroy the jinn or witchcraft by reciting one of the above verses.
Or when it comes to the thumb, the intention will be formulated on the
pubis and so on until you feel better.

•Our best methods to discover in these books
In addition, we have developed several other more effective methods even
in these works such as:
• Internal fire therapy is a therapy that sends heat through the intention
between the seven energy centers to do the roqya, and even cure all kinds
of diseases by the will of Allah.
• Roqya by infrared light (infrared lamp or infrared sauna) is the best
discovery that all our practices intervene or support for better performance
because of all energies, the thermal energy of the sun is the best. Since the
sun emits infrared, these photonic energies quantified in infrared lamps
quickly close and solidify breaches, nerves and etheric organs. If you have
breaches behind the heart, I advise you after the roqya infrared light.

Roqya by thermal energy is the most effective method we have discovered
and tested on all kinds of diseases with a success rate of up to 95%, because
it has instantaneous and preventive effects on health. The heat instantly
disintegrates spells and jinns, cleanses toxins and keeps the individual from
falling into unmanageable fits during roqya. It balances and strengthens our
immune system because it gives new life to each of our endocrine glands.
On the other hand, we encounter some small difficulties in the cases of
paralysis having lasted a long time (around 3 years), but Allah has
facilitated in seven days a success rate of 10%. Also, the cases of breast
cancer, bone metastasis required more time and by Allah, we obtained a
success rate via quantum surgery of 50% in 21 days. We also recognize that
the cases of yellow fever require a lot of effort, but thank God the success
rate is around 33%. Indeed, our difficulties are dependent on the duration
of the installation of the disease before our care of the patient.
That said, out of two cases of yellow fever treated with conventional
medicine without much success after ten days, our treatment led the
patients to regain their health between two and four days. Considering all
these difficulties, we think that the combination of the two practices would
lead to more effective and faster results with the will of Allah.

• Hand pause or magnetism: in the case of patients with complicated
diagnosis, we have successfully used the technique of hand pause or
magnetism. It is desirable that in case of proven difficulties, this practice be
experienced. For example, we have been able to reassemble a demon stuck
in the head of a suffering brother since 2008. He has succumbed to periodic
drug use and all that entails depravity to the point where, he has traveled
several countries without gaining cause and even among psychiatrists. Only
one session of the hand break while reciting the Fatiha and the demon was
brought to the surface. This demon called us a charlatan because, he
claimed to have resisted all forms of roqya, and saw himself invincible. We
say praise is to Allah swt.
• Magnetism via the Wai Qi lamp, occurs when it is essential to treat several
patients because providing its own magnetism all day long weakens and
exposes us.

Quantum surgery: it is a surgical intervention on the etheric body by
translucent people (kashfi or disclosure) to treat the symptoms of cancer,
paralysis, tumor etc ...
• Psychoquantics: is a conscious auto-suggestion therapy for self-healing
with emotional energy of psychic, health, spiritual, emotional and social
• You also have the technique known as “electrocution” when the djinn
resists and refuses to leave the body.

• The hidden dimensions of sura 48V29 to take back your rights in relation
to your destiny corrupted by the sorcerer.
• The 21Fatiha therapy to destroy the hanging and buried witchcraft in
order to reconnect your cosmo-telluric energy.
• You will also discover the capturing method without sensor. It consists in
eliminating the sensor using its own intentions in a specific place where you
want to bring back these corrupting jinns of your destiny to whom Islam is
proposed, or if necessary, Allah punishes them immediately. It is a very
simple technique practicable by everyone, because it limits the risks of bad
energies of the shayatunes when the sensor captures them inside their
body. Since Allah recommends us to move away from the defilement of the
devil and idols (Koran 8/11).
• You also have in the book how to close your breaches and the miracle of
the first ten and last ten verses of Surah khaf. We have understood that a
roqya without closing its breaches looks like a dusted house then
abandoned without closing these doors and windows. Find out how to close
your breaches here.
• You will also find in the book, the method of the final lightning strike of
the sorcerer wherever he is.
• How to also fight against depression because it represents a liquid that the
sorcerer and the jinn exploit and many other details. To receive
notifications when these two books are published, subscribe.
To maintain your mind, limit the manipulation of your energy and your
mind, or maintain positive and gradually your magnetic field, you must
respect the following instructions:
- Strictly respect your five salads at the mosque at the prescribed times
because, we have discovered that each prescribed moment constitutes the
time when five different types of energy descend on the earth like

meteorites, and are captured by domes, minarets, the pyramids and
neutralized by the obelisks. These energies do not last, they evaporate very
quickly. Now do you understand why these great wizards are bent on
banning the domes and minarets of mosques? It’s the war of environmental
energies. So my brother, my sister, your five daily salads are real exorcisms.
Is this not why Allah swt says: Woe to those who pray while neglecting (and
delaying) their salat? Koran 107 / 4-5.
- To do roqya chari’a with daily intention on these 7 parts of the body,
there’s nothing bidi’a as some ignorant people will say. Besides, there is no
point in looking for these things from the traditionalists because many have
gone astray on the tawhid. Islam is a complete religion whose esoteric
aspects remain to be discovered depending on the circumstances. In reality,
the roqya is a weapon of defense, which in itself remains a spiritual
weakness, otherwise the Muslim who is at the point is above the threats of
mystical attacks.
- Rub the musk and olive oil daily along the spine following the alignment of
the 7 centers in front and behind, at intersection points or throughout the
- Take SANA MAKKI + jujube leaf monthly for seven days to cleanse the
solar plexus.
- Have the suction cups (hijama) placed directly on the 7 centers except the
tailbone. In the same way at the level of the throat like any other difficult
place for the installation of the suction cups, choose an intermediate place:
example, behind the neck when it is a question of the throat.
Repent daily and avoid committing major sins regularly because, they
create gaps that appear as black holes both in your internal and external
aura. These breaches serve as a passage for the jinn to have direct access to
your subtle body.
- Avoid all instrumental music, whether Islamic or not, it blocks your energy
centers, mainly that of the heart,
- Stay 24 hours a day in ablution,

- Koranize your food before eating,
- Avoid all foods from GMOs that you have been aware of,
- Avoid all carbonated drinks containing aspartame,
- Avoid all foods and products containing aspartame (cookies, candies,
chocolates, medicines) ... etc,
- Avoid the use of toothpastes containing fluorine as well as products
containing fluorine,
- Avoid the use of soaps, ointments, perfumes containing chemicals or made
from urine, alcohol; better to consume locally.
- Avoid games of chance which arouse your negative emotions such as fear,
anger, hate and sadness, demotivation such as: football, serials, horror
films, erotic films, video and portable games.
- Avoid looking at naked images on TV, mobile and others.
- Avoid frequenting the places where the stones are erected such as: statues
at crossroads, obelisks, pyramids, Stonehenges ... etc (Koran 5/90).
- Pray regularly at the mosque on time and stop watching TV after the Ishai
prayer. So as not to reduce your energy before bedtime by negative
emotions that arouse in the movies…, and especially during the month of
Ramadan so as not to be demotivated from salat. Koran 5/91.
- Doing roqya on these parts of the body and after 7 hours, 7 days, 7 weeks,
7 months or 7 years, while respecting these instructions, highlights positive
changes in fate (health, emotions, spiritual and social).
- If you don't have a good result, you have to change the environment. An
environment where people adore Allah very far from turpitudes, far from
obelisks, pyramids, football stadiums and all the games of chance by which

people generate emotionally negative energies. It’s a big trap shaking the
world right now. Having tabooed the subject of energies, we have been
manipulated for five centuries. The more you are angry, the more you are
afraid, the more you are sad in front of television, during games of chance,
and the more you generate a mass of negative energies that consume the
devils and the more they dominate you after having you possesses.
They want your solutions to be outside of Islam but oriented towards chirk.
No longer respond to resistance, to the rebellion that stirs up your hatred
and anger and that actually drives you to transgression and injustice. Keep
your energy field and that of your environment healthy. Build peace in and
around you and everything will be fine in the world insha'Allah. Peace on
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