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Creation space in one of our shared studios.(See details about our facilities). Ace has
also established relationships and agreements with several workshops and artistic
spaces that have additional specialized equipment and spaces.
The program offers curatorship of a collective exhibition, design and production of
digital invitations and prints, curatorial text in English, French, Portuguese and
Spanish, as well as a press release and photographic documentation.
Group or individual critical analyses will be performed by residents and guests by Ace
at the end of each week, which facilitate the technical and conceptual development of
the works and help articulate the curatorial axis of the exhibition.
Access to library and archive materials, photographs, works by former residents and
documentation on lectures, publications and satellite projects organized by the
Orientation and accompaniment to relevant sites in Bojacá, Bogotá and its
The possibility of holding a talk or workshop with one of our partner institutions.
Discount on sculpture courses and workshops programmed by ACE.
The opportunity to live and work in a national and international community of
professionals in the artistic field.
Joining an international network of former artists.