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Cold air

H2 escapes
Hot air

Shocks between
H2and ½ O2  H2O + heat

O2 down

Water vapor
or humidity

It is not the heat that evaporates the water. The heat acts as an accelerator of the process, the
more you heat, the more the evaporation increases and vice versa.
What happens then?
The air in contact with the surface of the water is heated, so it becomes lighter, it escapes or
rises, the cold air is attracted to compensate for the volume of hot air.
The striking force generated by the attraction of cold air causes the O2 to dissolve in water
according to this reaction:
O2 + 2H2O + shock  2O2↗ + 2H2↗, this is called dry air (no water vapor), hydrogen escapes at
altitude at very high speed because it is the lightest, oxygen remains, it is slightly heavier than
air, nitrogen does not react, it has a certain inertia to react. The water molecules are actually
broken down 2H2O  2H2↗+ O2↗
Where does this moist vapor come from?
Given the abundance of H2 and O2 molecules released, some of them collide violently and give
rise to a few molecules of water, that is to say steam.
Conclusion: The molecules of water constituting the vapor do not detach in the form of H2O
(compound body) from their whole, but they are created by shocks between certain molecules
H2 and O2.
H2 + ½ O2 + shock  H2O + heat, This molecule is broken down at altitude by the action of
ultraviolet rays into H2 and O, this is the final phase.
See here https://pdf.lu/92Zk: how clouds are created by :
Compression + H2 + ½O2  explosion + H2O + heat (lightning+thunder+water=1 operation)

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