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Registration form

11th International Wooden Sculptors’ Symposium
5th to 11th July 2019
Cadipietra/Valle Aurina-Luttach/Ahrntal (BZ) – Italy
Theme: Animals of the Alps
The registration can be made within the 31st march 2020.

Street, house number
City, post code
Country, Nation
Place + date of birth
Phone number
E-mail address
Title of the Sculpture:
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 25.05.2018, I agree that the tourist association
Valle Aurina may store and use my data for further communications of this kind.

I declare my agreement with the terms of participation and confirm to have an adherence and
accident insurance.



Please send to:

 Sketch, photo of the planned sculpture
 short description about the planned sculpture
 short Curriculum vitae

Tourist association Valle Aurina-Ahrntal
Via Aurina 22
I-39030 Lutago/Valle Aurina (BZ)
Phone: +39 0474 671136, fax: +39 0474 830240

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