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TO BE COMPARED 2 articles journals Science&Life and ForScience
1- PourLa Science n °: 409 of November 2011 says:
Large raindrops catch small ones, collide with them and grow larger by
cannibalizing them. Article: a small drop will become large.


Profs: Jean-Michel Courty and Édouard Kierlik (CNRS, ENS, UPMC)

Image 1 on the left according to
Small drops of rainwater during their falls mix
with the others to form medium drops which in
turn mix to form large ones. Wow !
If you pour a bucket of water from the top of a
skyscraper, the water will fall to the ground in the

1- Science&Vie n °: 1130 of 10/26/2011 says:
When they fall, the large drops of water are deformed by the
friction of the air, they break down into smaller drops.
physical article: what makes a drop of rain large?
Prof: Fiorenza Gracci
Apr 28, 2014
Or my pot 1 page drawing commented here :


Image 2 on the right, in my opinion,
Rain forms in abundance, a veritable torrent of water
which when it falls is divided into large drops (the size
of hailstones) which are then divided into medium
drops which in turn give small droplets.
The size of the drops depends on the altitude at which

form of drops. It is therefore quite the opposite.

the water forms, the higher the altitude, the finer the

For me, Science & vie is right.

drops, and the lower the altitude, the larger the
drops, they do not have the time to divide again. Yeah

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