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The Domaine Lucotte represents more than 3 hectares of vines. It is part
of the University of Burgundy, which is also a research center for the wine
industry involving in sustainable agriculture since 1955.
Our wines come from a blend of several plots located on the Marsannay
appellation and city around the Côte de Nuits.
It shows all the complexity and freshness of the terroir it is composed of.
No insecticides and pesticides used on the soil more than 10 years. We tried
to take care of our terroir for the future generation and that's why we
ploughing to replenish depleted soils.
The University created monoliths in Marsannay to show the diversity of the
soils and the specificity of each climates. Arming to use this knowledge the
wines of Domaine Lucotte express with intensity all the richness of