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CONFÉRENCE :: Music Market and Virtual Reality

La réalité virtuelle (RV), une technologie qui, nous promet-on
depuis la fin des années 60, révolutionnera nos vies, a enfin
atteint un certain point d’équilibre entre l’offre et la demande.
Assez de gens se sont procuré des casques pour que les
développeurs aient envie d’investir dans des applications
intéressantes et vice versa. Mais il y a un marché pour lequel
on n’avait pas prévu un tel engouement : la musique en réalité

Augmented Marketing était la première VR Agency en France
à utiliser la Réalité Virtuelle et la Réalité Augmentée pour le
music business. Depuis 2016 nous produisons VR Music apps
pour des groupes de France, Anglaterre, Japon, La Réunion,
Corée du Sud, Afrique du Sud, Brésil…
Thème de la CONFÉRENCE :
En 2020, 83 millions de personnes possèderont un casque VR.
( ) les acteurs du marché musical doivent-ils se
demander s'il N’y a pas là une solution à ce grand problème :
plus personne n’achète de musique…


La VR est une plateforme narrative totalement nouvelle. Malgré cela, de
nombreux cinéastes sont très intéressés par la réalité virtuelle et des films en
VR envahissent d’ailleurs les festivals de cinéma traditionnels les plus
prestigieux : Sundance, Tribeca, ou même le festival de Cannes présentent et
récompensent désormais des sélections de films en réalité virtuelle.
La possibilité de filmer à 360 degrés permet de proposer aux spectateurs de se
plonger dans un film, de se sentir immergé. Plutôt que de simplement regarder
un film, les spectateurs entrent réellement dans le film, et ont la sensation
d’être présents physiquement. L’action ne se déroule plus seulement devant
eux, mais tout autour d’eux.
Depuis 2016, Augmented Marketing a réalisé des documentaires VR sue des
festivals de musique, danse et Arts plastiques en France et au Brésil.
Nous aimerions tourner un documentaire VR sue l'édition 2020 eu Festival
Visa For Music et proposer un partenariat pour une possible
commercializacion du film sur la forme d'un applicatif VR



Tinyiko Mpho Mphago wa Mabasa also professionally known
as Azah is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer,
musical director cultural activist, educator and philanthropist
from the South African Jazz capital Mamelodi in Pretoria. He is
a brilliant, versatile and multitalented musician and is known
as one of the finest South African percussionists of our
generation – and for good reason. Born onto a family of
traditional healers, he began playing drums at the age of 8,
and formed a decidedly passionate bond with drums and
percussion as not only healing instruments but also as a way
of artistic and spiritual expression.

Azah pursued musical training at the Musical Theatre of the
Tshwane University of Technology and this gave him the
traveling future he had dreamed of, seeing him perform
across Europe and South America with Gregory Magoma’s
Vuyani Dance Theatre productions Ketima and Beautiful
Us. He then joined Dr Philip Tabane’s famous band Molombo
– a moment he cites as one of the proudest of his life. He
then formed Azah, the 8-piece band which continued to grow
his musical diversity as a singer and composer by exploring
and incorporating genres such as high life, soukous, jazz, Afrosoul, Afro beat and indigenous folk sounds into a world music
His debut album Batswadi involves musicians from across the
continent and brings to the fore common histories, cultures,
struggles and spiritual traditions. He went on to receive a
SATMA Award for “Best African Jazz Album”. Azah has lent his
talents to some of the best-selling Afro pop albums, more
notably Thandiswa Mazwai’s Ibokwe and Simphiwe Dana’s
Kulture Noir. He also continues to be booked out for musical
and theatre shows across the country. Azah was headhunted
as the Musical Director for one of the most important stories
in the landscape of South Africa’s social narrative. Khwezi –
Say My Name is a stage adaptation of The Remarkable story of
Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, a book by Redi Tlapi. He composed
beautiful, soul-stirring music that chronicled her journey of
loss, pain, rejection, victory and emancipation which set the
spiritual backdrop to this critically acclaimed, moving play
which previewed at the South African State Theatre to packed

Cultural Activism – Azah has worked as a facilitator
(workshops on different ascpects of Indigenous Knowledge
Systems) and as researcher (African diasporic studies, Cultural
anthropology and Kemetic Science) at the Theosopical Society.
In 2010 he founded a multi-disciplinary socio-cultural
movement called Capital Arts Revolution with the aim of
fostering Pan African artistic unity. The movement has
attracted a multi-national membership of musicians, poets,
writers, painters, visual artists, photographers etc. It was
followed by Sechaba Sa Rantsho which creates outdoor
programmes and camps which connect arts in nature and uses
the environment as a reminder of identity and to hold space
for exploring cultural issues. This inspired a collaboration with
Maibuye, an international organisation through Michigan
University comprising of members of the diaspora (mainly
from USA, Kenya, Ethiopia and SA). Their aim was to create a
cultural exchange of vocational studies.
Educator & Philanthropist– He is a part time lecturer at the
University of Pretoria’s Drama department focusing on
performance art and embodied work (body resonance and art
as a ritual). Azah was a youth educator and mentor for YMCA,
SOS homes and has managed the adolescent development
programme at the Tshwane Leadership Foundation. One of his
biggest achievements there was being responsible for opening
the School of Creative Arts, a reformative music school which
dealt with skills development, self-awareness, identity etc.
through music and art. He has taught music and theatre
therapy for a group of schools for the disabled in Europe
(mainly in Sweden and Germany), using creative arts as a
rehabilitation tool. Part of Azah’s philanthropy work is based

on the philosophy of ‘Ithate’ (love thyself) where he visits
elderly homes as a way of giving back an energy of love and
appreciation to those who have raised communities and
villages through musical performances and creative
Links :


JC Curve World Music Group consists of:

JC Curve – Composer, contrabass, producer.
Cray K. – piano, string.
Gayoung Park – keyboard, string.
Kyungkyu Lee – Hang Drum, Dae-Gum, So-Gum.
Young Jin Choi – Korea traditional Percussion.
Duk Gyu Han – Korea traditional Percussion.
The band analyzes different types of life topics including
human instincts.
The band pursuits a completely different path from other
World Music Groups,
inspired by numerous compositions to movie, drama, theater,
and professional dancers music.
The music roots from traditional music yet it is a modern
interpretation –
the music is more narrative and deeper.
The music is, harmonized with traditional and modern,
initially grand and
solemn, and it turns out to be lyrical all of a sudden like a

Perhaps the individual skills bring the ensemble to a higher
level of perfection.

The backgrounds of the members stand out among any
World Music
musicians in Korea.
JC Curve, the leader, is a full-time composer of Sejong Center
for Performing Arts Teenage Gukak Orchestra.
He has brought up the reputation and quality of music of the
Moreover, JC Curve is a producer and a bassist of “Ahn Eun
Gyoung Purity”
– Ahn is the best pipe player in Korea.
JC Curve has gone through all genres, from jazz to the
crossovers of all kinds.
The experiences perhaps became smooth transitions
from daily lives not to repetitive traditional music but to
sophisticated music
and performance. JC Curve is currently getting much
attention from all over the world, flooded with invitations for
performances and albums.

We expect and hope to see JC Curve World Music Group
and communicate with people of diversity.
Links :

Augmented Marketing est une agence marketing créée à Paris en 2002.
Jusqu'en 2012, nous avons réalisé des campagnes de web marketing pour de grandes
entreprises en France: Hewlett-Packard, L'Oréal, Renault, Danone, Kyocera, entre autres et
pour le secteur du tourisme en Indonésie (Bali, Java et Sulawesi): Bali Passion, Villas Zen,
Bali Villas Chic, Tomato's Head…
En 2013, nous sommes spécialisés dans le développement d'applications de mobile
marketing en Réalité Augmentée pour le secteur du tourisme à Majorque, Espagne et
Réunion, territoire français d'Autre Mer.
En 2015, Augmented Marketing devient une agence de réalité virtuelle (VR) et depuis, nous
avons développé des projets pour le tourisme et la culture à la Réunion, en Afrique du Sud et
au Brésil.
En août 2019, Augmented Marketing Brasil a été créé. Outre les projets de marketing
touristique VR que nous menons avec les villes de Lençóis, Cachoeira, Trancoso et Caraíva;
Augmented Marketing Brasil produit et coproduit également des événements culturels:
musique, cinéma et art numérique.
Joselito Souza Junior




Réalité Virtuelle - Visita Fundação Nelson Mandela
Réalité Virtuelle - Visita da casa onde nasceu Nelson Mandela
em Soweto.
Réalité Virtuelle - VR Documentário sobre o MOSHITO
Réalité Virtuelle - Visita da Galeria de Arte Julie Miller
Réalité Virtuelle - Ministério da Habitação entrega casas
comunidade rural.
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Music BCUC
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Music Sweto Gospel Choir
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Music The Slashdogs
Réalité Virtuelle - Festival do filme Latino Americano
Embaixada Brasil em Pretória

La Cité des Arts

Réalité Virtuelle - Festival Gayar Cité VR TOUR
Réalité Virtuelle - Festival Kwala VR TOUR
Réalité Virtuelle - Festival Danse Péi
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Music City Kay
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Music Hifana
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Music Sofaz
Réalité Virtuelle - Documentário La Diagonal du Fou
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Festival Le Grand Boucan
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Festival Fête Kaf
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Festival Leu Tempo

Réalité Virtuelle - Documentário VR I Encontro Percussivo
Internacional de Lençois
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Natureza Lençois
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Festa da Boa Morte Cachoeira
Réalité Virtuelle - Clip VR Visita ao Centro Cultural Fonte do
Boi – Aldeia Pataxó Caraíva Bahia

Art Gallery South Africa

Folclore Bahia- Brasil

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