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Bitcoin AutoPilot
(Easy Method)
How To Make Easy And Fast Money

Bitcoin AutoPilot Method Updated 2020

This method works, guaranteed!
Guaranteed Profit!
($50 Your First Day, and 30$ to 50$+ Daily Afterwards)
No Investment required And 100% Auto-pilot
Takes Only 10 Minutes To Set-Up Easy To Follow GuideTutorial
Newbie Friendly
It is the only method that works.

Lets Start!
Step 1 : Firstly sign up here:

This Website Pays Bitcoins for every box opened. Also if anyone does a free signup at your
referral link you get around 35 -38 gems (one gem to redeem for each box) along with 30%
amount of gems for every offer they complete.
The Link Above is my Referral link,Which By Signing Up Will Give you 50 Gems Instead of the
Original Starting amount of 35 Gems.
Automate Opening Of The Boxes With The Following Script:
The Above Script is a Tampermonkey Script,Tampermonkey is a Browser Extension Usually Used
To Automate Simple User Activity.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof :

Next Step

Step 2 : Download This PDF Template At The Following Site:
After The PDF Has Been Downloaded,Upload The PDF To The Following Site:
At The Above Site Edit/Change The Referral Link Of The PDF To Your Referral Link,Your
Referall Link Can Be Found By Clicking On The Invite Tab on the Site.

Step 3

Step 3 : The best way now to spread our referral link is through distributing this PDF for free. Do
not worry you’re not being compelled to manually send this PDF to anyone ( If You Want You
Can ).

Step 4

Step 4 : Have you ever heard of:
Basically is a website that allows people to share and download e-books for free.
Make sure that you simply transfer the PDF together with your referral link there.
You will gain 30-100 downloads daily if you transfer the PDF together with your referral here.

Step 5

Step 5 : Another good website is:
Slideshare allows you to upload power point presentations. Open up your Microsoft PowerPoint
and paste all of the PDF info onto PowerPoint displays. Save the presentations and upload them
on Slideshare. You will get 30-100 downloads daily if you upload the eBook with your referral

Step 6
Step 6 : A Listing of Websites where you'll be able to share free eBooks is found here:
Upload the eBook To the maximum amount as sites as you'll be able to. Also share your referral
link to online Marketing Forums. Few of these are:
you get the point

Step 7

Step 7 : Doing this you'll begin obtaining like 3000-5000 or maybe a lot of downloads daily to
your eBook, and like 1000-4000 of the downloaders will join your referral.

This will make you 1-2 BTC in a week ( You will make more money if you use more time to setup
this Auto-Pilot )

Step 8

Step 8 : Sit back and watch your cash rolling In.

The Last Step

Step 9 : Post Your payment proof at the thread from wherever you bought This eBook.

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