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Our Anti-Corruption
Heroes Mr Nikol Pashinyan
and Dr. Armen Sarkissian
Join our choice at
#AntiCorruptionAward 2020

Dear all,
This is our first Special Edition since the
creation of our movement’s Newsletters
#AfterApril24th2015 in December 2016.
We are using this tool to inform you
about an anti-corruption organization
called Transparency International based
in Germany.
Transparency International gives voice to
the victims and witnesses of corruption.
As a global movement with one vision,
they want a world free of corruption.
Since 2000 Transparency International
Anti-Corruption Award rewards the
courage and bravery of individuals who
fight corruption. There are many
organizations in the world who reward
heroes of our times.
What makes this Award so special is that
the public is invited to submit the name/s
of her/ his hero to the Organization, this
year by 16 March 2020 Midnight (CET).
In April 2020 a jury will then review and
select potential candidates. The winner/s
will be announced during the 19th
Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea
from 1-5 June 2020.
To submit the name of your nominee/s
please just click on the following link: .
As independent thinkers, our team has
submitted the names of our actual
leaders. We present the reasons for our
nominations as follows:
My nominees, our Anti-Corruption
Heroes Prime Minister NIKOL
PASHINYAN and President of


should receive the 2020 Anti-Corruption
Award for Armenia’s Velvet Revolution
that took place between 31 March - 8
May 2018. A revolution first launched by
Nikol Pashinyan to fight and stop 30
years of corruption, bribery and secret
deals in Armenia. In his fight against
corruption, Pashinyan was harassed,
threatened, he was beaten, arrested and
jailed by the various corrupt governments
that were in power. During the Velvet
Revolution of April 2018, Pashinyan
succeeded in winning the people’s
support, the international opinion and
then finally he got backed by President
Armen Sarkissian. All Armenians unified
supported Pashinyan and Sarkissian. As
the world was watching, millions
gathered in the capital of Yerevan/
Republic Square to bring down and stop
a corrupt political, economic and social
system. The Revolution succeeded!
The country entered a new democratic
era! The positive impact of the
Revolution is huge on all Armenians. The
courage of our two leaders is a source of
inspiration for all of us. Today, their
transparency policy proves corruption
can be fought in our country and that
soon corruption, in all its disgusting and
horrible forms, will stop in Armenia. Our
leaders continuously address corruption
in the political debate. They fight the role
of big money in our financial system.
They bring to justice those responsible
for 30+ years of corruption. They fight
for our people’s rights. They implement
preventive measures to fight corruption.
They brought back the freedom of
expression. They are changing our
country for the better. Their commitment
will live well after them for they are
coaching our independent nation to
follow their footsteps which carry
honorable values. Awarding our leaders
will not only motivate my people, it will
inspire other nations to do as Armenia
does. To stand up against corruption
peacefully but firmly and with
And thus, the Velvet Revolution deserves
international recognition. Pashinyan’s
and Sarkissian’s engagement to fight
corruption in our country is exemplary.
Its huge collective strength has only just
And thus, dear Armenians, we hope you
will join us and seize this special
opportunity to reward our leaders. Other

Hors Série
than writing comments on social Medias
that get lost in a sea of emotional
International empowers us to take a
responsible and constructive step to
honor our leaders and their amazing work
for our nation. Altogether, let us voice the
names of our leaders and who knows…
make our leaders be the winners of the
2020 Transparency International AntiCorruption Award.
Supporting the names of our leaders will
send a strong message of collective
solidarity, unity and deep gratitude. And
we all know the benefice of recognition.
It will only empower our Magic Leaders
to work even harder and stronger to free
our country from the evils of the past and
guarantee us that the enemies of the past
will never ever come back to power.
Submitting the names of our leaders will
empower you and your family, it will
unify our collective will to back our
leaders and our beloved country to the
outside world.
Fighting corruption in our country is one
major action. Having the support from
the outside is also a very important tool.
Armenia needs European friends more
than ever. This Award is a very
constructive way to introduce our leaders
and people to an organization that surely
values the Armenian Velvet Revolution
of 2018 more than ever.
Should anyone need assistance in filing
out the canvas on the website in English,
please, do not hesitate to contact us via
our email:
Thank you for sharing this Special
Edition all around the world!
God bless you all.
With love and passion.
Always yours Marie and Team

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© 2020 Writer & Editor Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and Armenia. All rights reserved.

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