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Because of the current situation, this text was drafted in a hurry. It is intended for people on the
spectrum of autism living independently. It was written between Monday 16th of March and
Thursday 19th of March and was published on the 20th March 2020. Some of the advice provided
in this book may no longer be applicable depending on the guidelines imposed by the government.
The terms "certain PAS", "certain IPs", "certain PMDs", "certain PAS/I/MDs" (for "certain
individuals on the autism spectrum and/or isolated and/or mentally disordered") have been adopted
for ease of reading. Their use will be justified if necessary.
The term "mental disorder" refers to illnesses and disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder,
Eating Disorder, GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder),
Borderline Personality Disorder, etc.
This text is not a therapy but has been validated by a neuropsychologist specializing in CBT. I
would like to thank Florian Gatto for his verification.
This text was written in french. I would like to thank Jessica Chambers and Virginie Rousset for
their english translation.

It is forbidden to :
- Reproduce this work without the name of its author.
- Sell this book. It was not written for profit but in the hope of helping the confined daily life of an
audience in difficulty.
- Plagiarize this text and make it your own.
It is advised to :
- Share this text as much as possible, making it public
- To have the persons concerned read it and invite them to specify their needs using the points raised
- Contact a doctor if you have any doubts about a given situation. This text is not a medical
accompaniment and does not replace the opinion of a specialist.
It is not advised to :
- Make decisions for those concerned, except in cases of mortal danger.
- Administer or take medication without medical advice.
- To consider this book as a self-diagnostic tool (beware of the Barnum effect!)