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Everything you need to know
about our IPTV services !

Our team of iptv support will answer gladly all your questions; if you didn’t find your
need about IPTV services in this page please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

IPTV is a service that allows you to watch TV only over a broadband
connection ADSL, fiber or 4G.
The IPTV does not need a Cable or satellite, a simple internet connection is enough or
a 4G coverage.As you can also benefit from our IPTV service on any device:
Smartphone-Tablet- Smart TV Samsung-Smart TV LG…
Our services are not located to a special area, so you can use them all over the world.
Our EXPRESSIPTV offer covers more than 3000 HD channels from different


The required network bandwidth differs depending on the quality of the channel or
For HD quality, the minimum recommended is 5 Mbps, for SD quality the minimum is
2 Mbps.
As information we mention for you that our service gives you the choice between SD,
HD and Full HD.

The EXPRESSIPTV Servers are compatible with any Android and iOS device you are
using (Smartphone, Tablet or Television, PC…) via several applications including
While you install your IPTV Plan and enter on the settings bar the IP address, LOGIN
and PASSWORD that will be sent to your email after you have ordered a

The IPTV services that we offer are not specialized with specific countries, Our IPTV
packages only require an internet connection to work, whether in Europe, Africa,
Asia, America and all over the world.

To Order an IEXPRESSIPTV, it requires a simple procedure to follow: Please just go
to the page: PRICING SUBSCRIPTION add Product /subscription package that fits you
to cart then click view cart and Fill the Billing details then Click Proceed to Checkout
and complete your payment.
As IPTV Support team verify your order, will send your subscription to your email as
soon as possible.

No additional fees to be paid during the period of your subscription.

How to activate your IPTV Smart
TV ?

EXPRESSIPTV team presents to you a full instructions on How to set up your
subscription on IPTV Smart TV.
This tutorial will guide you through a simple and effective steps of installation
your LG/ Samsung Smart TV. For more detail you can always check our IPTV
Support or contact us online.
Subscription IPTV offers many IPTV Plans with discounts for your Smart TV device.
1 – Search for the ‘Smart IPTV ’ application on your Samsung/LG TV screen.
2 – Open the Smart TV app.
(You’ll read on your screen that you have a free test of this App for only 7 days, then
you will have to make a donation of 5.49 Euro at this link http://siptv.eu/activation/ to
get a lifetime activation ).
3 – Your MAC Address displayed on your screen, write it down.
4 – Browse to the website http://siptv.eu/mylist/

5 – Enter your MAC Address that you noted before from the Smart IPTV App.
6 – Paste the M3u URL that the EXPRESSIPTV provided to you into the ‘Link’ field.
7 – Click on the ‘Add link’ button than check the reCAPTCHA.

8 – Go back to your TV and Restart the Smart IPTV app.
9 – Your channels list should be loaded.
10 – Enjoy watching over than 4000 channels of movies, series, sports, mangas,
documentaries… With HD/ SD quality from the world wide, also 7000 videos on
demand are available to give you a full entertainment time.

How to activate your IPTV MAG ?
EXPRESSIPTV offers to you full steps on How to set up your subscription on iptv
This tutorial will guide you through a simple and effective steps of installation
your Mag (250/254/256…). Also for more details you can always check our IPTV
Support or contact us online.
EXPRESSIPTV in addition offers many IPTV Plans with discounts for your MAG
device.Those supportive instructions will guide you through the activation of your
Mag Box.
1 – After the main portal screen appears, click on ‘settings’.

2 – Next select and enter the ‘System settings’.

3 – Click on ‘Servers’.

4 – Choose and Press option ‘Portals’.

5 – In the ‘Portal 1 name’ line enter a portal name and in the ‘Portal 1 URL’ enter
portal url.
Therefore for the activation of our iEXPRESSIPTV on your MAG box, you must send
us with your order the MAC address found on the label behind the box, the activation
is done entirely remotely, just after activation, we will send you a URL link that you
have to put on your PORTAL, as in the photo below:

6 – Finally when you complete select and click ‘OK’ to save the changes.
7 – Click ‘EXIT’ on the remote control after the settings are being saved .
8 – Consequently you have to to reboot the box. Choose option ‘OK’ to make the
changes applied.
9 – Enjoy watching over than 4000 channels with HD quality from the world wide.

How To Install IPTV On Amazon
Fire Stick

Set up SMART IPTV on Amazon Firestick After it’s been
removed from the store
For most of you who do not have a Smart TV, but really excited about how
nice IPTV looks on Smart TVs. The easiest solution to install IPTV would be Amazon
Fire Stick.
Fire Stick has the Android operating system that gives you the Smart TV features so
you could install apps.
Instructions to install the Fire Stick are easy and quick: You only have to plug into
your TV HDMI port, change your TV source to the HDMI port you have plugged the
Fire Stick and then turn the stick on. You`ll see Fire Stick booting up.
Almost one month ago, it used to be simple to install SMART IPTV on the firestick.
Just doing a search on the Amazon Firestick Store and your SMART IPTV will be
Unfortunately, Amazon takeover Firestick to remove the SMART IPTV from its store.
So, Amazon is no longer updating the app automatically from the Amazon Apps
Store. The good news is that You can manually install the latest app version using
direct APK download link in Downloader app (Browser mode) on Fire TV device.
Please follow these steps to get back your IPTV using the smart IPTV app.

In order to install apps from outside Amazon’s Appstore, you’ll need to enable a
setting first “sideloading process”.
* Go to the Fire TV homepage, then navigate all the way to the Settings tab on the far
right. Highlight “Device,” then “Developer Options.”

* Highlight “Apps from Unknown Sources,” then press the center button. Select “Turn
on” on the warning screen.

After you enabled the feature of installing new apps, you have a few options for doing
that: use an Android phone to load them, browse the web from your Fire TV, or load
them from a cloud storage service like Dropbox.
We will go toward the second option, which is from the web, that’s been more
required from the clients.


* Go back through the Settings menu until you get to the Fire TV home page. Then,
using the Search tool on the far left, search for “Downloader.” Highlight the result
below to get to the app page on the Amazon Appstore.
The Downloader app is used to download the SMART IPTV APK file.
* First OPEN the downloader and click browser option on the left, then enter the URL
of your APK.
You can check the SMART IPTV APK on their website.
* The Downloader app will automatically begin the installation process.
Highlight and select “Install” to start, then “Done” to finish. Your app will appear on
the home page and under “Apps.”
When you have installed Smart IPTV app it gives you 7 days to try it so its best to buy
the app for just 5.49$ for lifetime access, before your 7 days run out.
Now you will need to register an IPTV service, the best way to choose
which IEXPRESSIPTV that will suit your needs, is to get a trial first, here are our full
IPTV service trials that we suggest for you.

How To Setup IPTV On Perfect

Perfect Player Setup Guide
Welcome to a new tutorial that will show you how to install IPTV on Perfect Player.
Perfect Player is an Android application that simulates a set-top box which can be
used for streaming IPTV channels on your favorite devices such as tablets,
smartphones, and Smart TV.
The perfect player is a free application to install through both the Amazon Fire
TV App Store and Google Play Store. You won’t need to load it from an unknown
source since it is already available in these popular app stores.
If for any reason, Perfect Player is no longer available in the Amazon App store. You
may install this app by using the Downloader app or Download Manager within ES
In order to use Perfect Player, you must have both the M3U URL and EPG URL of your
IPTV provider. Otherwise, you can only put the M3u link if the EPG file is not
available. You will input both of these URLs into the settings panel of Perfect Player
to configure it correctly.
Please note, this application doesn’t include any IPTV channels. In order to add IPTV
channels, you must add your own m3u playlist inside the settings section.

How To Setup IPTV On Perfect Player Tutorial
For this IPTV tutorial, we are going to use a simple m3u link as an example.
When inputting the following m3u link into the Perfect Player Settings, you will
replace the xxx with your account username and password. Most of the IPTV
services will probably provide similar links and you should be able to find
your IPTV details on email.
M3U URL: Replace the xxx with your account username and password
Once Perfect Player has been configured, you will enjoy a friendly user interface, with
many options that can be changed within the settings tab as you want. Like the multilanguage support for Franche, English, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, and
If you received the EPG URL from the IPTV provider, you will have the ability to
mark IPTV channels as favorites within the EPG, which allows for quick channel
Perfect Player supports both M3U and XSPF playlist formats and most IPTV services
use one or the other. It also supports XMTLV and JTV formats for the electronic
program guide (EPG).
Step 1. Begin By Downloading The Application Onto Your Device.

Step 2. Once The Application is downloaded on your device. Open It.

Step 3. Scroll Over to the Settings Scroll Wheel HighLighted in Purple.

Step 4. Click On General Which Will Then Bring Up The Screen Below.

Step 5. Select Playlist and enter the following Link:

IMPORTANT: You’ll want to replace xxx with your assigned username and
Step 6. Once you entered the entire link and replaced xxx with your assigned
username and password then press next.
Step 7. Now head back to the main menu and wait for the channels to upload.

How to activate your IPTV VLC
Media Player?
VLC VideoLan media player use IPTV stream to watch TV programs from around the
world. Normally, IPTV is viewed with the media player on the IPTV website. However,
using the new versions of VLC, you can listen to the IPTV TV via the VLC player if you
set up the player correctly.
Download free VLC player for Videolan.org operating system.
IPTV VLC Media Player is a great program if you want to stream Live TV from your
Mac in addiction to your PC.

1 – Download and Install VLC media player.
2 – Open the VLC application.
3 – At the very top of the program, click on the tab MEDIA.
4 – Select and open Network Stream.
5 – Past in the M3U URL of your iEXPRESSIPTV that we previously sent you via email.
6 – Wait till the entire Channels load and as consequence your channels are available
7 – Choose a channel to get your daily shows as a result.
8 – Enjoy watching over than 4000 channels/ 7000 VODS with HD quality from the
world wide.

How to activate your IPTV
This tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for an IPTV Android( Box
IPTV ) subscription. To be able to use your iptv playlist you will need to install a
controller application. There are many apps to play IPTV on Android phone available
in App Store.
Also it is up to you to choose between the paid for app or a free one.
However, EXPRESSIPTV will suggest a few apps for you, but you can always use
another android application:
Premium IPTV
Perfect Player IPTV
This tutorial is based on the free app called ‘GSE SMART IPTV’. This iptv android
app support automatic live and VOD playlist including EPG and movie info. Also EPG
XMLTV format (local and remote file support, xml, zip, gz formats)…
1 – Open your App Store and search for ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’, install and run the
2 – Select and open the settings menu and click on ‘REMOTE PLAYLISTS’.
3 – Before choosing ‘Add M3U URL’ option click into the ‘+’ button.
4 – Enter your subscription name into the ‘Playlist name’ field
(Example: subscription-iptv.com)
5 – After, it’s better to clean all existing data and any spaces out of the Playlist Link
field and enter your new playlist URL because you might face technical problems.
6 – Click on the ‘Add’ button, after on the ‘subscription-iptv.com’ service provided by
us from ‘Remote Playlists’ to start consequently watching your amazing shows.

How to set up your IPTV KODI?
In this tutorial we will present carefully how to install IPTV KODI. Most people run
Kodi on either Mac or Windows. However, Kodi also works on Android, iOS, Linux or
using it as a stand-alone operating system by installing KodiBuntu.

The instruction set up will explain how to use the newest version: Kodi v17.3
1 – We have to choose a PVR IPTV Simple Client which means a basic PVR add-on for
Kodi support play m3u playlists, streaming iptv, radio channels and EPG.
2 – To start navigate to the home screen of Kodi 17, click on TV and choose Enter
add-on browser.
3 – At the new tab select PVR IPTV Simple Client.
4 – To enable PVR client we have to set up a few configurations, so click on
5 – Click on General.
6 – You can set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address) if you have a URL m3u
7 – Then click on M3U Play List URL.
8- If you still didn’t get your own m3u url from any iptv service. We suggest for you
our EXPRESSIPTV to activate it with your iptv kodi. We provide 3000 channel iptv
and 7000 vods.You can get a Free IPTV Trial.
Next enter the URL iptv channels of your M3U Play List and click OK.
If you have an M3U text file stored locally you can choose the Location to Local Path
(include Local Network).
9 – Select M3U Play List URL, than navigate to your m3u file where the file is saved

and choose it.
10 – After you determined your m3u file select OK then click on Enable button.

Few seconds before you can Enjoy your self with our IPTV channels
11 – A notification of channels loaded at the top.
12 – When the program finished loading all the files, you need to restart Kodi. After
the restart of the app navigate back to TV and then to ‘Channels’.
13 – As a result all Channels should be listed now. You can see a bar on the right side
where you can see information about the channels: Which Show is playing, also how
long the show plays.
14 – If you want to pick up a package that you want to display, press ‘Options’ button
to get more expanded options and click on ‘Group’ to filter the TV Packages.
You will have the ability to use ALL Channels or choose VODS (Video on Demand)
provided from EXPRESSIPTV and pick specific show.
15 – That’s it! You’re finished! I hope you have learnt from our tutorial. Enjoy all your
movies, series, documentaries.

How To Setup STB Emulator On
An Android

Setup STB Emulator Android for IPTV
Enjoying a great IPTV service is a nice thing to have to watch your favorite TV shows,
movies, and sports. From channels to VODs an IPTV provider can stream straight to
your device the things you want to watch. In the past, special devices called MAG
boxes needed to be purchased to decode an run the IPTV protocols and play
video streams.
These days this can be emulated in software with a MAG emulator.
Set-top boxes are a great way to enjoy your IPTV experience with services like IPTV
subscription. MAG boxes like (250, 255, 256…) are still popular and can be bought,
but if you already have an Android TV box or smartphone running an Emulator such
as STB EMU can also be done.
This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for setup STB

‘STB Emulator’ can emulate the following IPTV set-top boxes:
IPTV Set-top Box Support
MAG 200 Yes MAG 245 Yes MAG 250 Yes…

Installing STB Emu is easy by going to the Google Play Store.
StbEmu (Free)
StbEmu (Pro)
1- The first time it starts a box will come up click on Configure Application.

2- The Settings page will come up go to Profiles.

3- Go to Profile Name.

4- Change the name to the IPTV Provider you are using.
5- Next go to Portal Settings.
6- Click on Portal URL.
7- However, each IPTV service will have a unique Portal URL that needs to be
8- Next go to STB Configuration.

9- Select the STB Model.

10- Select the MAG box Version to Emulate. The MAG box compatibility will also be
from your IPTV provider.
If in doubt select MAG 254 as it has wide compatibility.
11- Then, select Screen Resolution

12- Set the screen resolution to Auto unless you are sure about your TVs resolution.
13- Next Select MAC address

14- Enter your unique MAC address. This can be taken from another box or the IPTV
service can give you one.
17- Click out and EXIT
18- Finally, reopen STB EMU which may take a few minutes to load up the new

How To Setup IPTV On IOS Using

Stream IPTV to all your iOS devices!
If you own, any Apple device, be it iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV, this document is for
This tutorial will guide you step by step through the setup of GSE IPTV for an Apple
iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple TV to get your IPTV on ios.
There are a few of these available in App Store, however, this IPTV tutorial is based
on a free app called ‘GSE IPTV’, this app is free to download and use.

Option 1 to install IPTV on ios
1: Start by downloading the GSE IPTV App from App Store
2: On the top left corner click on the 3 li

to open the main menu.

3: Go to the “Xtream Codes API”.
4: Click the “+” at the top right corner of your screen.
5: Go to the “Xtream Codes API”.

6: Click the “+” at the top right corner of your screen.

7: Now you need to fill in the entries as instructed below:
Playlist name: You can place any name (exp: EXPRESSIPTV)
Server name: Here you must apply the server name provided by your IPTV distributor
(Check our IPTV plans)
Username: Enter the username provided by your IPTV distributor.
Password: Enter the password provided by your IPTV distributor.

Now Everything is ready and you can start watching Live TV.

Option 2 to install IPTV on ios
2: On the left side, at the top click the 3 lines to open the menu.
3: Go To “remote playlist” and hit the “+” symbol in the top right.
4: Name the m3u playlist as you prefer, for example, EXPRESSIPTV
5: Then enter your m3u playlist you get from your account, for example,
6. Click “add”.
7. Now open the playlist you named.
8. Pick your channel and start streaming.

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