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1295, Rue Provost
Lachine, Québec
H8S 1N7

EMPLOYMENT OFFER : Chief Animal Health Technician
STATUS : Permanent/Full Time
The Lachine Veterinary Clinic inc. is currently looking for a Certified Animal
Health Technician to fill the full time and permanent position of Chief Animal
Health Technician starting now.
The Chief Technician reports to the Clinic’s General Manager and will work under
her supervision and that of the Medical Director.
• Hold an Animal Health Technician D.E.C. or its equivalent ;
• Minimum of 3 years of experience in a Veterinary Clinic ;
• Speak and write fluently French and English languages ;
• Experience and interest in/for management are an advantage ;
• Experience with exotic animals is an advantage but not a requirement.
Candidate aptitudes
• Love for animals and the Veterinary Profession ;
• Passion for customer service ;
• Professionalism ;
• Sense of responsibility ;
• Initiative.
Job description
• Usual Animal Health Technician tasks ;
• Supervision of the Technical Team ;
• Management and continuous improvement of Standard Operating Procedures ;
• Management of the Medical inventory ;
• Maintenance of the Medical equipment ;
• Any related tasks.

Working conditions
The salary offered will take into account the candidate experience as well as his
or her potential and aspirations.
• Dynamic work environment promoting communication, team work and
innovation ;
• Very competitive salary ;
• Joining a group insurance plan ;
• 3 weeks annual vacation ;
• $1000 annual budget for Continuing Education;
• Signature bonus available.

About the Lachine Veterinary Clinic
Promote the human-animal bond by ensuring animal welfare and wellbeing
with a modern and high quality Veterinary Médecine and proximity
Veterinary Services customized to the client’s and patient’s needs while
giving the employees a stimulating workplace conducive to personal and
professional development.
• Respect ;
• Work ethics ;
• Compassion.
While treating a majority of dogs and cats, we also attend to the care of exotic
animals (rabbits, ferrets, rodents and reptiles).
During these difficult times of pandemic and confinement, we are proud to offer
essential services that respect and promote the Public Health guidelines with
strict and thorough biosecurity protocols and responsible business practices.

For any question regarding that employment offer or to submit your candidacy,
please contact Mme Caroline Ferron, General Manager at 514-634-4190 or by
E-Mail :

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