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Hi the Halfs!
Yes, this is the long-awaited newsletter …
For obvious reasons that you all can imagine, it is with regret that we inform
you that the Half Ton Class Europe has decided to cancel the Half Ton Classics
Cup in Cowes this year (26-31 JUL 2020).
Even if the actual restrictions were to be lifted next week, which we all hope
but which will not occur, we would not have decided otherwise. Out of respect
for the many thousands of casualties in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, out of
respect for their families, out of respect for all health care personnel, … we will
simply not go out and have fun while a large part of the country is mourning
their deads.
We are sure you will all understand…

Nevertheless… we also have good news to announce:

Cowes 2020 is dead, long live Cowes 2021!
Yes indeed, please mark the date of the next Half Ton Classics Cup in your
nautical (and other) agendas:

19 - 23 JUL 2021
That week the European halftonners will all meet again for an unforgettable
week in the Solent! And for the die-hards amongst you… our week is followed
by the traditional Cowes Week, so some nice opportunities at hand there!

2020 Regatta Calendar for Halftonners
As to what the local sailing calendars are concerned, the HTCE proposes that as
soon as all restrictive measures are lifted and regatta sailing allowed again, the
local representatives get in touch with their local herd, and make a draft of
such a local calendar. In Belgium f.i. thi scalendar will concentrate around some
local regattas in Nieuwpoort and the mid-September event in Ostend.
In Ireland no doubt that David Cullen will unite the local fleet to take part in the
Wave Regatta, Massimo and Domenico will certainly do the same in Italy.

Ze Newzzz from ze Class…

Well you know… the thing with websites is that… well… they sometimes need a
total make-over, which is time-consuming of course. We are working very hard
on it! We are glad that we can count on Thomas from Half Duke!
The presentation made during last November’s AGM will be published on the
new website, as well as the Class Rules and all actual newletters.

Stay in touch &
Keep safe!
Philippe – Laurent - Bert

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