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A CONFERENCE in Lusaka, 27-28 October 2020
In recent years, Zambia has undergone climate change which brought poorly distributed rains, irregular rainy
seasons, thus causing periods of drought. Despite having 40% of the water resources in the Southern African
Development Community (SADC), its heavy dependency on hydro power (more than 90% of its electricity
producEon) has resulted in an energy deficit and longer load shedding.
This situaEon is affecEng all sectors of the economy, from heavy industry to small business, as well as domesEc
users. To fill the gap between supply and demand, to ensure the sustainability of the sector in the future,
public insEtuEons and the private sector must act and work together. They have to be actors of the
diversificaEon by developing renewable energies on a larger scale (solar, wind power, biomass, …).
During the United NaEons Climate Change Conference COP-21 which took place in Paris in November 2015,
France pledged to spend billions on renewable energy projects in Africa. Many French companies have since
developed their acEviEes on the conEnent and scale up their operaEons in renewables in Zambia.
As a follow-up to the Economic Conference on ‘DiversificaOon of the Zambian Economy – PerspecOve for
foreign investors’ organized in September 2019, the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) is
planning - with the support of the Embassy of France and the Ministry of Energy in Zambia- a two-day
conference on renewable energies in October 2020. The diversificaEon into the energy sector has become a
major economic and environmental stake for the country.
The French Ambassador to Zambia - and Honorary FZCC President - intends to highlight the work of French
companies involved locally in the renewable energy sector. No such conference has taken place since 2016.
Date: 27-28 October 2020
Venue: TBC, Lusaka
Day 1:
Speeches & presentaEons by The Minister of Energy (Hon. Mathew Nkhuwa) and French/Zambian officials &
Press Briefing with our main sponsors & Hon. Minister of Energy,
Visit of the sponsors exhibiEon stands by the Minister of Energy and the French Ambassador,
ThemaEc panel discussions
Day 2:
ExhibiEon & Focus on private sector,
Round tables, ThemaEc presentaEons & Business to Business meeEngs
Closing speech by the French Ambassador & Cocktail

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