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For Immediate Release

Launch of the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) &
French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Popula?on
during the COVID 19 crisis

Lusaka, 12 May 2020 (French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce) - France has just started
implemen<ng phase one of deconfinement, to enable companies to restart opera<ng and
the economy to reopen. In Zambia, the President has said that, since over 70% of domes<c
businesses are informal, only a par<al lockdown has been installed. The government is
adjus<ng the measures according to the daily evolu<on of the pandemic.
For the FZCC and the French Embassy it is essen<al to be proac<ve during the present
Covid-19 crisis. The event on May 12th is part of the French business community strategy to
accompany the Zambian government and contribute to the effort to support the economy
and the employment.
This joint ini<a<ve by the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) and the French
Embassy aims to:

highlight the ini<a<ves and contribu<ons by French companies and FZCC members to
the Zambian popula<on;

contribute to Zambians conserving jobs during the crisis through support to

Encourage all companies to be proac<ve while respec<ng the safety guidelines from
the French and Zambian Governments.

The first ac<on of the campaign is a press conference at the French Residence on May 12th
to present the joint dona<on made by the French corporates to Zambian communi<es
located within and outside Lusaka.
Issued by the French - Zambian Chamber of Commerce.
In annex find list of dona<ons, donors and beneficiaries.
For interviews and queries, please contact
FZCC at 0967 210 803 or 0966 792 671
Facebook : @fzcczambia
Twitter : @fzcczambia
Website :

NEOEN: 200 reusable masks + 1,300 masks + 450 hand sani<zers + Medicine & others
Total value of K 171,700 for Shatumbu community
CFAO: 500 masks + Medicine
Total value of K 590,000 for Beit Cure Hospital
LAFARGE: 1,000 masks + 180 hand sani<zers 450ml
Total value of K 17,950 for Chilanga/Mapepe community
ENGIE Power Corner: reusable masks + hand sani<zers
Total value of USD 1,500 for Chitandika village, Chipangali district (Eastern province)
CMA-CGM: reusable masks + hand sani<zers
Total value of USD 1,500 for Kabwata village and Matero orphanage
RAZEL-BEC: 800 reusable fabric masks
Total value of K 28,000 for Siavonga community
BUREAU VERITAS: 400 reusable fabric masks (per month)
Total value of K 14,000 (per month) for company’s workers on the field
AGS: 400 fabric masks + 440 other masks + 120 hand sani<zers 400 ml + 360 hand sani<zers
70 ml + 500 gloves + 180 liquid soaps
Total value of K 23,420 for Kanyama Hospital

A TOTAL DONATION of USD 48,820 equivalent

Guest list:
- H.E. Sylvain Berger, Ambassador of France
Mr Alexandre Degré, Execu<ve Director
Mr Aubin Gaborit
- Bureau VERITAS
Mr Alex Ehui, Country Chief Execu<ve
Mr Elias Mwale, Sales Director and cer<fica<on business development manager
Mr Dino Bianchi, Country Delegate and Automo<ve CEO
Mr Steve Hij (Execu<ve Director, Beit Cure Hospital)
Mr Benjamin Coston, Managing Director
Mr Betraben Mwandila (Secretary, Kabwata village)
Mr Jus<n Silubilo (Board member, Kabwata village)
Mr Chaka Buhendwa, Country Manager
Mr Bap<ste Fouillet, Sales Manager
Dr Wilson Mbewe (Superintendent, Kanyama Hospital)
Mrs Jane Botha, (Nursing Officer, Kanyama Hospital)
Ms. Ines Duclairoir, Business Development Manager
Mr Manda Joel Mwale, Asset Manager
Mrs. Mukabanji Mutanuka, Country Manager
Mr Augus<ne Chileshe (Chipangali Clinical Care Officer)
Mr Xavier Compere, Company representa<ve
Mrs. Judith Phiri, NGO/Families are Na<ons (Chilanga/Mapepe community)
- Lighpoot Zambia
Mrs. Gillie Lighpoot, Managing Director

Beneficiaries and representa?ves

NEOEN: Shatumbu communi<es
CFAO: Beit Cure Hospital (Steve Hij, Execu<ve Director)
LAFARGE: Chilanga community (Mrs Judith Phiri - NGO “Families are Na<ons”)
ENGIE Power Corner: Chitandika village, Chipangali district / Eastern province (Mr Augus<ne
Chileshe, Chipangali Clinical Care Officer)
CMA-CGM: Kabwata cultural village, (Mr Betraben MWANDILA , Secretary and Jus<n
SILUBILO, Board member) / Matero Orphanage
RAZEL-BEC: Siavonga community
BUREAU VERITAS: company’s workers on the field
AGS: Kanyama Hospital (Dr Wilson Mbewe, Superintendent, Mrs Jane Botha, Nursing

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