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So many things to do.
Poor Deborah caught a cold and must stay in bed. Look at
the things that she did and complete the phrases.
1. Deborah was stuck at home and she was sad because she couldn’t
2. She ____________________________________________________ so she could look nice.
3. She ______________________________________ so her new dress wouldn’t get dirty.
4. She _____________________________________________________________ in advance.
5. She _________________________________ that they would see after the party.
6. All the preparation was in vain.
Deborah wanted to: go to her friend’s party, bought a new dress, got a ticket for the movie,
cleaned her bicycle, did her chores
What about you? What to do you like or have to/must do. Write the phrases in the diagram below.
You can add to this list.
I like…

I have to/must…

Clean/cleaning your room

Buy/buying new clothes

Go/going to school

Do/doing homework

Live/living in a city

Get/getting lost



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