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Personal Insurance

Protect Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Home or away, we
got you covered
In Zambia, it’s a necessity to have either building
insurance for homeowners or contents insurance for
tenants, so it makes sense to choose the best policy to
suit your individual needs.

Personal Lines (For You)
1. Home Insurance
• House Owners
Buying, building or
renovating your house is
the biggest investment
you’ll ever make. It
may be a financial
decision, but your house
represents much more
than money. It’s a home,
a place where memories
are made. So you’ll want
to protect your assets
as much as you can. We
make sure that you, your
family, your home and its
contents are protected
from the unexpected.

This provides cover against losses and damages to
an individual’s house and to assets in the home. It
also provides liability coverage against accidents in
the home or on the property.
• House Holders
This provides cover against losses and damages to
house hold contents including theft.
2. Car
• Motor comprehensive
This provides cover against loss of or damage to
the vehicle and indemnity against all sums legally
liable to pay to other parties for death, bodily injury, property damage or loss of use arising from use
of the vehicle.
• Motor Full Third Party
This covers the insured’s legal liability for death/
disability of third-party loss or damage to the
third-party property.

3. Travel Insurance
This protects you and your family
when you travel abroad for travel
delays, cancellations and unexpected
medical expenses.
4. Personal Accident
This provides cover in the event of
accidental death or injury.

Visit us today at our Head office or at any of our branches.

Swan General Insurance Company Zambia Limited
Head Office, Insurance Park, Alick Nkhata Road, PO Box 37041, Lusaka, Zambia | T (260) 0211 253739 | C (260) 0957 673070
Kitwe, Saturnia House, 1st Floor, Plot 300 Corner Independence & Freedom Avenue Kitwe, Zambia | T (260) 0212 220069
Chingola, Stand No. 69, Kabundi Road, Chingola, Zambia | T (260) 0212 310133
Livingstone, Falls Park, Stand No. 2090, Unit 4 Livingstone, Zambia | C (260) 7625 83193

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