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And that's when the battery of my camera fails! I put it on charge, but in the meantime I keep disassembling. The armature is
firmly blocked by the bearing in the front flange, and its housing is blind. I put a screwdriver in the hole of the shaft on the
launcher side, I put the whole thing, pressed via the screwdriver, and I manage to take out the armature by hitting the casing,


While waiting for the battery to be charged, I measure the bearings. The one on the brush side has exotic dimensions, like
15x37x9, unknown at SKF. But after cleaning with petrol the old dry grease that almost blocked it, it turns freely and without
play. Moreover, it would be quite difficult to extract it, so I will leave it after a careful re-greasing. The launcher side bearing is
a 17x40x12, SKF 17 6203 (and 2RS1 if you want to seal it). But it is also in very good condition, and it will be reused after a
good greasing.





Then I carefully clean all the parts, I pass a blade between the collector's slats and I finish it by painting it. The battery APN
being charged, I am ready for the family photo :



The carcass is so clean that it's a shame to paint it, I console myself by telling myself that like that it would rust quickly!
The brushes and their holders are as good as new