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The "expansion tank" designed by Andre!!! and the petrol feed.

We film our tests with two cameras (I'll put a few videos, I still have to do the editing but it's getting late ...) and ... nothing to
do, it doesn't start!
We check everything, the carburettor drips a little when we put it under pressure with the pear of the tank from André's boat,
but nothing serious. We have a nice spark on the 4 plugs, but nothing, not even a "poof". We try different ignition timing
advance, from 22° to 17°, but nothing works.
In desperation, I open the magneto bakelite cover to check the position of the carbon brush going to the No4 spark plug, and
there, a huge surprise: instead of being in front of the cylinder 1 spark plug when the TDC ignition mark of cylinder 1 is in the
small window of the magneto and the flywheel is correctly set on the ignition of cylinder 1, the carbon is in front of cylinder 4!
Moreover, the rotor turns on our magnetos clockwise (and the contacts counter-clockwise) seen from the contacts side,
whereas it should turn counter-clockwise (and the contacts clockwise) according to the markings on the bakelite distributor
and all the documents consulted for the setting (like this one)..
Intense though, what is this mess ?
And I come to the following conclusion:
1) the documentation shows the armature and rotor on the drive side and not on the contacts side, (or else magnetos that
turn "left"). This could have been seen by turning the motor by hand. But above all, the rotor cover does not correspond to
our magnetos, since they show 1 2 3 4 anti-clockwise!!
2) in the documents, the cylinders are numbered from the rear (1) to the front (4) of the car (I should have suspected it
because the original punch on the camshaft concerns the TDC explosion of the first cylinder towards the rear of the car). So
the rear of the group on the C3 is supposed to be in front of the car, for a “tractionist” like me it looks weird !!!
So I set the magneto on the first cylinder at the front of the car, instead of the 4th one... but it's just a question of convention
and wire numbering !
But that doesn't change the fact that the numbering on the rotor cover is the opposite of the direction of rotation on our
magnetos ... (information taken later, "our" covers came from magnetos for B2 which would rotate in the other direction, see
below). It doesn't matter, just swap wires 1 and 2, and wires 3 and 4.