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- Nettoyage de la boîte "A"

This poor gearbox has been cowardly abandoned for four years ! The engine has been rebuilt and running since April 2013
(and still in my garage ...), but André does not have much time to take care of his car. It is true that I had promised to rebuild
this gearbox, but the accumulation of various crates of 5HP bits (and others) in the garage did not help my motivation. But I
want to work on the rear axle of the cab , and I need space, it's a vicious circle so ... let’s work!
And to start, I must clean all the disassembled and carefully stored items in small annotated sachets.
Sunday January 24, 2016
I start (at random) with the fork axes and the forks:


Then the secondary gear train (also called intermediate gear) and its shaft:

And finally (for today) the reverse return gear and its shaft:

It takes time ..

Monday January 25, 2016
Continuation of operations ...
Sliding gear of 2nd and direct drive gear (left), first idler gear and reverse gear (right), bearing cage ( dead bearing )

1st and reverse sliding gear (left), 2nd sliding gear and direct drive (right, note the dog clutch for securing the two parts of the
primary shaft in direct drive)

Transmission brake shaft ::


Left fork locking springs:

Right fork locking springs (forgot to take a photo before cleaning ...):


Fork lock cap:

And their ball:

Wednesday January 27, 2016
The pinion trains cleaned (still with the old bearings ...). From left to right, reverse return gear and its shaft; 1st and 2nd sliding
gears on primary shaft; primary shaft (in two parts, in the centre, which had been micro-blasted and restored by Michel );
bearings, cages and bush; Train of second intermediate pinions with its shaft:

Little explanation of how this "compact" gearbox works:
The engine would be at the bottom in the photos (half splined primary shaft driven by the clutch disc).
The movement is always transmitted by the cone of the primary shaft (on the right in the following photos, made of two
interlocking parts ), unlike a traction gearbox where the drive of the differential passes through the secondary shaft.
The rear primary half-shaft (above in the photos) turns in a bronze bush on the front half-shaft. This front half shaft has a fixed
gear (with the bronze bush) always in engagement with the train of secondary (or intermediate) gears.
This fixed gear has dogs to secure the two half shafts via the (2nd and) direct drive gear..
For clarity of the photos, the reverse return gear is placed on the side (except for reverse) ,but it is always engaged on the rear
gear of the intermediate gear train.
(enlarge photos to visualize the movement path)




Second :

Direct drive


(interconnection of the two primary half axes):

Saturday February 13, 2016
Stripping, rust removal, brushing ...






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