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Gege Blog English – 7.1 - DISMANTLING ENGINE B – Demontage moteur B
Monday 17 December 2012


We had already dismantled the distribution cover and the magneto gears to send them to Michel in Italy, the A-engine gears
being irrecoverable: ( See copy of Chapter 6.16 - MAGNETO SPROCKETS - Pignons d'entraînement de la magnéto …. At the end
of this document )


Michel has now asked for the oil pump of engine B in order to compare its flow rate with that of engine A which he has
repaired. While we're at it, we'll take the opportunity to completely dismantle this engine. Since it has been marinized, we
expect to encounter (even) more difficulties than with engine A, and our fears are not unfounded ...

The disassembly order is sometimes a bit different, more by obligation than by choice ...


Monday 14th January 2013




First thing, dismantle the timing gears.

And first surprise, we discover a screw at the end of the crankshaft. We take out the impact screwdriver, for nothing because
this screw is screwed in ... nothing! No thread in the crankshaft

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