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Last pictures : the wires that will be refilled with heat-shrink tubing:


I position the flanges on the carcass to measure the overall length: 150 mm, it will be necessary to find or refabricate the 2
long screws and the 2 nuts which maintain the whole together:


In summary, and at first glance, are missing :

* the two bearings (No problem, it's standard!)
* 2 brush holders (1 big and 1 small) (OK, we bought them!)
* The closing plate of the front bearing (OK, Michel to be made)
* The fan drive pulley (OK, Michel to be made, with a new starter dog!)
* The nut at the end of the armature block side (OK, we found one!)
* The two screws (about 160 mm) and the 2 nuts that hold the flanges on the casing (OK, Michel has refabricated them!)
If not, Michel will rebuild all this (good luck for the brush holders!) (it's done, except the brush holders and the brushes bought
at Dépanoto...) , but photos and precise dimensions would be welcome