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The Kasanka Trust
Founded in 1986 by the late David Lloyd and Gary Williams, the Kasanka Trust was
established to conserve and protect the unique habitats and wildlife of the then largely
depleted Kasanka National Park. The Trust entered into a public-private partnership with
the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to manage Kasanka in 1989. The
partnership was renewed in 2015 for another 15 years. The Trust is a not-for-profit
company registered in Zambia. It is supported by Kasanka Trust UK and Stichting Kasanka
Nederland, both of which have charitable status and are focused on raising funds and
awareness to help our work in Zambia.

Kasanka National Park
Kasanka is the scene of one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth – from October to
December every year about 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats migrate from across central
Africa to a small patch of swamp forest in the centre of the park. They can be witnessed
leaving the forest at dusk against a backdrop of spectacular sunsets and scattered
thunderstorms to feed on bountiful fruit in the surrounding forests. They return from
foraging at dawn, dodging avian predators such as the majestic crowned eagle as they settle
down to roost for the day.
At 470 km2 Kasanka is a relatively small park, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in
diversity. The park was designed around the rich wetlands, floodplains and riverine forest of
several small rivers that bisect the landscape. It is home to an incredible 480 bird species
and 114 mammals, among them the secretive, semi-aquatic sitatunga, and a small but
recovering elephant population.

Our work
The Trust’s work in and around Kasanka National Park is focused on 4 key areas:
Resource Protection
Poaching for bush meat and elephant ivory are a major threat to Kasanka’s wildlife. The
Trust employs up to 30 trained scouts to work with DNPW to provide effective law
enforcement for the park, conducting regular patrols to remove snares and apprehend
poachers. The law enforcement team also works with partners and surrounding
communities to gather information on poaching and other illegal activities to try and keep
one step ahead.

Registered in Zambia as a Public Benefit Company Limited by Guarantee no: 19722
Registered Office: c/o E.G. Pettit, J.J. Lowe Yard, Chandwe Musonda Road, P.O. Box 30974 Lusaka
Directors: C. Kangwa (Chairman), E. Rambeloson, J-M Pavy, A. Pope

Infrastructure Development
Effective management of a national park requires a great deal of infrastructure, from
communications systems to roads, bridges, workshops, offices and housing. The Trust is
constantly investing in improved infrastructure to enhance our management effectiveness,
to ensure the safety of our staff and to offer an unforgettable experience to our guests.
Tourism Development
The Trust manages two lodges, Wasa and Luwombwa, as well as a season self-catering
tented camp and two campsites within the park. Our tourism business operates as a social
enterprise, so every Kwacha earned in revenue is reinvested back into the park. By visiting
Kasanka and staying in our accommodation, you are making a direct contribution to the
conservation of this wonderful landscape. Tourism development is essential for the longterm financial sustainability of Kasanka.
Community Development & Environmental Education
The Trust engages with communities and partners to promote sustainable livelihoods
development to secure alternative sources of income to poaching. We also invest in
environmental education to increase people’s knowledge and understanding of the need to
protect our environment in the belief that this will grow support for the park. The support of
local communities is essential to the Trust’s long-term success.

Kasanka Covid19 Appeal
Fundraising Video
Social Media Channels
• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• YouTube
• Twitter

Registered in Zambia as a Public Benefit Company Limited by Guarantee no: 19722
Registered Office: c/o E.G. Pettit, J.J. Lowe Yard, Chandwe Musonda Road, P.O. Box 30974 Lusaka
Directors: C. Kangwa (Chairman), E. Rambeloson, J-M Pavy, A. Pope

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