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For Immediate Release

Phase 2 of the French Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) and French
Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Popula=on during the
COVID 19 crisis

Lusaka, 9 June 2020 (French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce) – In the wake of the launch of
their campaign to support Zambian economy and popula;on during the Covid-19 crisis
which took place on May 12th, the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) and the
French Embassy are mobilizing a second joint dona;on of PPEs by French and Zambian
companies to Zambian communi;es, at the French Residence on June 9th.
This ini;a;ve by the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC), supported by the
French Embassy, aims to:

highlight the ini;a;ves and contribu;ons by FZCC members to the Zambian

help members of FZCC to con;nue running their business and contribute to
Zambians conserving jobs during the crisis through support to communi;es;

Encourage all companies to be proac;ve during the present Covid-19 pandemic
while respec;ng the safety guidelines from the French and Zambian Governments.

A press conference will be held to present the joint dona;on made by the FZCC members to
Zambian communi;es located within and outside Lusaka.
For the FZCC and the French Embassy it is essen;al to be proac;ve during the present
Covid-19 pandemic. The June 9th event is the con;nuity of the strategy to accompany the
Zambian government and contribute to the effort to support the economy and the
Issued by the French - Zambian Chamber of Commerce.
In annex find list of dona;ons, donors and beneficiaries.
For interviews and queries, please contact
FZCC at 0967 210 803 or 0966 792 671

Facebook : @fzcczambia
Twitter : @fzcczambia
Website :


Bolloré Transport & Logis=cs Zambia : 5,000 surgical masks for Zambia Revenue Authority
Total value K 50,000
Africa Greenco : 580 reusables masks + 360 hand sani;zers 70ml + 120 hand sani;zer 400
ml, for Fountain of Hope, Kamwala
Total value K 27,500
Zamastone : 200 N95 masks, for Maloni community, Lusaka West
Total value K 22,000
Saro Agro Industrial : 5 foot operated hand wash sta;ons, for Isoka Boys Secondary School
Total value K 7,200
Total joint dona=on = K 106,700


FNB Zambia (Dona;on on May 15th) :
- 15,000 masks for FNB communi;es across the country
- 10,000 swabs to be used in the tes;ng process delivered to Ministry of Health

SWAN INSURANCE (Dona;on on May 27th) : 10 hand sta;on 210 liters + 1,000 surgical
masks + 100 liters liquid soap + 480 hand sani;zers 400 ml
Total value of K 30,000 for Zambian Red Cross

Lafarge Zambia PLC (Dona;on on June 1st) :
K 100,000 for the University of Zambia (UNZA) in partnership with Zambian Breweries to
help develop the na;on’s first prototype ven;lator

Copperbelt Energy Corpora=on :
- Test kits for a total value of USD 95,000 for Ministry of Health
- 5,700 washable masks for a total value of K 174,000 for Copperbelt communi;es
- K 10,000 of hand sani;zer and surgical masks for Lumwana Health Centre
Total recent contribu=ons = USD 95,000 + K 314,000

Guest list:

- French Embassy
H.E. Sylvain Berger, Ambassador of France
Mr Loic Granger, Deputy Head of Mission
Ms Marine Anaya
Mr Alexandre Degré, Execu;ve Director
Mr Aubin Gaborit
- Bureau VERITAS
Mr Alex Ehui, Country Chief Execu;ve
Mr Elias Mwale, Sales Director and cer;fica;on business development manager
- Bolloré Transport et Logis;cs Zambia
Mr Olivier Terra, Managing Director
Mr Philippe de la Kethulle
Ms Mushimbei Kathkula
Mr Mukuli Chikuba, Permanent Secretary (Ministry of Finance)
Mr Sydney Chibbabbuka, Commissioner Customs (ZRA)
- Zamastone
Mr Hachem Husseini, General Manager
- Africa Greenco
Mr Emmanuel Ngambi, Team Assistant
Mr Luyando Mooya
- Saro Agro Industrial
Mr Calvin Salah, Marke;ng Manager
- Swan Insurance
Mr Jean-François Cateaux, Chief Execu;ve Officer
Mr Olivier Chellen, Senior Manager
Ms Jere Chimwemwe, Marke;ng Officer
- FNB Zambia
Ms Kapumbe Kaunda, Head Corporate & Investment Banking
Mr Mukuka Mulenga, Marke;ng Manager

Beneficiaries of the day

Bolloré Transport & Logis=cs : Zambia Revenue Authority (customs)
Zamastone : Maloni, Lusaka West
Africa Greenco : Fountain of Hope, Kamwala
Saro Agro Industrial : Isoka Boys Secondary School

Beneficiaries from past dona=ons

FNB Zambia : FNB communi;es across the country, Ministry of Health
Lafarge Zambia PLC : University of Zambia (UNZA), Ministry of Health
Copperbelt Energy Corpora=on : Ministry of Health, Copperbelt communi;es, Lumwana
Health Centre
Swan Insurance : Red Cross

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