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Please pick a membership package and fill in the following with your details.
Membership fees are valid for 1 year from the date of payment.
Rates as of June 1st, 2020

Corporate Membership
$700 New/ $650 Renewal

Ins:tu:onal Membership
$450 New/ $400 Renewal

Small and Medium Membership
$300 New/ $250 Renewal

Individual Membership
$150 New/ $100 Renewal

Company Name :

Full Name :

Email :

Phone Number :

Signature :

Branches and agencies represenPng French companies in Zambia might be eligible for
membership on a case by case basis upon Board approval.
French companies outside Zambia might also be eligible for membership on a case by case
basis upon Board approval, provided that they can provide a cerPficate of company
registraPon of country of origin. They may only aSend the meePngs of FZCC as observers and
will not have the right to vote or be elected to the Board.
Honorary members are individuals who have made or are likely to make a special contribuPon
to the FZCC, and that are invited by the Board to become such members. Honorary members
may aSend Board meePngs and FZCC meePngs as observers, but may not vote or be elected
to the Board.
AssociaPon members are business-related associaPon members and bilateral Chambers of
Commerce. They can be represented by designated representaPves. AssociaPon members
may aSend FZCC meePngs as observers, but may not vote or be elected to the Board. They
cannot be part of the Board and shall not be requested to pay an annual fee.
Corporate members are those with more than 50 employees locally and/ or are an
internaPonally established company.
SME members are those with less than 50 employees locally.
Individual members are self employed, consultants, or students, among others.

Company background informa:on

Number of employees (Tick where appropriate)
o 0-5

o 11-50

o 6-10

o 50+

Company business ac:vi:es (Tick where appropriate)
O AdverPsing / Design / PrinPng / Photography / Media / Digital markePng
O AviaPon / Defence
O Insurance
O Banking / Finance / Investments
O InformaPon Technologies / Computers /So\ware
O Chemicals / Petrochemicals
O Legal
O ConstrucPon / Engineering / Building O Manufacturing
O ConsulPng
O Motor Industry
O CosmePc / Beauty
O EducaPon
O PharmaceuPcals / Medical / Health
O ExecuPve Search / Recruitment
O PublicaPons / Journalism
O Electronics / Electric
O Real Estate
O Energy / Mining
O Retail
O Events Management / MarkePng
O TelecommunicaPons
O Food / Beverages / Spirits OServices
O Tourism / Travel / Leisure
O Hotels / Restaurants
O Transport / Freight Forwarding / Removals
O Import / Export / Trading
O OTHER (please specify):

Who will represent your company at FZCC mee:ngs ?

What are your expecta:ons from your FZCC membership ?

Bank account details :
ZMW 5673027500186, USD 5673027500287, Sort Code 010078, SwiZ Code ZNCOZMLU
Kindly email a copy of your company logo in JPEG, PNG or PDF.
CELL: +(260) 967 210 803, EMAIL: info@fzcc-zambia.com

Thank you very much for your support

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