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Roadmap – Game “The Gates of Time”
Noble knights, you are here because of an error in the dosage of a potion. In order to return
to 1454 you must follow a rigorous process.
Luckily the potion has also transformed your attire, so you will go unnoticed by your
descendants; however, beware of your language: adapt it to the style of 2020!
Normally, during your space-time journey you've been equipped with a 2020 tool, which has
nothing to do with your usual tools and weapons which are the sword, knife and hammer.
It's a thing that makes noise and light, don't be afraid of it, the people of 2020 call it a
"smartphone". This instrument will be very useful for your return in 1454 as well as a nib,
also called a "pen" in 2020.
On this scroll you will find a list of the 13 shops you will have to go to. You should know that
there is no precise order of passage in the shops. At each of them, visible from the outside,
you will find a strange symbol, specific to this modern era, whose name is "flashcode". This
will then give you access to a virtual padlock that you can unlock thanks to a clue in the
window. Once open, let yourself be guided by the information.
The town of Les Sept Collines has changed a lot since 1454, it doesn't look at all like the one
you know, so don't hesitate to ask the ladies and gentlemen in the area for directions.
On this parchment you will find a map on the back and a road map opposite, use it, take
care to note the clues found at each step.
Be careful, to make sure you return in 1454 be rigorous and vigilant.
Course of the game for the players:
1. This game is playable even if the shops are closed.
2. Go to a shop
3. Collect a roadmap, have a smartphone and a pen
4. 4. Start by looking at the window of this first business or go to another one
5. Flash the flashcode in the window to reveal a virtual padlock.
6. Find the riddle and the answer in the shop window or by meeting the shopkeeper.
7. Entering the answer to the riddle in the virtual padlock will unlock the padlock.
8. Going to the place revealed by unlocking the padlock: photo + location clue
9. Finding the Right Element
10. Write down the clue on the road map in front of the shop that brought you to this place.
11. Start over from another business
12. After you have completed the path for each business, carry out the action that will be

IPNS – Thank you for not throwing on the street

Game organized by Les Enthousiastes : collectif.lesenthousiastes@gmail.com - Facebook
And Trésor Ludique : tresorludique@gmail.com - Facebook et Instagram
Game available from 4/07/2020 to 30/08/2020. A draw of the participants (photo to be sent at the end of the game) will be made in September 2020, the shopkeepers will offer
3 gift vouchers to thank you for playing.

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