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FZCC Newsletter April 2020

“Renewable Energy in Zambia - An opportunity for
French Companies”
A two-day conference in October 2020

Dear esteemed member,
Whether you have already registered as a sponsor or have
expressed interest in becoming one, we thank you for supporting
our conference project on renewable energy, which was initially
scheduled for May 26-27.
This conference is now postponed and to be held on 27-28th
October 2020 in Lusaka (venue to be confirmed).
We are continuing the preparations with the Ministry of Energy, the
French Embassy and our prospective sponsors, locally and abroad.
If you wish to become a sponsor, do not hesitate to contact us.
Check our links below:
Concept Note Renewable Energy Conference
Renewable Energy Conference Resource Mobilization
Energy Conference Sponsors Flyer

The FZCC supports its members
Focus on our SME members:
During this Covid-19 pandemic, the French-Zambian Chamber of
Commerce intends to focus and communicate on its SME
It is essential for the FZCC to support all its members during these
uncertain times, especially small and medium businesses, which
are tending to be economically more impacted in the short term and
thus more vulnerable to a loss of activity because of a lack of cash
SMEs need visibility and our role is to show what they are doing
and how they adapt to the situation to keep on operating and
preserve employment.
This month’s focus is on : AGOVA, RUGARE ENTERPRISES, JAM
To assess the Covid 19 consequences on their business, the FZCC
had sent to its 5 members a survey to know better how the crisis
affects their activity and how they manage to face it.

Agova is a Business Development Consultancy. Our services are
customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work
collaboratively with corporates across all sectors to develop growth
strategies and foster the implementation of the strategies.
What makes clients want to work with us ?
We tackle some of the toughest challenges in business in Zambia
by focusing on solving complex social or economic challenges tied
to our client’s business and profitability. This is called a shared
value business strategy and this embodies our expertise as a
We embed ourselves within businesses to do this - which allows us
to sustainably design, test out and implement innovative business
development initiatives and enact change management within the
We take an experimental and empathetic approach to our research
and design work. We use Human Centered Design approaches to
provide solutions that keep the low income stakeholders at the
heart of the process. We are not afraid to experiment and test out
solutions that may fail, knowing this is all a part of finding the right
solution for the client.
We put a heavy emphasis on talent development of our consultants
- we hire, train and manage our consultants so the client can focus
on other tasks. They receive high quality support from Directors
and Managers of Agova, including regular line management,
coaching, regular training sessions and numerous team and skill
building activities.
We leverage the local network that we’ve built over the years of
NGOs, donors and private sector who want to achieve the same
Our culture also stands out from the rest. We encourage
openness and independent thinking. We’re not afraid to talk about
our failures and instead see them as opportunities to learn and
improve. We welcome and look for big ideas and critical feedback
from all levels of an organization - from the cook and cleaner to the
Managing Director. This culture is essential to what makes us
successful - as it spurs the creativity and innovation required to
solve some of the private sector’s toughest challenges.
To have more information about Agova please visit their website !
Click here to see Agova's company profile


Survey :

Did you take special measures during this crisis (organization of work,…)?
What is the impact of the crises on your activity ?
In the early stages of the crisis Agova staff began working from home and adapting our
standard ways of working with our clients by conducting 100% of our meetings online and
finding creative solutions for disrupted activities.
The crisis, however, has significantly affected our projected revenue for the year as large
contracts that were planned to begin in Q1 have been postponed indefinitely, greatly
impacting our cash flow and presenting a significant risk to the job security of our staff.
How has your turnover evolved from the beginning of the crisis ?
How do you manage to keep on operating ?
Due to the postponement of several key pieces of work for 2020 and the substantial
impact the crisis has had on businesses and their ability to engage external support, we
have been forced to reduce the number of working hours for all staff as well as deciding
to make selected staff redundant. This has shifted our operations to enable the company
to more closely tie revenue to expenditure to better manage our cash flows.
Although the crisis has upended quite a bit for our company, we are well placed to work
with both large and small companies remotely to help address the issues they are also
facing both during and post-crisis.

How do you manage for your team to adapt to the crisis ?
How do you preserve employment ?
Given the nature of the work that we do, our team has quickly adapted to the new ways of
working and easily picked up the shift in our services to C19-focused interventions. We
have noted that our team’s agility has allowed us to quickly and effectively make the
necessary changes for daily operations and working with Clients while maintaining high
productivity. Our employees are also contributing to business development to a greater
extent in order to secure revenue in the coming months to avoid additional redundancies.

How do you consider your business post crisis ?
We anticipate an increase in the need for our services as businesses adjust to any
changes in the market and see the value in developing Shared Value business models.
We also anticipate seeing a significant increase in demand for local products and
services, providing growth opportunities for Zambian businesses who will need support in
developing sustainable growth models and strong local networks around the country.
Agova’s expertise in this area allows us to contribute to the success of businesses
responding to these growth opportunities.
Did you benefit from special measures or help by the Government or banks, … ?
We have not benefitted from any government measure as of yet. We hope to see more
pressure being put on the government to consider additional measures that benefit a
wider range of SMEs and lessen the impact the crisis will have in both the long and short

Rugare Entreprises
RUGARE ENTERPRISES LIMITED is a Zambian company that
was registered on 3rd September 2013 and is an “ABB” authorized
distributor and registered channel partner. The Company supplies
and keep stock of Low Voltage ABB Products. Specifically, variable
speed drives (VSD’s). VSD’s is a type of adjustable-speed drive
used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor
speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. It
also prolongs the life of electrical motors.
Our services extends from installation and commissioning of
electrical products, to after sales services such as maintenance
throughout the Drive life cycle or assessment and repair of
damaged Drives.
Currently the company keeps stock of a range between 0.75KW &
250KW VSD’s. Our ABB Drives is sold with an Agripac which
consist of a Control Switch, a Fuse Holder, three Fuses, a
Transducer and some Mylar cable to install. We are able to quote
on any ABB Low Voltage and Electrification products.
The company is owned by Raymond and Marjo Strover and the
company secretary is BDO Zambia Limited.
The company currently employs 4 permanent staff members.
Our Vision is to become the biggest supplier of ABB variable
Speed Drives within Zambia and expand into all industries so
Zambia can optimise in its productivity.
Our mission is to offer the best product and customer service to its
new and existing clients and create and maintain an upstanding
and trusted product line and company reputation
Let us help you optimize your Productivity!
We have the products and services you are looking for
Our Products - We provide ABB products, Nivelco Measuring
equipment, Flowmetrix Measuring equipment, RSI Smart Canopies
Business Guarantee - We provide the best and affordable products
Our Service - We provide training and maintenance on sold

To have more information about Rugare Entreprises visit their
website !
Click here to see Rugare Entreprises flyer
Click here to see Rugare Entreprises products

Survey :

Did you take special measures during this crisis (organization of work,…)?
Employees has been asked to work from home as much as possible. Promoting our
company online and staying in communication with its clients through mails and calls.
Electricians will only be send out on emergency calls. Besides their normal protective
gear, they have to make sure to wear a face mask and have been given hand sanitizer to
carry with them at all time.

What is the impact of the crises on your activity ?
As far as everyone is concerned, it is business as usual for Rugare Enterprises. We
respond to requests and arrange deliveries on orders to the best of our abilities.

How has your turnover evolved from the beginning of the crisis ?
We are relying on our regular customers orders and serving them to our best ability.
However, our best method of marketing is direct marketing, as we need to inspect sites to
give the best solution or explain our products and services in person. Thus, getting new
clients have been a bit of a challenge during this time.

How do you manage to keep on operating ?
Working from home, we are still in communication with clients. Orders is delivered as fast
as possible, when we have drivers available. Delivery times have some delays, but only
when its out of our control. Our line of business also allows us to assist clients
telephonically. No one is send out unless absolutely necessary.

How do you manage for your team to adapt to the crisis ?
Our team members are fully aware of the current situation and informed to take
cautionary measures to keep safe.

How do you preserve employment ?
By working together and keeping the business up and running. Using alternative ways of
marketing to make sure cash flow is generated, we are blessed to still receive salaries at
the end of the month.
How do you consider your business post crisis ?
Businesses worldwide will be affected post crises and take time to adapt and reach its full
potential again. Id like to believe that if we can keep our clients informed of any changes
or delays and still do our best to serve them respectfully, they will be more patient and
Did you benefit from special measures or help by the Government or banks, … ?
We don't.

JAM Production
Who we are
Jam Productions is in an independent film production based in
Lusaka, Zambia.
Our objectives are to deliver hight quality video productions and
photography services to our local and international clients as well
as to become one the platform between zambian talents and
international broadcasters by producing local content with the
required standards to penetrate those markets.
Our services cover concept to delivery of HD and 4K videos. This
includes storyboarding and scripting, casting and shooting onlocation or in our green screen studio, and editing in one of our
FCPX or Adope editing suites. We have you covered from close
captioning or subtitles in foreign languages, high-quality 4K
footage, 3D animation and aerial cinematography.
Our expertise
We have in-depth expertise in designing audiovisual content on
development projects for international organisations. Some of the
works we have done over the last 10 years include photography,
documentaries, human interest stories and educational videos
produced in various countries across Africa (Zambia, Malawi,
Somali, South Africa ...).
We also focus on the production of local content : TV Series,
features films, TV shows and documentaries. Our dedicated
creative team and professional in-house production and postproduction equipment create and independent structure allowing us
to work with some of the most prestigious broadcasters : DSTV,
France Television, Sterkinekor ...
With a long experience in commercials, promos and corporates
pieces, we can provide efficient audiovisual solutions to your needs
including 4K footage and 3D animations. Our aim is to create
something new with each project and to make our clients and
ourselves happy with the final result.
Finally, we introduced drones for aerial photography 5 years ago for
the first time in Zambia. If it is now a common tool used by many,
nothing replaces the experience we gained during those years
flying various remote controlled multicopters. From the mighty
Victoria Falls to the wide Liuwa plains, we have created large
database of aerial footage that are used in many productions
locally and internationally.
Producer of the winning best local TV advert award in 2018 –
“Atlas Mara, Let’s Make Success” – at the Zambian Institute of
Marketing awards.

Producer of the best Television Series in 2016 – “Fever S1” at
the ZAFTA Awards.
To have more information about JAM Productions visit their website
Click here to see JAM Productions company profile

Sow Communications
What we do
Our team combine strategy, customer insight, and technology to
craft digital experiences that change the game for you and your
customers. Whether you are looking to launch or improve a digital
service, build digital capability, or define a digital strategy, we are
here to get you to your goals faster.
Key services
Strategic business consulting
Unlocking growth opportunities within organizations.
Meeting executives as well as employees of the organization
to learn more about what you do.
Identifying previously undiscovered marketing paths.
Establishing links, as well as conceptualizing, developing and
bridging the gap from traditional communication channels (inhouse and otherwise) to digital channels (websites, search
marketing advertising, and social media channels).
Make businesses successful through marketing in digital
channels; using the digital user/consumer as the key to
business development with aim to bring a measurable
success outcome to the brand.
To have more information about Sow Communications please visit
their website !
Click here to see Sow Communications flyer
Click here to see Sow Communications 2020 price list

Survey :

Did you take special measures during this crisis (organization of work,…)?
What is the impact of the crises on your activity ?
I cannot meet clients, or use my offices. This greatly reduces the chances of gathering
new business.
How has your turnover evolved from the beginning of the crisis ?
How do you manage to keep on operating ?
With difficulty, thankfully, having acquired some ‘’blue chip’’ clients, I am able to pay staff.

How do you manage for your team to adapt to the crisis ?
How do you preserve employment ?
Constant communication. Reassurance and new product lines.

How do you consider your business post crisis ?
I think my business will be affected for a long time after the crisis, marketing is where
most budget cuts occur. Potential marketing needs will be done in-house for most
Did you benefit from special measures or help by the Government or banks, … ?


ContracSure Services
Who we are
We have our vision, we have our mission, we have our objectives,
we have our focus and we have our values that will guide our
approach to doing business and creating excellent solutions to our
clients, and all our stakeholders.
Service with excellence
Our clients expect nothing less from us, and we will go all-out to
deliver the highest levels of customer service and product
excellence. We will not provide service without first understanding
the insurance needs of each client – ensuring they are aware of
their coverage options whether it is for commercial insurances or
personal insurances or some other aggregated group insurance
Quality service
Contractsure Services Limited staff will always be exposed to
insurance education, mentoring, in house training and any other
continued professional development with the end view of quality
service to all our clients. We will continue to invest in technology so
as to set ourselves apart in the provisions of insurance broking
services within the Zambian insurance market.
Service with integrity
Contractsure Services Limited will endeavour to achieve positive
recognition in the Zambian insurance market for services that are
responsive to clients’ insurance needs, excellent product
knowledge, pro-active risk management and loss control, and its
unique claims handling processes. We understand the clients’ need
their insurance policies most when loss incidents occur, and we will
empathize through all claims processes. We will keep our promises
to all our clients !
We value our relations with all clients
Contractsure Services Limited operates on the motto: ‘We have
work to do, Your Insurance Placements Ensured’. We will always
strive to build strong relationships with our clients, insurance
companies and all other stakeholders. We make strong
commitment to professionalism and placing of value on each of
clients whether Small or Big. For we understand that one satisfied
customer, becomes our added sales referral to many other clients
we would not have reached through our own efforts.
To have more information about Contractsure Services please visit
their website !
Click here to see Contractsure Services brochure

Survey :

Did you take special measures during this crisis (organization of work,…)?
Yes some staff are working from home.

What is the impact of the crises on your activity ?
Difficult to find new customers for insurance and existing business renewals may be
How has your turnover evolved from the beginning of the crisis ?
Not really as our business is in start up periods.
How do you manage to keep on operating ?
Staff work from home and sometimes pass by the offices.
How do you manage for your team to adapt to the crisis ?
We use phones, emails and watsapps to communicate.
How do you preserve employment ?
Communication with staff on current company financial position and ensuring that
whenever funds are available these are allocated prudently.
How do you consider your business post crisis ?Tough times are expected but we
count on FZCC and others for insurance business support.
Did you benefit from special measures or help by the Government or banks, … ?
We should benefit from some of the measures like those Zambia Revenue Authority and
Banks will put in place.

Welcoming our new member
We wish to welcome our new SME member, LIGHTFOOT ZAMBIA
to the growing FZCC network.

Our story
Tribal Textiles’ creator Gillie Lightfoot started Lightfoot Zambia
after moving from The South Luangwa National Park in Zambia
(her home since 1986) to Sugarbush Farm, an organic smallholding
on the outskirts of Lusaka.
In her search to establish a new, smaller workshop at home where
she could return to being more hands-on and involved on a daily
basis with craftsmen (as she had been in the early days of Tribal)
she discovered a source of wonderful, locally tanned cowhides.
There existed virtually no manufacturing of leather goods in
Zambia, and thus was born a great opportunity to train and work
with a new team of tailors, and together, to design and craft a range
of high quality hand bags and accessories with a unique African
All the bags are slightly different and adorned either with Gillie’s
signature vegetable ivories, handpicked beads from across the
globe, or “recycled” Angoni cow horn.
The bags are lined with hand painted cloth made by Tribal Textiles
in the Luangwa and all zips and fittings are imported for the very
best quality and finish.
The journey

Lightfoot Zambia’s little workshop is set alongside the organic
vegetable garden at Sugar Bush Farm, where a handful of trained
craftsmen construct the bags.
Each craftsman will tailor the bags from start to finish, inserting
hand painted linings and adorning the bags with hand carved horn,
vegetable ivories, tassels and beads that have been collected
around Africa.
Only the best imported fittings and materials are used. We pride
ourselves in our finish and quality.
To discover Lightfoot Zambia's products visit their website !

Upcoming event
Launch of FZCC and French Embassy Campaign to support
Zambian Economy and Population during the COVID 19 crisis

A campaign to support the Zambian economy and population
during the COVID 19 crisis will be launched on Tuesday 12th May
2020, at the French Residence.
This initiative by the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce
(FZCC), supported by the French Embassy, aims to:
highlight initiatives and contributions by French Companies to
the Zambian population;
help members of FZCC to continue running their business
and contribute to Zambians conserving jobs during the crisis
through support to communities;
Encourage all companies to be proactive during the present
Covid-19 pandemic while respecting the safety guidelines
from the French and Zambian Governments.
The FZCC and the French Embassy are actively working on the
ways to accompany French companies and –more broadlymembers of the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce.
The first action of this joint strategy will be to hold a press
conference and present the joint efforts by French corporates to the
Government, communities and population at large.
May 12th event will be an opportunity to make a joint donation of
facial masks and other protective equipment by French companies
in Zambia, and launch a media campaign covering those efforts.

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