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Message from Principal’s desk
Dear PEES families,
I would like to welcome you all, the new and existing students and the parents of
Princess Elizabeth Elementary School to this 2020-21 school year. Although this year
will look different than any other year, we are dedicated to providing your child(ren) with
a memorable, interactive, and engaging learning experience. This being said, there are
a lot of details to share with you that you need to know for the 1st day of school to start
the year on a positive and safe note.
For those who were part of the reopening in the Spring, some rules and protocols will
stay the same, but let me recap for everyone the specific PEES rules following the
Minister’s’ announcement:

All Cycle 3 students (grade 5 and up), all staff members and all
visitors must wear a mask in common indoor areas (hallways,
staircases, school transportation, main entrance, etc.). We strongly
encourage students to wear a lanyard to be able to carry their
mask easily. See example.

There will be no social distancing IN CLASS amongst the students.
The teachers will respect the 2 meter rule or wear a mask if they
must be closer. The students will stay together in the same room unless they go
to their phys.ed. class. The students will not have to wear a mask in the gym or
change into phys.ed. clothing. We scheduled phys.ed. classes 4 times/week for
30 minutes per group. It will allow them to move and exercise almost every day.

At PEES, there will be 3 different recess times in the morning, 3 different lunch
times and 3 different recess times in the afternoon. If you need to pick up your
child(ren) for an appointment or for lunch, it will be very important to send a note
to the teacher(s) in advance stating what time you will pick up your child(ren). In
case of a last minute change, please advise the secretary.

The bus passes will be available on the Mozaik portal starting on August 24th
(Ms. Sandy will send a procedure next week to all new parents on how to create
an account on the portal). The number of places available on each bus has been
reduced due to the COVID (maximum 2 students per seat). If any parents can
drive their child(ren) to school themselves, it is encouraged and appreciated. If
you are driving your child to school yourself, we will have 3 secured Drop off and
Pick up zones like we had in May:
1. Side Parking lot (by Door # 3) for K4, Kindergarten and Cycle 1;
2. Front loop (by Door # 1) for Cycle 2;
3. Bullard Street for Cycle 3;
(Use the older sibling’s drop off for a family)

On the first day of school, the only parents allowed on the school grounds
will be the new K4 and Kindergarten parents. Both K4 and Kindergarten
parents can be present outside but we will invite only ONE parent to come inside
and visit the class. Please bring your mask. This parent may also stay longer
(TBD) for a short bus ride near the school (Safety rules to be explained). For
grade 1 and up, each homeroom teacher will send an email on August 26th to
inform you and your child who their teacher will be. On the first morning,
students will go line up directly in front of their teacher who will greet them.

The cafeteria service will start on September 8th (the menu will be given to your
child on the first day of school and must be returned by Friday September 4th).
Students will be eating in their homeroom classes. If your child has chosen a
meal from the cafeteria, he/she will pick up their trays and bring them to their
classroom. We will create a schedule so that each homeroom will get a chance
to eat in the cafeteria every third week. No microwaves will be available.

We will also offer the breakfast program starting September 8th. Instead of
having everyone in the cafeteria in the morning, Le Club des Petits Déjeuners will
offer baskets for each homeroom which students will bring up to their classroom.

Until further notice we cannot use the downstairs cubbies. Students will bring
their book bags and outdoor clothing to their classrooms. We will find a solution
for the winter. Don’t worry!

Until further notice, there will be no extracurricular activities at lunch hour or afterschool. No Roadrunners, no Terry Fox Run, no Cross Country Runs or any sport
tournaments. We shall see how it goes later this year.

Until further notice, we will not be able to offer the Homework Program after
school for the Daycare students.

On September 10th at 17h30, there will be a General Assembly for parents
interested in joining our Governing Board for 2020-2021. These elections are
mandatory by law and need to be held in person.

Until I meet with the Governing Board in September, I will not allow any external
rentals in the school.

The school received a protocol from La Direction de la Santé Publique in
collaboration with the Ministère de l’Éducation to follow in case if we have a
student or an adult with symptoms or if we have a case of COVID. Here is the

If needed, we will implement this protocol. Each school has a CLSC nurse as a
reference person. Please understand that the decision will not be a teacher nor
a principal decision, but a Santé Publique decision.
I hope that all of our students and staff members stay healthy and enjoy this
school year! It’s time to catch up what we missed and focus on the essential
learnings! Our PEES staff is committed to our students' success.
Your devoted principal,
on behalf of the PEES staff,
Catherine Zahra

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