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in informal settlements or precarious housing conditions. In addition to being a human rights obligation, governments must recognize that the full
participation of residents is the most sound and
efficient policy approach. Failure to involve residents in planning and implementation means that
residents’ understandings of local challenges, and
insights into how to address them, will be lost.
Moreover, residents’ full participation builds local
capacity for governance, promotes resourcefulness and efficiency, encourages adaptation to
local conditions and local ownership, and contributes to the achievement of sustainable and longlasting results.
The following report, “Local struggles for housing rights, in the context of environmental degradation, urbanisation and climate change” highlights
the ways that community-led approaches are fundamental to securing the right to housing, while
also central to addressing and mitigating climate
change. This report will be an important contribution to the international political discussion on housing and climate change. It contributes deeply towards the shift away from housing as a commodity, guided by international building standards driven by corporate interests and profits, towards an
understanding that community knowledge and participation will be central to meaningfully addressing
both the climate crisis and the housing crisis.

Leilani Farha is the Global
Director of The Shift, an international movement to secure the right to housing.
She was UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing
from 2014 –2020. Leilani has
helped to develop global
human rights standards on the right to housing,
including through her topical reports and the first
UN Guidelines for the implementation of the right
to housing.
Julieta Perucca has been
working alongside Leilani
Farha as UN Special Rapporteur for the last four years.
She is a law graduate, an experienced researcher and
human rights activist. Julieta
is Deputy Director of The
Shift and leads the work on housing and climate
change within the movement.


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