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Full Clean driving licence B
Mobil: +33 (0)

Skype : Sebastien SCHLADENHAUFEN

Our challenges are before us, their solutions are above
Professional Skills
Team leading and management of profit centre, assets, projects, database and portfolios.
Controlling and analyse of business and financial data.
Sales prospecting and bargaining.

Soft Skills
Autonomous, accountable, unifying, interpersonal contact, sense of curiosity, tenacious will, committed,
proactive and visionary.

Work History

From April 2012 to March 2020 Profit Centre Manager,
Marvelis, Men Fashion, Roppenheim
Management of a team of 5 to 8 team mates (team-motivation, team meeting leading, schedules, etc.),
stock management, administrative management of supplies and deliveries, store departments
management, customer relationship and sale, cashbox management and cashbox reporting management
and permanent seeking of solutions. Turnover targets constantly reached.

From February 2007 to May 2012 Estate Agent,
Arp Immo, Real estate agency, Haguenau and surrounding area
Seeking of properties through door-to-door prospecting, phoning and negotiation. Financing management.
Business management and contract drafting. Creation of advertisement and website management, in both
sale and rental transactions. Asset management. Database and IT management.

From January 2003 to January 2007 CEO Assistant,
Etablissement Walter, agribusiness wholesaler, Wissembourg
Constant collaboration with the CEO, taking part in tactical, strategic and operational decisions. Aftersales service management (team of 4 technicians). Project manager: providing the sales team with PDA
system (software for order management, customer accounts management and product support). Stock
management, purchasing manager in France and abroad. Sales management. Database and IT
management, production of statistics and business reporting. Relationship with hauliers. Costs

From March 2001 to July 2002 Sedentary salesman,
IT-Distribution, IT wholesaler, Schirrhoffen
IT parts salesman to assemblers (Hard drives, memories and chipsets) through phoning. Stock
management, relationships with suppliers. Purchase management in France and abroad. After-sales
manager. Relationship with hauliers. Data entry for DEB (Declaration of European goods exchange).

2019 Business School of Strasbourg : Master 2 in Business management / certification Corporate Social
Responsibility (expert level)
Master thesis topic: Energy transition, a future between sky and Earth (Space Based Solar Power)
2000 High school Robert Schuman : Business Vocational Training Certificate
Development of theoretical knowledge, practical competence in business and introduction to
1997 High School Sainte-Philomène : Bachelor’s degree of tertiary sector
First approach of tertiary occupations in domains of administration, secretary and business.

Languages Skills
German Bilingual (B2 + level according CEFR)
English Bilingual (B2 - level according CEFR)
Dialect Alsatian Bilingual

IT Skills
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Advanced Level
ERP (EBP, Ciel, Sage) Advanced Level
Miscellaneous Softwares (Gimp, Photo shop, Inkscape, Reason, Logic) Good / Advanced level

Astronomy and astrophysics Deep sky objects observation will to evolve towards astrophotography
(former member of an astronomy club, practice according to practical possibilities)
Guitar Playing folk guitar (one or two hours a week)
Electronic Music Composer (practice according to the inspiration of the moment)
Sport Basket-ball (former player as point guard and coach for U12), running and fitness in studio (4 hours
a week), Salsa PR Style dancer (2 to 4 hours a week, student in a Salsa school in Germany)
Books and documentaries about science and philosophy (practice according to practical possibilities)
Travelling and discovering new countries / cultures visited countries: Slovakia (many times including a
stay of 2 months), Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Italy (region of Veneto), Netherlands (ESA visit and Space
Museum), Belgium, Germany, Tunisia. Projects: Chili, Porto Rico and Argentina. Keen interest for crossculture issues and exchanges.

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