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Press  Review  


Mwebantu  Newspaper    

Lafarge Zambia PLC embarks on energy
recovery programme
28th October 2020

LAFARGE Zambia PLC has embarked on a programme of energy recovery from
waste where it will be recycling waste and convert it into energy.
During the Renewable Energies Press Conference which was held at Mulungushi
International Conference Centre in Lusaka yesterday, Lafarge revealed that the
programme will help to mitigate climate change as well as help the country to save
on the foreign currency as there will be no need to export waste to other countries.
“In terms of energy recovery, we do what we call thermal substitution. So, we are
trying to substitute material like coal which is a wasting asset with renewable sources
of energy such as municipal waste and other biomass waste. Technically, we are
also contributing to mitigating climate change in terms of using material that is using
material that is less polluting like renewable energy sources such as biomass,”
Lafarge said.
The company said the project will also help the country save on resources such as
foreign currency because there will be no need for companies to export waste for

Power  Shortages  Offer  Room  For  Investment,  
Nkhuwa  Rallies  Energy  Investors  
27th  October  2020  

Energy  Minister  Matthew  Nkhuwa  has  called  on  investors  to  take  advantage  of  
the  country’s  power  deficit  to  invest  in  the  energy  sector,  saying  Zambia  is  
among  the  lowest  in  the  sub-­‐Saharan  Africa  in  terms  of  access  to  electricity  
Nkhuwa  said  this  during  the  official  opening  of  a  two-­‐day  conference  on  
renewable  energy  in  Zambia  organised  by  the  French-­‐Zambia  Chamber  of  
The  Energy  Minister  said  the  low  rate  of  access  to  electricity  services  coupled  
with  demand  for  electricity  projected  at  about  150  to  200  megawatts  per  
annum  presents  a  huge  task  to  Government.  
He  says  it  is  also  a  great  opportunity  for  the  private  Sector  to  exploit  the  
business  opportunities  available  in  the  energy  sector.  
And  outgoing  French  Ambassador  to  Zambia  Sylvain  Berger  said  the  French  
Government  is  interested  in  assisting  the  country  to  address  its  energy  
challenges  as  France  has  several  companies  that  can  provide  alternative  
sources  of  energy  solutions.  
Meanwhile,  European  Union  Ambassador  to  Zambia  Jacek  Jankowski  said  
finding  solutions  to  energy  challenges  is  key  in  addressing  inequalities  in  the  

Jankowski  said  despite  the  huge  solar  energy  potential  in  the  country,  
penetration  remains  low  due  to  factors  such  as  non-­‐cost  reflective  tariffs  and  
non-­‐  attractive  incentives  to  invest  in  the  sector.  
And  Zambian  Ambassador  to  France,  Christine  Kaseba-­‐Sata  said  French  
business  companies  are  responding  to  Government’s  call  to  invest  in  the  
energy  sector  in  Zambia.  
Meanwhile,  French-­‐Zambia  Chamber  of  Commerce  Executive  Director  
Alexandre  Degre  said  there  is  urgent  need  to  shift  from  other  sources  of  
energy  to  renewable.  -­‐ZNBC  

Tech  Watch  News    
28th  October  2020  


A  two-­‐day  conference  has  opened  in  Lusaka  with  the  aim  of  improving  Zambia’s  energy  
sector  and  the  lives  of  people  through  technology  and  renewable  energy.  
Minister  of  Energy  Matthews  Nkhuwa,  who  opened  the  event  yesterday,  said  the  
conference  is  a  great  initiative  to  partner  with  the  French  investors  to  unlock  investment  

opportunities  in  the  country    with  the  theme:Renewable  Energy  in  Zambia,  Opportunities  
for  France  and  Zambian  companies.  
“Government  will  continue  enhancing  renewable  energy  on  grid  and  off  grid  with  French  
companies  that  have  partnered  with  Zambia  to  increase  energy  sector”,  he  said.  
The  Minister  noted  that  French  investors  have  the  know-­‐how,  technology  and  resources  
adding  that  with  load  shedding  there  is  a  possibility  of  reducing  deforestation  especially  in  
rural  areas.  
“With  the  French  investors  we  are  assured  of  reducing  deforestation  which  has  been  
contributing  to  climate  change  and  enhance  to  the  use  of  solar  energy”,  Mr  Nkhuwa  added.  
And  Zambia’s  Ambassador  to  France  Dr  Christine  Kaseba  Sata  urged  the  private  investors  to  
continue  investing  in  energy  investments.  
“Energy  is  not  constant  but  dynamic,  I  urge  investors  to  look  to  Zambia  to  invest  their  
energy  investments  as  Zambia  is  capable  of  producing  renewable  energy”,she  urged.  
Dr  Kaseba  further  applauded    the  French  companies  for  responding  positively  and  those  
that  are  already  operating  in  the  country  such  as  solar  power  investors.  
“Our  women  should  stop  depending  on  firewood  which  is  unsustainable,  I  therefore  urge  
investors  to  look  to  rural  areas  and  facilitate  rural  people  on  the  use  of  solar  energy”,  she  

Daily  Nation  Zambia    
29th  October  2020  
....As  Lafarge’s  Geocycle  brand  thrives  at  broadening  its  customer  client  base  
Minister  of  Energy  Hon.  Matthew  Nkhuwa  has  urged  investors  to  harness  Zambia’s  enabling  
environment  to  invest  in  the  Energy  sector.  
Speaking  during  the  Renewable  Energy  2020  conference  in  Lusaka  Hon.  Nkhuwa  encouraged  
the  private  Sector  to  exploit  the  business  opportunities  available  in  the  energy  sector.  
He  said  this  was  because  the  low  rate  of  access  to  electricity  services  coupled  with  demand  
for  electricity  projected  at  about  150  to  200  megawatts  per  annum  presented  a  huge  task  to  
Meanwhile  Lafarge  says  it’s  Geocycle  brand  has  scored  a  track  record  of  ensuring  complete  ,  
continuous  regulatory  compliance  with  regulatory  bodies  such  as  Zambia  Environmental  
Management  Agency  (  ZEMA  )  in  achieving  the  highest  standards  in  health  &  safety.    
Lafarge  Acting  CEO  said  the  company’s  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐  art  facilities  have  also  been  subject  to  
frequent  and  rigorous  internal  and  external  audits  .  
“Our  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  facilities  are  subject  to  frequent  and  rigorous  internal  and  external  
audits  at  both  local  and  LafargeHolcim  group  level.”  He  stated  .  

He  added  that  the  brand  has  also  partnered  with  another  stakeholders  that  take  metal  and  
electronic  components  to  dispose  of  the  non-­‐recyclable  plastic  component  so  that  nothing  
ends  up  at  the  landfill.  
“We  have  also  helped  companies  dispose  of  expired,  failed  and  other  hazardous  materials.  
Ordinarily  these  materials  would  have  been  exported  for  disposal  or  illegally  dumped  within  
the  country.”  He  added.  
He  said  Lafarge  is  currently  growing  the  brand  and  beginning  to  gain  the  trust  of  its  new  
client  base.    
“We  have  some  loyal  customers  on  board  already.  However,  we  would  like  to  broaden  that  
customer  client  base  and  be  the  number  one  waste  service  providers  in  the  country.”  

Zambian  Daily  Times  (Credit  Lusaka  Sun)  

Kaseba-­‐Sata  urges  French  investors  to  explore  rural  
investment  opportunities  to  create  jobs  and  wealth  for  

30th  October  2020  
ZAMBIA’S  Ambassador  to  France  Christine  Kaseba-­‐Sata  has  urged  French  companies  to  
invest  beyond  the  line  of  rail  and  capture  the  rural  market  as  there  is  still  a  huge  potential  
for  energy  investment.  
Dr  Kaseba-­‐Sata  said  access  to  electricity  and  clean  cooking  especially  in  rural  areas  by  far  
contributed  to  reducing  pollution  related  diseases  due  to  the  traditional  use  of  biomass.  
Unfortunately,  she  said,  the  use  of  biomass  for  energy  in  emerging  economies,  Zambia  
inclusive,  had  continued  to  increase  which  was  not  only  a  public  health  risk,  but  also  a  threat  
to  the  sustainability  of  the  environment.  
She  was  speaking  recently  in  Lusaka  at  the  Renewable  Energy  in  Zambia  Conference  under  
the  theme  “Opportunities  for  French  and  Zambian  companies.”  
“Our  women  in  rural  areas  spend  time  harvesting  fuel  wood  which  is  unsustainable  and  in  
the  process,  they  lose  their  productive  time  
“I,  however,  do  acknowledge  that  some  French  companies  are  already  in  the  rural  areas  
investing  in  off-­‐grid  solutions.  This  is  a  testimony  that  even  in  the  rural  areas,  energy  
business  is  possible,”  Dr  Kaseba-­‐Sata  said.  She  also  said  renewables  were  expected  to  lead  
Zambia’s  energy  consumption  growth.  
Dr  Kaseba-­‐Sata  said  access  to  modern  energy  was  a  central  pillar  in  reducing  poverty  and  
support  economic  development  in  many  emerging  economies.  
She  testified  how  the  diversification  of  the  energy  mix  had  changed  the  energy  landscape  in  
most  countries  especially  in  Europe.  


“Just  last  month,  Portugal’s  latest  solar  auction  closed  with  the  world  record-­‐breaking  low  
price  of  US$13.12  per  megawatt  hour  or  1.31  cents  per  kilowatt  hour.  Obviously,  conditions  
are  much  different  between  Europe  and  Africa,  but  this  is  an  indication  that  solar  energy  is  
promoting  a  reduction  in  the  cost  of  electricity.  
“As  such,  I  look  forward  in  more  solar  energy  power  projects  that  would  arise  from  our  
discussions  today.  Equally,  I  look  forward  for  other  renewable  energy  projects  such  as  
geothermal  and  wind  power,”  Dr  Kaseba-­‐Sata  said.  
Credit:  Lusaka  Sun  








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