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The Magic Armenians! Newsletters

MUSIC HALL - Cultural Hub

Our environment will be children & disabled
friendly. We will have a smoke-free policy 🚭
And so on June 3rd we celebrated my 47th

37th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

The Magic Armenians!
AM Music Productions

Coming soon in Sevan!

The Music Studio where the sun always shines
Artur Galstyan +374 91 476 632
Marie Van Marcke +352 621 16 38 11

Dear all,
Ever since 2015, June is blessed by the spirit of
Hayastan. Here I spend my birthdays with Artur,
who makes sure the passage of age happens in
most touching and unforgettable ways!
From Luxembourg to Munich, then en route to
Vienna to … at last … arrive in magical Yerevan,
I cannot describe the intensity of my happiness
when I breathe Armenia’s air. It’s like nothing
evil could ever happen to me. The feeling of
security and serenity is complete.

So many years working with my family and
Artur to bring our people not only good music,
financial support, respect and love but also and
foremost, a place where everybody is welcome to
enjoy the good side of life!
And thus, on June 2nd, we were thrilled to
officially launch construction work on our Music
Hall in the touristic city of Sevan. We will bring
the best music and happiness to our beloved
people and precious tourists coming to Armenia
from all over the world.
Our Music Hall will be the place not to miss
when visiting Armenia. We will transform our
Hall also into a Polyvalent Cultural Hub where
all language will be spoken and all cultures will
be represented. To give you an idea of our
projects and services:
@ The best music
@ The best concerts
@ Artists performances
@ Movie theatre in different languages
@ Exchange Platforms
@ The latest coaching techniques
@ The best international knowledge - brains
@ Seminars and Workshops
@ Language Coaching
@ Cultural exchanges
@ All about Armenia
@ And most of all … HAPPINESS

birthday together with my beloved Artur and
we did manage to keep the young spirit alive.

We sang happy birthday on an aqua bike and
discovered a different lake Sevan! I had the
time of my life! And so, after yet another
unforgettable journey at the heart of Armenia,
I flew back to Luxembourg to celebrate
Mother’s Day with my four children and Paul.
My precious family who has given me wings
and an unconditional support. The mother of
such amazing children can only be a work of
God and I bow to His Will every single day…
Back to my coaching practice in
Grevenmacher, I was so happy to guide my
clients with all the positive energy I had
received from Armenia. It is always very
rewarding when hard work and commitment
get their share of respect and gratitude.
And so, I would like to seize this opportunity
and wish you for the 4th time since the creation
of our Newsletter a happy and sunny summer
2019. Wherever holidays take you, on your
warm balcony or a faraway land, always stay
healthy and believe in miracles. Our family will
head back to Armenia in July. We will keep
you posted about our After April 24th 2015
movement’s amazing missions in September
2019. With love and passion. Marie

The month of June was a month filled
with music and recordings in our
Music Studio in Hrazdan. Among our
creative activities we were so happy
to also participate in our clients’
creative activities. Artur and I would
like to grab this opportunity to thank
everyone for making our studio
vibrate with the most genuine souls
Armenia has to offer. Musicians from
all ages, from all directions and all
nationalities who sing and play to
make their listeners happy.

Գիժլարյան Մայիլ writes:
Աշխատանքային թեժ մթնոլորտ Marie
Dalia Van Marcke և Artur Galstyan֊
ի, Հրազդանում գտնվող AM Music
Նոր համագործակցության սկիզբ
Քոլիվարի և 《Վերադարձ》 ազգային
Պրն. Սերգեյ Վարդանյանի(Sergey
Սահակյանի(Lusin Sahakyan)։

Newsletter Edition n° 37 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2019
If you would like to subscribe to our monthly Newsletters please send us an email to

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