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BOZZER Dominique, was born in 1972 in Tours / FR.
This Franco-Italian has settled on the shores of Lake Geneva for over 20
years and in Saint-Prex 17 years ago.
To finance his schooling and then studies Dominique was sometimes:
gardener, tiler, mason, stonemason, waiter, bartender… student in France,
the USA and Sweden - MBA from Lund University, marketer in Skövde Sweden then Paris, accountant for SNCF/BritRail in Milan- Italy. Finance
Director France then Switzerland for large groups Nestlé / L'Oréal: Galderma
dermatologies before going through a Banking career :
10 years for Citi Private Bank in Geneva covering the Middle East… Now at
the service of Rê-Trvst in St- Prex (Private Equity, Real Estate &More).
Takes literally the motto "Let's say and do well…" ("Laissons dire et faisons bien.. .") - proof of this is
the presentation to the Municipality Board and the setting up of the P’tit Marché du Vieux-Bourg (Little
Market every 3rd Sunday of the month in Saint-Prex).
Man of convictions, consensual and pragmatic. Very attached to the quality of life in Saint-Prex and to
the potential that our city also represents culturally and for our youth.
Member and organizer of Ride for the Cause (R4tC) - On Tour du Lac 2021 for the Ligues Contre le
Cancer. Ingres‘ violin: Golf, Gastronomy, Oenology, Literature and Travel ...

Program and Projects
Parking Places: 8 hours free badge at CHF 50.-/Year for Saint-Preyards and St-Pre’x merchants.
Recycling of compost: including vegetal - in the town of St-Prex - free of charge of one bag of 50 liters
per year per St-Preyards household.
“Party, Artistic” space available for young and ederly People at the Vieux-Moulin.
Saint-Prex’ platform for participatory daycare between parents who so desire. The idea is that the
child is immersed in a different culture ... Thus he learns another language, culture, gastronomy, music
Town 2.0: Question box with FAQs like the Facebook group "T’es Saint-Prex si…".
Dog Park: Study of a Park dedicated to our 4-legged friends - on the basis of volunteering and
Bins: Restoration of a few “necessary” bins while fighting against littering.
Plage du Chauchy: Study the municipality's project at lower costs and with common sense and put in
place this new friendly development. Creation of a Handisport / Anne Othenin-Girard paddle access to
Coulet beach.
Soft mobility: creation of a think tank for motorists, cyclists, scooters ... So that our municipality
responds harmoniously to everyone's wishes.
Co-Management: Invite Saint-Preyards to come and defend projects and reflections during municipal
meetings. Rather than paying experts, I remain convinced that we have the resources in our territory.
Apartments / Houses shared and protected for our elders with, if possible, intergenerational links.
Creation of an Email address: First and last name @ for Saint-Preyards citizens who request
it online.
"St-Prex - On Line": On a voluntary basis, dematerialization of paper versions of municipal
communications and / or "La Balise" ... by affixing the free St-Prex - On Line sticker to your letterbox.
All ideas welcome :

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