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07 77 73 25 26

Subject: Summer internship

I am a 3rd year engineering student at the EBI (Bioindustry Engineering School) of Cergy,
FRANCE. I am looking for a 2-month long summer internship (280h at least, from July to August),
remunerated or not, in the cosmetic area.
I am looking for an experience in marketing which is the division I want to work in when I
graduate from school. I have not yet to follow any marketing class since we will choose our
specialization during the 4th year. However, I inquired about it and found out I am very interested in it.
This work experience will only confirm my willingness to become a marketing engineer. The EBI is a
biology school that train us to know the pharmaceutic, agri-food or cosmetic products we make and
so binding scientific and economic knowledge to develop an effective marketing strategy.
As I have a curious, investigative nature, I tend to be interested in many different fields, and I
want to learn more every day. I think it gives me the ability to adapt to new environments and bounce
back when facing unusual situations. Besides, I can take initiatives without any difficulty when
objectives and comprehensive directive are given.
As proud as I am of my independence, I am still open to others. Thanks to jobs (in restoration in
particular) and school projects in which I had the opportunity to participate, I had been able to develop
my teamwork skills, as much as a leader than a participating member.

I am looking forward to receiving your response.
Kind regards.


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