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New consideration on Vicus Helena
Bibliography :
- "To be done with Vicus Helena" PDF
- "A possible scenario for the battle of Vicus Helena" PDF
- Satellite view map of Abancourt at :
(The structure appears on this photo. Zoom as required to see it.)
- French wikipedia article about the commune of Abancourt (Nord, Hauts-de-France)
- French cadastral map of Abancourt (59)
While examining thoroughly satellite views around the lieu-dit Les Helembis, we tracked levelled structures whose
gps location gives as coordinates : 50.23069 North, 3.19241 East. On the territory of Abancourt (Nord), near its common
border with Sancourt, it is located between two lieu-dits : “Les Helembis” and “Lamby”. The cadastral map of Abancourt
places them on plot ZM 18.
These structures are regular rectangles, placed in three groups of seven, over a patch of land of about 130 ft by 400
ft. To our knowledge, and to that day, these structures haven’t lead to any study yet.
We may form four hypotheses, about them being:
- a digital photography artefact
- a recent agricultural facility
- a 20th century military facility (either 14-18 or 39-45)
- a roman military camp
To determine which hypothesis is correct, one should interview the farm operator, concerning objects resurfacing
during the plowing of this field.

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