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As a follow-up to the meeting held on Friday 13
May, 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, the
RKF and two members of the official FCI
Consultancy Team (S.Stefik, official FCI Observer
and Y.De Clercq, FCI Executive Director) met
again, at the RKF headquarters in Moscow.

From left to right : Alexey Belkin, RKF Board member Evgenij Erusalimski, RKF President's advisor - Elena
Arikova, Senior Deputy Executive Director - Alexandr
Inshakov, RKF President - Stefan Stefik, Official FCI
observer - Yves De Clercq, FCI Executive Director - Oleg
Yanchev, RKF Board member.

From left to right : S.Stefik, FCI official Observer - Y.De
Clercq, FCI Executive Director – I.Senokosenko, RKF
Executive Director – E.Leshchenko, RKF, Deputy Executive
Director for Foreign Affairs.

All the issues and organisational matters
discussed a couple of days ago in Brussels were
again reviewed and the FCI Consultancy Team
put lots of extra questions about entries, halls,
PR, PA system, traffic, parking, security, judges,
etc. Most of them were answered. The
working session was followed by an official
Press Conference which was attended by
approximately 15 to 20 journalists, RKF and FCI
officials. RKF will keep working on some last
points for the next 3 weeks in order to be able
to offer a top-quality event to the exhibitors,
judges, visitors, staff and guests. The
Consultancy Team has reiterated its offer to
assist any time if necessary.

Y.De Clercq
31st May 2016

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