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Christoph Spurk
Spurk Media Consulting Ltd., Winterthur
c/o Keel, Jonas-Furrer-Strasse 100, CH 8400 Winterthur
Phone: +41-79 214 68 77, spurk@protonmail.com

 Media researcher, on journalism quality and farmer communication, with projects
mainly in Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Zambia, Mali)
 Consultant for media projects in development cooperation, mainly on impact
evaluation and project planning, experience in Africa, CIS and partly South Asia.
 Former editor-in-chief of agricultural newspaper

Selected Research and Evaluation Studies

The State of Journalism Reporting in Tanzania – 2022
Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania, jointly with School of
Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Dar es


Result-Oriented Impact Evaluation Studio Kalangou in Niger,
for Fondation Hirondelle, and Swiss Development Cooperation
in Niamey.


Coverage of General Elections in Tanzania 2020, Yearbook
on Media Quality in Tanzania, jointly with School of Journalism
and Mass Communication, University of Dar es Salaam.
supported by Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)


Information Needs Studies in Refugee camps in Tanzania,
Kenya and Ethiopia, secondary data assessment for DW
Akademie, Bonn


Journalists and Hate Speech in the Context of Local Radio
Stations in Kenya, study for DW Akademie, Bonn


Impact Evaluation of “Mkulima Mbunifu” (Kiswahili
magazine for farmers in Tanzania, for Biovision Foundation,

Spurk Research and Evaluation

2019 -2020

Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania 2019, jointly with
School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of
Dar es Salaam. supported by Swiss Development Cooperation

2018 -2019

Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania 2018, part of Media
monitoring project by Media Council of Tanzania, supported by
SDC, jointly with Abdallah Katunzi, University of Dar es

2018, 1-6

Evaluation of DW Akademie Programm in Ghana, for
Deutsche Welle, Akademie, Bonn


Pilot project “Yearbook on Media Quality”, Tanzania,
content analysis measuring quality of reporting, with support

2017, 6-8

Study of Tanzania Media Foundation grantees programme,
via content analysis, comparing grantees and control group.

2017, 2-6

Evaluation of Radio Erena, exile Radio in Eritrea, mandate
of Reporters without Borders (RsF), Paris


Assessment of Stakeholders in Journalism Education and
Training in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), and
identification of potential project partners, jointly with G.
Nyabuga and A, Katunzi, study for DW Akademie


Impact evaluation of Studio Tamani in Mali, Radio Tamani’s
news and dialogue formats and its potential contributions to
change of knowledge, perceptions and further impacts on Mali
peace process, support from Fondation Hirondelle, Lausanne

2015 to 2020

Farmer-driven organic resource management to build soil
Fertility and improve food security – R4D-Research project in
Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and Mali, funded by Swiss National
Science Foundation

3/2015 - 6/2016

Impacts of Listening to Radio. The “Land rights and Women”
Radio program at Radio Nam Lolwe in Kisumu, for Deutsche
Welle Academy, Bonn

10-12/ 2015

Supervision of Series of Studies on “Status of Media and
Information Literacy in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda”, for
Deutsche Welle Akademie, Bonn


Quality of broadcasting in selected local radio stations in
Tanzania – Content Analysis Study for UNESCO

Spurk Research and Evaluation


Listeners Assessment of local radio stations in Kenya –
Listener survey in Western Kenya, Deutsche Welle Akademie
Quality of broadcasting in selected local radio stations
in Kenya – Content Analysis Study, Deutsche Welle
Study on Rural Radio in Tanzania
Background Research and Stakeholder Assessment
(in collaboration with Dotto Shashi, Mwanza)
Study for Swiss Development Cooperation, Dar es Salaam


Survey on farmer communication in Kenya
“Shortcomings of communication with small scale farmers on
agricultural knowledge transfer in Kenya”, jointly with
Multimedia University, Kenya.

2012 - 2013

Evaluation of International TV News Programs and magazines
(Deutsche Welle, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN) for Deutsche Welle,
Bonn, Germany

2011 - 2012

Evaluation of Health Journalism Project, conducted by
Internews Kenya, Nairobi;
Backstopping to “Free and Fair Media” and “Conflict and Land
question” Programme of Internews Kenya, Nairobi

2010 - 2012

Evaluation of Science journalism cooperation Project (SjCOOP
II) in Africa and the Arab World, mandated by the World
Federation of Science Journalists, Gatineau – Canada

2009, September

Feasibility Study on Status of Health Journalism in Kenya, in
collaboration with the Kenya Medical Research Institute
(KEMRI) and Wellcome Trust, UK

2009, April - August

Review: Assessment of performance of Young Asia Television
series ‘Sri Lanka Today’, for Swiss Development Cooperation

2008, May and June

Evaluation study: Review of Young Asia Television
programme: No War Zone (2003-2008) for Swiss Development
Cooperation, plus media assessment of Sri Lanka 2008 for


Research on quality of radio news and audience reactions to
radio news in Liberia


Research on peace journalism in radio news and dialogue
programs in DRC, Radio Okapi and Radio France International.


Spurk Research and Evaluation

Selected Publications
Katunzi, Abdallah, and Christoph Spurk. 2022. The state of journalism reporting in Tanzania
Katunzi, Abdallah, and Christoph Spurk. 2021. Monitoring the Watchdog: How the media
covered the 2020 elections in Tanzania. https://sjmc.udsm.ac.tz/yearbook/2020-report/
Spurk, Christoph; Asule, Pamellah; Baah-Ofori, Rebecca; Chikopela, Louis; Diarra,
Boubacar, and Carmen Koch. 2020. The status of perception, information exposure and
knowledge of soil fertility among small-scale farmers in Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Zambia,
The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, DOI: 10.1080/1389224X.2019.1656089
Spurk, Christoph, and Carmen Koch. 2019. The Use of Theories of Change
in Media and Governance Programmes, Study mandated by Swiss Development Cooperation,
Berne, Switzerland.
Spurk, C. 2019. Measuring quality in journalism – how and what for? in: Francis Mdlongwa
(ed.) 2019. Entrepreneurial Journalism in Africa - Opportunities, challenges and risks for
media in the digital age, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa,
Johannesburg, South Africa
Spurk, C., and A. Katunzi 2019. Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania 2018, online:
https://yearbook.mct.or.tz/ Dar es Salaam.
Spurk, C., and Filip Dingerkus 2017. The need and the opportunities for sustainability – The
case of local radio stations in Tanzania, Journal of Media Business Studies, DOI:
Spurk, C., Nyabuga G., and A. Katunzi 2017. Assessment of Stakeholders in Journalism
Education and Training in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) and Identification of
potential partners of a Network, report to DW Akademie
Spurk, Christoph 2017. Introduction into “Violet Otindo: Condom Shortage in Northern
Kenya”, in: Schiffrin, A., and G. Lugalambi (eds.) African Muckraking – 75 Years of
Investigative Journalism from Africa, 134 – 137, South Africa: Jacana Media.
Seven Challenges in Media development, blogpost in #mediadev.
Reineck, D., Schneider, L., and C. Spurk (eds.) 2016. Audience Research in Media
Development, by Deutsche Welle Academy, Bonn
Lublinski J., Spurk C. et al. 2015. Triggering Change – How investigative journalists in
Sub-Saharan Africa contribute to solving problems in society, in: Journalism, 17, 8: pp. 10741094. published online October 18, 2015. DOI: 10.1177/1464884915597159
Jan Lublinski, Inka Reichert, Augustin Denis, Jean-Marc Fleury, Olfa Labassi and Christoph

Spurk Research and Evaluation

Spurk. 2014. Advances in African and Arab science journalism: Capacity building and new
newsroom structures through digital peer-to-peer support, Ecquid Novi: African Journalism
Studies, 35:2, 4-22, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02560054.2014.919945.
Spurk, C., and J. Lublinski 2014. Content Analysis: Measuring the Success
of Journalism Capacity Bui.lding, DW- Akademie Briefing Papers, 10/2014
Schwegler , Corinne, and Christoph Spurk. 2014. A Critical Look at Media Monitoring in
Kenya: Comparing Two Studies Montioring the 2013 Elections. In: Deutsche Welle Media
Dialogue 2014 Kenya’s Media Landscape : A Success story with serious structural
challenges. (21. Mai 2014). Bonn: Deutsche Welle Akademie.
Spurk, C., M. Schanne, M. Mak’Ochieng, and W. Ugangu. 2014. Shortcomings of
information for small scale farmers in agricultural knowledge transfer in Kenya. African
Communication Research 7 (3): 339 – 364.
Spurk, Christoph, and Michael Schanne. 2012. The Quality of Reporting in Science
Journalism as Part of Evaluation of the Science Journalism Cooperation Project, Phase II,
project report
Kalas, Patrick, and Christoph Spurk. 2011. Deepening Participation and Improving Aid
Effectiveness through Media and ICTs. SDC working paper, Berne
Spurk, Christoph 2010. Understanding Civil Society, in: Thania Paffenholz (ed.) Civil Society &
Peacebuilding, A Critical Assessment, Lynne Rienner, Boulder and New York, 3-27.
Spurk, Christoph, Lopata, Sharon, and Guido Keel. 2010. Measuring the ‘Democratic’ quality
of radio news: experiences from Liberia, Journal of African Media Studies, vol.2, issue 2,
Spurk, Christoph 2008. Media, Peacebuilding and Civil Society - How mass media can play a
constructive role and re-enforce civil society’s potential in peacebuilding. Paper presented at
the International Studies Association, Annual Convention, San Francisco, March, 26 – 29,
Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) 2007. Media – A key player for realizing social
accountability – An orientation guide (contributing author), Berne, 2007
Paffenholz, Thania, and Christoph Spurk. 2006. Civil society, Civic Engagement, and
Peacebuilding, Social Development Papers no. 36, Worldbank, Washington.
Spurk, Christoph and Guido Keel. 2006. Radio News during crisis – what are the real
differences? Comparisons between Radio Okapi and Radio France International on the
proclamation of provisional results, Project report, www.iam.zhaw.ch/forschung

Winterthur, January 2023


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