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I got offered a work from home job and immediately started looking at standing desk However most of them were small, and my job requires 2 monitors plus a laptop plus a phone, and I also wanted my personal Mac on the same desk. I found this and it’s the perfect size for all of that equipment and the price was great. I got the two tiered one and I appreciate the storage built in for all the random small things I don’t want cluttered on the best ergonomic office chair The motor is smooth and not loud at all, and the memory settings are perfect. Cord management wasn’t perfect but I was able to add to it and get it how I wanted, and I’m still working on managing the tons of cords I have while also allowing it to raise without pulling, but I’ll take that minor inconvenience. It also took a while to put together but it wasn’t too difficult. I did it by myself. I LOVE this desk!!

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