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How the DemoScene like all Screen based shows are dominating the mind of its audience. Who is behind and what purpose it serves.

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Titre: Demoscene World Domination 101
Auteur: emmanuel poirier
Éditeur: emmanuel poirier
Mots-clés: Demoscene World Domination 101

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World Domination 121:
1) What is World Domination? What the implications on
daily life?
World Domination is absolute lack of love, it's
everybody, it's isolation. It's concepts, it's no
imagination, it's no intuition, it's 3D, it's being
stuck in your little world (box / cube) not seing the
infinite of the universe both in the infinite small and
the infinite big.
The implications on daily life is monotone life, boring
life, copy paste life and less and less freedom. USSR
like, Nazi Germany like. It’s pizza, pasta, beer,
vodka, fried chicken and french fries: you eat shit you
become shit. Same if you watch shit on TV, your
thoughts become shit and your life follows.
2) Who is the







The ennemy is SATAN, and its legions which
invading our daily life through their genes =
babylon brotherhood.


See the biggest secret from David Icke.

Those satanists are feeding on our negative emotions
and thus negative emotions are coming out of demos with
the usual scene of destruction (Debris), asexual

characters (the popular demo), war games (kriegger) and
obviously the few games which monopolizes gamers
attention for decades which are mainly war games
(Fortnite, Unreal Tournament, Doom, Quake, Halo, Duke
Nukeim, ...).
Satanists are here for Archons to have food in form
of negative emotions from human beings like fear,
scarcity thoughts, anxiety, ... Everything which makes
3) How the demoscene plays a role in World Domination?
The roots of the scene: not the usual cracker story
-> the demoscene starts in schools as over decades
beggining in the 70's schools over europe have put in
place computer classes with 8 bits machines (BBC Micro,
Thomson TO-MO, C64, ...) and PC controlling them.
From there young children with a very impressionable
mind get to the idea that's how art is done, and thus
creativity got for those early hooked into digital
world. Obviously outside schools those minds get
connected to their screens through video games. Games
which are pavlovian conditionning.
To keep being glued to the screen the NO SCAN trend of
producing bitmap pictures emerged: stay in front of the
screen as much as you can pawns and don’t use your
hands. This is killing thousands years of hand made art
using various technics in the 'real' world or at least
the human beings physical body world.
I say the demoscene started in schools because this is
where the mass market for hardware was then same for
video games back then before online internet downloads,
BBS, ... It was all about disk swapping and crackers
where among us pupils. Swapping of disks / tapes was an
swapping. Demo making also get an outgrowth of the
pocket calculator market: the graphical ones.

Apart from demomakers, other 'interesting' people where
among us too: satanists, not very visible but present
in demo artefacts and at parties (they show their
arrogance all over the place, you can’t forget them nor
their rictus and manners).

If you look carefully at old demos over the period 80´s
to mid 90's you'll see that some artwork are Satanist
in essence. For example:

Some may argue that displaying Satanist art is
not being satanist yourself. Yes however within the
graphical arts, choosing this kind in particular tells
us one thing about those artists: they get in touch
with it one way or another, willingly or not,
consciously or unconsciously as they take their models
from somewhere and it takes a few dozen hours to paint
those. The point is those piece of art are satanist AND
it’s quite uncommon in mass media to see it so in your
face back then. On TV it was usually symbolic.

And this Satanic art sends a frequency, a vibration
which imprint the subconscious of those making /
watching them. And when you look at a demo you see
inconsciously your subconscious: that’s subliminal in
essence. That’s what TV does = imprinting subliminaly
the subconscious with fast image sequence.
And why it has its importance? Because it means
the deep ground on which the demoscene is build is not
simply about copying illegally games which those
teenagers couldn´t for most afford. It’s not about
cracks (the name of a drug) or demo (DEMONstration).
It means their was a weak but existing trend of
satanism into the demoscene. And this trend programs
the audience and demomakers themselves to get more of
the same Satan 'stuff', as their subconscious is
responsible for 96% of their daily actions.
But was satanism in the demoscene only? Or was it in
the overarching BIG TECH industry? Or was it in the
mass media? IN ALL: the whole reality is built on a
blueprint from the babylon brotherhood which is
Satanism itself because we live in a simulation created
by SATAN or said differently the Archons -> their
depiction is all over ancient art like in Egypt, in
South America, Iraq.
In the same way there was already in the 80's computers
everywhere: in sales in shops thus in homes, in
schools, in business. And more and more with time
passing by: if in 70's, 80's and early 90's it could be
considered alternative / not mainstream to make demos,
with the everyday presence of computers this is just
not true anymore: demos are mainstream as anything
digital is.
Digital is nowadays more mainstream than alcool,
tobacco, medicines, or junk food different forms of

drugs and digital is a drug too.
So the demoscene has NEVER BEEN alternative, it was
mainstream all the time. Even being a pirate, trying to
get something for nothing is not alternative, it’s what
certain people do: cheating.
Anyway as the demoscene is an extension of the mass
media scene, it uses symbols. One symbol recurring over
and over in demos is the CUBE. And what the cube means?
SATURN in occultism. And the Cube is 3D or the physical
world jail. And what the cube looks like? A CRT monitor
It’s the most common shape you can see around. So it
was in front of the eyes of bedroom coders and
demoscene artist during their ’session’ in front of the
screen: looks like disciple of a church having their
prayer in front of the cross: a cube template...

CUBE = SATURN is SATAN: this is were the main
frequency we are broadcasted from with a range extender
called the Moon: an artificial satellite. That why
Lucifer is called the deceiver: it lures us in illusion
through his reduced frequency bandwidth preventing us
to access infinite reality / frequency bandwidth.
The SATAN theme, is overwhelming present
videogames as most of them have an ideology
destruction, killing and no discussion:


But the real satanism comes from
within the game mechanic: it's all
about reacting to the outside world. So
it means that the inside world has no
existence. However our thoughts and
emotions which are intern manifest in
the outside world due to the law of

Add to that the demoscene is highly hierarchised with
Elite, Lamers and in between. Something very army like.
Something very Archon like.
Not exactly freedom based. Very artificial, very non
natural, like an Ersatz of life itself.

Ersatz which is a German cultural trait. The computer
is an ersatz of sociability, it’s a subtitute for REAL
friends, those you see at your place, in real life face
to face.
disciplined slaves are always used by Satan like are
Also the mindset of engineering is all about rules,
numbers and automatism, the exact opposite of free
thinking, imagination and free creativity.
The demoscene has been created to serve the oligarchy
by preventing free creation and innovation. This
control has intensified on the PC. In fact the 4K, 128b
and other 'arts' in the same category of byte savings
are like saying from now on all painters have to use a
grain of rice as their canvas, or all have to use the
same palette, etc...

The fact is back in the 85-87 to roughly May 5, 1992
(the release date of Castle Wolfenstein 3D on DOS) most
demos released where not of the extreme byte saving
category (which wasn’t existing by the way: 2 ‘4K’
only released before 1994) and not milestones...:

The fact is Atari ST and Amiga demos like games in 8595 where using Trackloaders, a filesystem which is file
less for the OS and uses the full 3.5” disk as a single
track. That’s why for copying demos floppy disk we had
to use Xcopy or SuperDuper or other disk copier.

Crunchers where there yes in abundance, but there was
no obsession with demo file or disk size: Odyssey from
Alcatraz is a 12 disks demo and most trackmos where 2
There was a lot of packing (Amiga:Quaterback, Diavolo
Backup, XPK, Powerpacker, CrunchMania, Titanic; Atari
ST: ice packer, automation, ...) going on for swappers
because they wanted to fit the most in a disk to send
them in a box with stamps covered with UHU glue... Same
with saving bandwidth and time on BBS lines.

The transition to the PC
But with the arrival on the video game market of the PC
with Video Chunky mode like ModeX, and FPS using it
(Castle Wolfenstein 3D, then Doom, then Quake, ...),
then the Amiga demoscene started to feel the urge to
become a soldier and try to turn their platform into a
PC clone:
bad idea because stock Amigas (500, 1200, 4000) like
Ataris (520, Mega ST) are bitmap graphics machines.
Thus the chunky to planar conversion routines and the
big pixels started to slow down and made those
platforms demos very anxiogen (coders and artists where
feeling the transition to adult life and the commercial
death of their platforms).
This was also the time of never ending upgrades: 68000
-> 68020 -> 68030 -> 68040 -> 68060 then graphics
cards. But the war on this front was lost from day one:
Bitmap machines are good for sprites / bobs / scrolling
and pixel painted games not for full screen 3D
SO imagination is infinite so to hell the organizers
with those 4K and Xb rules (they could join the
Satanists and dance at the World Economic Forum with
mass murders psychopaths Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab as
they belong to the same herd).

Regarding the hierarchy of the demoscene, instead of
accepting it, just create stuff outside the norm by
being yourself and if the hivemind of most scenership
is not in agreement with it that means you do a really
great job: those old farts drunken fat ugly and doing
nothing on pouet lairs are in the right position at the
right place to waste their time.
A crowd of old gits conservative and useless who have
not understood that the real pleasure and joy comes
from making not from spending his time idle online.
Also artists are typically alone, that’s where they can
produce most and have their mind focused on being
creative. Art is not democracy.
Those patched with the Covid 19 jabs in the western
world have their life been estimated to be limited to
2030, the year stated by the World Economic Forum to
have their plan achieved...


The role of Pouet
uniform ´thinking'.






If you've been to the BBS of Pouet and watch the
statistics you can see that:

MOST of the topics are useless, that’s the vision of
the admins.

Anyway demo by concensus type ‘sceners’ are useful
idiots serving the system they think they are against
,they believe to be anarchist, who will be discarded as
soon as the oligarchy don´t need them anymore: this is
going faster and faster with IA, chatgpt and other
‘technics’. The forums have been used to sample the
creative mindset and thus extract how people think and
behave to automatize that. The web is a trap and you
feed the spider.
It’s all about Technology. It’s not about humanity. The
following the 'authorities' aka world government UN
controlled by WEF, Rockfeller, Rothschild.
If you look carefully there you'll see that the
brunt of the posts are in the Residue category ;) Also
if you make statistics about the 4K and small bits
'demos' you'll see that they don't represent the
'autorities' of the scene make you believe they are the
most popular.
That's what they want as they support the oligarchy "no
evolution apart from what they decide" path. That
enables them to filter out those who are stupid enough
to enter their stupid demo rules from those who are
actually coding games. And from that last category
there are those who work within huge computer gaming
House and those who go the indie road.

Anyway the pouet mindset is
word "engine" ethymology is
engineers are those who build
information age, the machines
electronics and software behind

those of engineers: the
war-engine. And those
machine of war. In the
of war are computers,
and around them.

The handles play the role of masks, like in theater
play: those wearing it think and behave in a different
way than usual so basically are transformed.
4) How technically is World Domination attempted by the
evil forces?
TV, Screens and mass hypnosis
TV is a light bulb and it blasts photons constantly
in the eyes of the watchers. Don't believe it? At
night, close all the windows, make total obscurity,
switch off all the lights and switch on the screen,
display a white page. Move far away from the screen and
look, what do you see?
Like moth to flame, this light attracts people
because hardwired in our reptilian brain is the urge to
scan the environment for a danger. And as the whole
focus is taken by the screen, the watcher, that is you,
is focused on looking for a danger coming out of the
screen. Screen which changes 60 times per second or
more. This principle of triggering a cascade of
interruption in the reptilian brain through frame
changes is exploited by neuro marketing (ads) and by
fast paced games like FPS.

What happens when a gamer spend 3 hours or more per day
for months being in the skin of a soldier? We are the
average of the 6 persons we deal with the most. Here
the 'person' is replaced by a PC / Console / Phone
which functions according to algorithms and rules set
by the programmers, and as the aim of a war game is to
kill, guess what? The psychology of those players are
the psychology of a soldier: zero analysis, fast
trigger pushing.
***MK ULTRA***
Some may say that games are not turning their
players into mass murderers. That's true but it turns
the psychology of those avid players into button
pushers, and always in reaction mode. Thus they are not
conscious of their condition, they just are in survival
mode with no plan for the long term. They are watchers
not actors.
They are beast basically, cannon fodder in the
hypnotising people so they remain seated and without
any ability to do anything with their body. The screen
/ chair / table / controller make a jail for mind and
Language / GUI / UI
The irony is that those machines own those who
program them and use them for creative purpose: these
machines have their own language and language mold
thoughts which mold actions which mold behavior which
mold character.
Machines are cyclical, repetitive, and instill in the
mind of people to behave mechanically. As the internet
arrives in home, users got used to give their identity,
entering passwords and basically verify who they are
every 5 mins which produce entries in logs which are
the bread and butter of police state or tyranny.

Also learning to use in depth a computer needs time and
this training time, train the users to be abused and
tamed to respond to the control protocol the machine
makers impose on them. This repetition is part of the
taming process.
The other sure sign of satanism is the luciferian
technology TV and screens are: they use colors, lights,
contrast to keep the users in a trance. Stop for a
minute and look all wide eyes opened at a switched on
light bulb, and note that a screen is a special light
bulb which can be controlled to just show what its
programmed to.
Lucifer is the great deceiver and here the screen are
hidding the full spectrum of light outside the limit of
the screen, that is the physical human being world.
More important those billions screens hide the
ElectroMagnetic waves universe we are living in. This
is clearly freedom reduction and this is why those
living in their eggshell since birth have never been
outside, never have experienced reality raw, and thus
have no clue about anything outside the screen, so they
fear TRUTH and they fear confronting others or better
having relationships with them.
This is what the working from home movement is the
outcome of this fear: division, isolation, perception
deception. Those computer 'users' eyeballs are scanning
frenetically the screen for the info they need to act
upon and there eyes are confused thus their thoughts
are confused so they accept anything the 'authority'
tells them to.

Transhumanism and the UN
Have you noticed that there are more and more
robots around? More and more androids, more and more
IA. What's the deal? This is progress!!! Not exactly.
This is all planned and after having the whole
population hypnotised and unable to do anything with
its body, then it's slowly but surely replaced by other
'beings' who can do more and more and thus reduce the
need of human beings. This serve the masters who then
have more control and power of their machine slaves.
Administration is the way domination is practically
put in place. Names, Files, Numbers, ID, dossiers,
records, data bases, websites, photos, finger prints,
scans, ... are all division and records of information
about minds (psychology files), what they think
(facebook, pouet, google), what they do (instagram,
slengpung), where they are (GPS, parties, google maps),
who they work or communicate with (forum exchanges,
email, call centers), what they buy (Amazon, Ebay,
Rules / laws give you access to rights or prevent them
to you accroding to your records and categories set by
the system. This is where the State appears for what it
stakeholders like WEF, who work for international
bankers / FED / ECB, who work for secret societies like
freemasons, who work for SATAN.

5) What is the demoscene all about?
CONTROL of the creatives
The whole goal of the demoscene is like TV or video
games: perception reduction. By focusing the attention
on the keyhole people don´t see the whole scene and by
extension the world. By focusing the eyes of demomakers
and their audience on the screen either solving math /
computer problems, graphing or making a zik, ... the
whole bunch remains seated in front of a screen for
dozen thousands hours over decades. 8H / day * 365 =
2920 hours / year for a professional.
And they get into the habit that all their issue in
life is solved by being at the computer, basically they
loose the use of their harm and legs, their whole life
is spent in their head. They loose connection with the
outside world and with their hearth and with their
spirit. They have no spiritual life at all, all their
perception is reduced to the 5 senses world.
Ho but we demomakers / sceners have emotions you
know. Yes and the whole manipulation is about using
them so you remain into your comfort zone having no
political ideas, no fact based judgement, no moral.
6) What are the political position of the demoscene?
The scene is an outgrowth of the Marxist Leninism
movement. All those people behind a computer look very
much like USSR Stasi, or China administration tracking
everything you do, say, publish, ... Same with
FaceBook, Pouet, ...
It's all a facelift of the administration, complete
different look, complete different way of speaking to
you, but completely the same in term of function and

CIA financing abstract art
It's a fact that abstract art is a main staple of
the demoscene art. Why is it so? Who is behind it?
Abstract art has no objective meaning, you can watch it
from right to left, you can rotate it, you can invert
it, that remains 'art', it conveys 0 message and thus
don't enter into the moral nor political category.
Which means it's ideal to 'harmonize' thoughts as it
prevents triggering the salvatory reflex 'I don´t like
that because it goes against my value system'.
First the 90's born people may not have the same value
indoctrination into schools, culture and TV. But
abstract art comes to the rescue to let people think
'ho I'm like them, my age, my values, my nationality,
my experience don't count. We all love abstract art, it
makes us all the same'. And that's the point: it's an
art made to remove any political vision, any moral
value, any character, any culture and thus any message.
When there is no message, what watchers are looking at
is confusion.
And that's the whole point: perception reduction =
confusion, with blurry eyes it's difficult to see
reality as it is and whether it changes to your
benefits or not. As everybody can see what he wants in
abstract art then it attracts those people who feel or
are constrainted by their national tyranny like USSR
artists / scientists (when you have gift in science you
may have gift in imagination and thus art too: so the
CIA financing is about grasping USSR brains who wanted
to defect to the US).

The UN, Unesco
The finnish demoscene wants the UNesco to recognize
the demoscene as humanity patrimony. Yes ladies and
gentlemen, the UNesco, the culture branch of the UN =
the world government, build on the ashes of WWII to
save us from another Rohtschild financed war. Ho wait,
who financed the UN? Rockfeller a great friend of
Rohtschild. The world is small isn´t it? It's all
random, don't worry...
So why the UNesco would do that? Well for the
reason the CIA financed abstract art: to confuse minds.
It's easier, far easier to control confused minds than
strong, well build, fact based, clear thinking minds
who want the best for themselves and not the rules and
constraints put in place by far away centralized power
who is not responding to any nation or group outside
itself and SATAN.
SATAN is behind all that because SATAN is SATURN,
the great deceiver, bombarding us with frequencies to
alter our perception of reality from the moon getting
them from from from SATURN: matter don't exist, only
waves at different frequencies. This is Maya the great
illusion. And the demoscene by bombarding its audience
with garbage, abstract art and many bells and wistles
is contributing to the general confusion.
Wait a minute, but was all the UNesco and UN
backing up of the demoscene all planned from the get
go? I bet it was, like having computers in schools from
the 80's so ever child frame his mind the same way as
others to turn the world in a big China like hivemind.
When you want an empire, one of the requirement is a
common language: BASIC! Or Globish english.
7) What can you do to stop once and for all the world
take over?
Unplug. Live in Nature. Don't fight the reality,
instead create your own.

8) What if you don't believe a word of what's written
It's your choice: you create your reality by
decrypting what your hearth (intuition), your senses,
and your intellect tell you.
This article is based on facts, if you choose a
different model to decrypt reality, it's your choice.

1) World Domination
World Domination -> World Economic Forum vision
2) Who does benefit from World Domination?


3) How the demoscene plays a role in World Domination?
-computers are mass hypnosis starting in early school
-games are pavlovian conditionning:

the root of the demoscene:
hardware in schools
learning programming in schools:
hardware in shops
home computer hardware from 1977 to about 1995:
Germany is a nest of Satanism:
Satanism in Video Games:
NLP -> language
Unlimited Power







4) How technically is World Domination attempted by the
evil forces?
TV, Screens and mass hypnosis
Transhumanism and the UN
5) CONTROL by deception of perception

6) What are the political position of the demoscene?
Marxism Leninism
CIA financing abstract art
The UN origin

Who are you?
What the machines make you to be for those who build them.

BIG TECH all the way to humanity wiping out

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